10 Inspiring Wood Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

One of the most basic ways to add beauty and value to your home is with a wooden fence. If you are considering fences, we have 10 great ideas for you!

The “inexpensive backyard fence ideas” are a great way to add some privacy and character to your backyards. These 10 inspiring wood fence ideas will help you get started.

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Wood fences are an excellent method to divide your yard and create the ideal getaway.

A beautiful wooden fence in your garden may also help you maintain your privacy.

We’ll go through some of the most common wood fence designs in this post so you can choose the one that’s right for you.



Why Do People Use Wood Fences?

Wood fences are the most cost-effective option for enclosing your property. Because they’re simple to make in panels or boards, you can get everything you need from your local hardware shop and have a new wooden fence up by the end of the weekend. Whether you’re not sure if the fence belongs to you, check out our guide on how to identify if a fence belongs to you.

Other reasons for installing a wood fence include:

  • Cost — of all the fence kinds, they are among the most affordable.
  • Seclusion — a well constructed fence can provide excellent privacy in your garden.
  • It looks beautiful — a fence surrounding your house adds a nice finishing touch to your property.

Let’s look at a few of the more popular ones now. I didn’t want a bunch of concepts that are all the same 10 designs. Instead, they should be distinctive wood fence ideas to aid you with your backyard design creativity.


Wooden Fence Panels

The Wooden Fence Panels is one of the least expensive wood fences to put up around your home. Since they come in panels, it’s also the easiest to install in your backyard, if you’re doing it yourself.

Wooden Fences of Various Widths

These fence types are visually appealing and give a touch of refinement to your fencing.


Keep in mind that they are more complicated and hence more expensive. You’ll need to keep track of which board goes up next since you’re purchasing various width boards.

If you employ a contractor to create this fence, it will cost extra simply because the varied widths will take them longer to erect.

However, take a look at that fence. It’s stunning.

Wooden Fence with Herringbone Pattern

This geometric beauty gives your fence more depth and pulls your attention in a different way than a vertical or horizontal fence.

Expect to pay more for this fence, much like the varied wood fence, or to spend more time constructing it if you do it yourself.

The main issue is that cutting each board at a 45 degree angle will take longer. You’ll also generate extra trash since you’re cutting the boards in a certain direction.

However, if you’re searching for a fence like this, it’s not about the cost. You want a stylish wooden fence in your garden to create a beautiful touch to your property.

Wooden Shadow Box Fence

The Wooden Shadow Box Fence is the classic upscale fencing that’s been around for decades. People love the look of this fence because it provides enough privacy, but allows for air to circulate through the fence.

It’s fully obstructed from looking through if you stare straight on, but if you gaze at a small angle, you can see through part of it.

Another significant benefit of this sort of fence is that it has no “bad side.” Both sides of the fence look wonderful since the boards are installed on alternate sides to the post and rails.

Fence with Picture Frames

Similar to the shadow box fence, the Fence with Picture Frames is built in a way that both sides of the fence look the same. It’s considered a “good neighbor fence” since the panels are inside the picture frame.

You may make it more fancier by painting the fence’s frame a different color than the fence planks.

Wooden Board on Board Fence

With the Wooden Board on Board Fence, nothing is getting through and is probably one of the best for privacy. It’s a step up from the panel fencing that you get at Lowe’s or Home Depot. You still get individual board and install them, but there is no spacing in between the board.

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Instead, you stack two boards close together and a third board on top of them, leaving no gaps between them.

It’s easier to describe in words than to see a fast film on it, but here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.


Wooden Horizontal Fence


Wooden Horizontal Fences are super popular right now. People just want to see something different when they look at their fencing. Instead of the typical vertical styles, you can pick different types of horizontal wood fencing for your back yard.

Wooden Horizontal Fence with Metal Accents


We like the aesthetic of the wooden fence with metal accents. It’s a really adaptable design with a variety of metal sheets to select from.

Another advantage of utilizing metal is that it lowers the total cost of the fence. Because horizontal fence made of wood might be more expensive than metal panels.

Pallet Barrier

I’m putting this here, because the idea of having a $0 cost fence is great for some people. The Pallet Barrier will be less about privacy and more about keeping certain animals in or honest people out.

It will also be more about having a functioning fence than than one that adds curb appeal.

However, if you have enough pallets and don’t mind how it looks, and you like DIY, this may be the best option for you.

If you choose this route, be sure the pallets you use can be securely reused. For more information, go here.

Fence with rails

The Fence with rails or rail horse fence is less about privacy and more about security. The goal is to keep the honest people out, but more importantly, to keep your larger animals in.

Most homeowners will install rail fence around their bigger properties to protect horses and other large animals from wandering off.

We hope that this post has given you some insight into the many wood fence types available and helped you decide which one would be ideal for your garden. You may also want to check into how to clean a wooden fence to maintain it in good shape.

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The “garden fence ideas” are a great option for those who want to add privacy, or just have an eye-catching design in their backyard.

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