10 Horizontal Fence Ideas With Tons of Style

A horizontal fence is a low-maintenance, easy to install fencing with lots of style. It can be used as an all-purpose privacy screen or barrier and provides a long view while still being inviting enough to look at from outside. Check out the best ideas for your home on Houzz today!

The “modern vertical fence” is a great idea for those who want to add more style to their home. The fence is modern and stylish. It can be used as a front yard fence or for a backyard.

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Are you seeking for backyard fence designs that are horizontal?

Right now, our preferred style of fencing is horizontal fencing. In the previous several years, we’ve erected three or four horizontal barriers between our houses and assisting others with their fencing.

We’ll show you some terrific looking horizontal fence designs that you may use in your backyard in this post.


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  • What is the definition of a horizontal fence?
  • Horizontal Wood Fence with Variable Widths
  • 2. Horizontal Wood Fence with Metal Accents
  • 3. Horizontal Dark Wood Fence
  • 4. Horizontal Wood Fence with Steps
  • Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizon
  • 6. Louvered Horizontal Fence
  • Horizontal Shadow Box Fence #7
  • Horizontal Container Garden Fence #8
  • 9. Horizontal Corrugated Metal Fence
  • Horizontal Fence with Shelving (No. 10)
  • Vinyl Fence, Horizontal
  • Instagram Bonus Inspiration


What is the definition of a horizontal fence?

The basic vertical wood fence construction is familiar to most people. This is when the posts are spaced 6 to 8 feet apart. You may either connect vertical wood panels to the poles or install each board separately.

You still have your posts in place with horizontal fence, but your wood boards are 1X3, 1X4, and 1X6 width boards with a smooth surface, while vertical boards are frequently rough cut. They haven’t been through a planer and are still fuzzy or rough.

Other materials, such as corrugated metal or vinyl, may be used, however most people utilize various kinds of wood for their fence constructions.


This is also why horizontal fences are generally more expensive. However, many individuals who pick these sorts of fences do so because they want a certain aesthetic and aren’t looking for the cheapest option.

Horizontal Wood Fence with Variable Widths

This horizontal fence with varied widths is one of my favorites. They are quite eye-catching and give variety to your lawn.

This fence will take a bit longer to construct since there are various widths to contend with. Alternatively, if you hire a contractor, the added intricacy of creating the proper changing widths pattern would cost a bit more.

2. Horizontal Wood Fence with Metal Accents


Metal embellishments were used on the final two fences we built. This mixed media fence has a great appearance to it. Furthermore, metal fence might be less expensive than wood fencing planks.

3. Horizontal Dark Wood Fence

If you want a more contemporary style for your garden, use darker woods for your horizontal fence to give an element of elegance.

If there aren’t any naturally dark woods that you prefer, you may create the similar appearance and feel by painting inexpensive pine with black or deep browns.

4. Horizontal Wood Fence with Steps

If you have a graded yard or your home is on an incline, stepped horizontal fences are ideal. Making each stagger the same height and breadth, then stepping down with the fence construction, is the simplest way to make a staggered fence.

Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizon


Create a barn door gate for your horizontal fence to add a little additional flair. The construction is quite simple to construct and is ideal if you don’t have enough space for a hinged gate.

Perhaps you have some plants or a building close to the gate. In such case, the barn door will come in handy. They effortlessly latch shut and remain that way when you want them to.

6. Louvered Horizontal Fence

You know how you can adjust your blinds so that you can look out but others can see in? That’s why I like the horizontal louvered fence so much.

The boards are oriented just so so that you can look out if necessary, but no one can see into your backyard.

Horizontal Shadow Box Fence #7

Whether you have a horizontal or vertical fence, the shadow box fence is called a “good neighbor” fence. This is due to the fact that the posts and boards appear beautiful from both sides of the fence.

There are boards on each side of the shadow box, which provides a space for air movement. As a result, there is an angle where passersby may see part of your backyard through the fence, but it is much less with horizontal fencing than with vertical shadow box fencing.

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Horizontal Container Garden Fence #8

Horizontal fences are ideal for incorporating pots within the slats for simple herb gardens or other container gardening ideas.

I also like it since you can switch out the containers each season to give your lawn a new appearance.

Just make sure you don’t put too many containers in one region of the fence, since the weight will cause the fence to sag.

If you just have a handful, the fence construction will not be affected. However, if there are too many, you may notice some tilting.

9. Horizontal Corrugated Metal Fence

This horizontal fence design is mostly made of metal, with just a little amount of wood used for the posts and frame. To create the ideal backyard fence for your privacy, you may pick from a variety of corrugated metal styles.

In the summer, adding metal will result in somewhat warmer places. We’ve seen this with our partly metal fence, so keep that in mind if you’re planting anything close.

Horizontal Fence with Shelving (No. 10)

Horizontal fences with shelves are a terrific way to display any charming backyard yard art. It elevates the container garden concept to new heights. You can easily come up with backyard lighting ideas, add bird feeders, fairy dwellings, or anything else you can think of when you add shelves to your fence.

Vinyl Fence, Horizontal

Vinyl, like corrugated metal, has a distinct appearance and feel from the majority of the fences we’ve shown. The majority of individuals will choose wood because of its low cost and wide availability.

The plastic fence will be more expensive, but it should outlast any wood you add. They should also be relatively simple to keep since they don’t need any staining or serious care.

The most important thing to consider with vinyl is whether or not it develops a green, mildewy appearance.

Instagram Bonus Inspiration

We hope that this post has given you some inspiration for horizontal fence designs for your garden. If you have pets, you may want to check into dog fence ideas if you don’t already have a backyard fence in place.

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The “spacing between horizontal fence boards” is a style that can be achieved by adding spacing between the horizontal fence boards. This will result in a more modern look, and it will also add to the overall decor of your backyard.

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