13 Types of Shovels For Your Backyard Needs

A shovel is a garden tool designed to remove soil from one place and move it to another. Depending on the material, there are many different types of shovels with varying uses and effects.

The “shovel types pictures” are a few of the many different types of shovels that people can buy for their backyard needs. These include snow shovels, spades, hoes, and more.

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The majority of individuals have a range of tools for yard labor, landscaping, and general yard or outdoor area care. Shovels, rakes, and grass-cutting equipment are common goods for homeowners to keep on hand. When it comes to the technicalities, though, there are many different kinds of shovels that may be used for various chores and projects. 

Shovels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each of which is best suited to various tasks and circumstances. An edge shovel, shovel with a handle, shovel for removing roots, shovel with a flat surface, shovel for digging post holes, or a shovel for snow may be the ideal tool for the job, depending on the kind of landscaping or yard work. 


Gardeners may have various sorts of shovels in their tool sheds than those who perform yard chores or upkeep, and each shovel serves a distinct role. Continue reading to learn about a few distinct shovel kinds and their many applications. 



Backyard and Outdoor Spaces Shovels 

Most individuals who grow and maintain flowers or shrubs have the equipment required for any sort of backyard project when it comes to generating beauty in the shape of a backyard or outdoor area. These are some various shovel alternatives to consider if you are new to the activity or seeking for better options to add to your gardening arsenal:

  • shovel for edging
  • shovel with a handle
  • shovel for removing roots

Each of these shovels will help in various sections of a backyard, so it’s crucial to choose the right one for each job you’ve planned for your outdoor space. With enough study, you’ll be able to figure out precisely which kind you’ll need for any project you’re working on.

shovel for edging

An shovel for edging is made exclusively to achieve the look of clean borders around a backyard. This is not the type of shovel you would use if you wanted to dig deep holes or go more than a few inches into the ground. The blade of an shovel for edging is sharp and the top of it should be wide enough to step on for more power to get through the surface of the ground.

These shovels feature a long handle that allows you to use them while standing. Because the blade isn’t very broad, you may use it to carve out borders for tiny flower beds or around trees and plants without generating too much upturn in the soil.

shovel with a handle 

If planting flowers is your activity of choice, a shovel with a handle is very important. These shovels are usually only a few inches long and allow for you to dig small holes and place seeds or bulbs in them. By sitting or kneeling on the ground in your backyard, you can be more precise with your digging and planting efforts using a shovel with a handle.


Pesky weeds will not stand a chance against a shovel with a handle. They are great for digging down to the root of a weed and pulling everything out of the ground to prevent regrowth or spreading to larger areas. Their lightweight design also allows for you to cover a bigger area without getting tired from holding a heavy tool. You can also use them to help look for possible crystals that could by hidden in your backyard.

shovel for removing roots

A shovel for removing roots can look intimidating due to the serrated edges along each side. They are designed this way to tackle tougher or thicker roots that you may not be able to remove with a handheld or shovel for edging. The teeth on each side can cut through roots in order to remove them fully from the ground and deter them from spreading.

This sort of shovel is useful for removing tiny trees or plants with more complex root systems under the surface. You may also use it to relocate a tree or plant by cutting the current root at a length that allows for safe transportation and replanting. 

Yard Work and Maintenance Shovels

You may require several sorts of shovels for a variety of purposes other than gardening. Fixing or installing fences, cleaning fire pits or gravel roads, and transferring soil from one location to another all need the use of the appropriate shovel. If this is the sort of care or upkeep that your yard requires, there are a few shovels that may be able to assist you:

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  • shovel with a flat surface 
  • shovel for digging post holes 
  • a shovel for snow

These sorts of shovels are rather popular and can get the job done well if mother nature rears her ugly head and dumps a significant quantity of snow on you, or if you need particular repairs or installations around your yard. All of these varieties of shovels may be found at any home improvement or home goods shop.

shovel with a flat surface

A shovel with a flat surface is probably the most common or recognizable type of shovel. Contrary to popular belief, this kind of shovel is not the best for digging purposes but more for lifting and moving things. If you have an area that needs to be cleaned of pea gravel, ash, or dirt, using a shovel with a flat surface to transport things to a wheelbarrow is ideal.

These shovels are strong and might be difficult to wield. They’re made this way so they can contain mulch, dirt, or gravel without becoming brittle or shattering. This is the sort of shovel you need if you want a shovel that is dependable, durable, and will get the job done.

shovel for digging post holes

Because it is a two-in-one shovel, it has a distinctive appearance. Because the blades are rounded and lengthy, they can dig to a greater depth. These shovels’ primary use is to dig holes for fence posts. They can penetrate the earth far enough to support fence posts. A fence post that is buried too deeply in the earth might be hazardous and unreliable.

Although they can be expensive, the cost is worth it if it means avoiding digging deeper holes with a regular one blade shovel. shovel for digging post holess can even come as gas or electric powered to get the job done even quicker and more efficiently. This is where the cost will increase, but your end results will be well worth it.

a shovel for snow 

A a shovel for snow is a must have a kind of shovel to anyone who lives in an area that gets snow regularly. Whether it means clearing a path down the sidewalk to get to your mailbox, or digging your car out from street parking, a a shovel for snow can come in handy in many scenarios.

These shovels are normally made of plastic, but they are strong and can withstand a lot of weight. The majority of them feature a metal edge on the bottom to help prevent ice and snow chunks from being stuck to the ground. Anyone who has ever shoveled snow understands how heavy those flakes can be. 


The sort of shovel you choose for each occasion is critical, whether you’re redoing your backyard, fixing or installing a fence, or making a path to your mailbox in the winter snow. If you use the incorrect shovel for the task, it might make it more difficult and lead to additional difficulties down the line.

Shovels come in a variety of sizes, weights, and functions, so completing your research and planning ahead of time for the work you want to complete is crucial. Having a number of these various sorts of shovels on hand is the greatest way to ensure that you are prepared for any future endeavor.

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The “90 degree scoop shovel” is a type of shovel that can be used for digging in hard ground. It has a 90-degree blade and is designed to work with the back of the shovel facing up. The “90 degree scoop shovel” has been used for centuries and still remains popular today.

  • half circle shovel
  • spade shovel
  • flat bottom shovel
  • edging shovel
  • shovel spade type
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