16 Inspirational Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Get Lost In

Backyard landscaping can be a great way to de-stress and introspect, or even find inspiration for new ideas. Here are 16 examples of beautiful backyard landscapes that will make you want to get outside!

The backyard is a place where you can get lost in. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. Here are 16 inspirational ideas for your next backyard landscaping project. Read more in detail here: backyard landscaping ideas.

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Are you seeking for backyard landscaping inspiration? I’ll show you a few backyard ideas we’ve come up with over the years to transform your drab backyard into a fun place to spend time.

The majority of the projects in this roundup were accomplished in our various backyards throughout the years. Unlike other roundups, we photographed and constructed many of the objects. I hope you like the backyard landscaping ideas I’ve shared with you.


Cozy Deck

Our backyard has always had a deck. It’s usually one of the first renovations we plan so we can spend more time outside, whether we purchased a property that already had one or constructed one from scratch. A deck defines our outside area and seems to be simpler to install than pavers. You may also have one or more levels with a deck. One of our most popular backyard options is decking.


You can always construct around a tree or stone that is too near to where you want to put your deck, or even a grill deck, so don’t worry. The last step is scribing the space around the stone or tree to give it a more built-in appearance.

Here are a few examples of decks with a stone or tree in the way that we’ve built throughout the years. If you have the space, you can even add another deck level.

Here’s a look at how to create a deck around a rock throughout the construction process. The deck planks will be supported by the additional frame surrounding the rock.

Here’s how the deck looks now that the rock has been carved out. It’s a fantastic appearance. This one appeals to me more, simply because decks surrounding trees may be more intricate due to the tree’s ability to grow and alter.

She Shed

This is something I’d want to do. Working from home may be advantageous, until when it isn’t. We aim to complete this project next year so that I may work in peace and quiet in my own office. Here are some fantastic woman shed design ideas for your backyard retreat.



Garden in Backyard

This year, we’ve done some planting. It’s not our favorite thing to do since we don’t think we’re very excellent at keeping things alive.

Despite the fact that I was able to produce sugarcane from a single stem given to me by a friend. For the first four months, it seemed more like a scientific experiment. One stalk is still developing. The other two were blown over by storm remnants.

We started the Garden in Backyard below this spring. I’d like to say it was a success, but we found out that it wasn’t getting enough sun to produce the vegetables, though we had a lot of greenery. We’ll try again this fall.


We like simple landscaping ideas, therefore we use planters and keep the garden space modest to make it easier to maintain. Depending on the size of your backyard, you may go large or tiny.

We began with herbs and strawberries to make a raised planter for our wide terrace.

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You may establish a separate garden area with a fence and gate if you wish. It won’t completely keep all creatures out, but it will help.


Outdoor Bistro

Sometimes all you want to do is sit and read the newspaper while sipping your coffee. I love the notion of a little rustic sitting place in the backyard with the light filtering through the trees gently. This way, it’s not too hot yet still enjoyable to be outside.

These locations are also ideal for backyard design ideas for tiny spaces. This is also suitable for family meals in the evening.


Fire Pit

Fire pit places do not have to be showy or outlandish to be effective. We began by building a simple and inexpensive fire pit for our backyard. We decided to hold an oyster roast one weekend and used the cinder blocks we already had in our backyard to make it happen.


With river rock, we’ve subsequently made a more built-in fire pit area. However, begin small and work your way up.

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you may dress this up or down. It’s really about being able to build a fire and gather about with friends and family as the fire burns.

Swimming Pool

Sometimes you just want something easy to get into after a long day, but you don’t want something huge in your backyard. Swimming Pools are making a splash (ha) these days. They are pretty simple to setup. Since most are less than 2 feet, you don’t need to worry about permits or city ordinances.

This is our best friends’ backyard. They wanted a Swimming Pool. This one was put together with most of the items bought at Rural King. In fact, our best friends went to find the Swimming Pool and the Rural King employee made the hole and gathered all the things they needed to make the Swimming Pool work. He even worked out the right pump they needed for it.

And here is how it appears at night. Lights were installed in and around the pool. They also have little cushions on the side to lay their heads on. It’s particularly pleasant during warm evenings.

Patio with Shade

There’s always the quest to locate the ideal spot in the backyard where you can enjoy being outdoors while still getting some shade during the hotter months.

Here are some Patio with Shade ideas to help you come up with the perfect shaded backyard landscape area. We helped our best friends with their outdoor kitchen area and we made the concrete counter tops.  It’s beautiful and we loved how they turned out.

What’s the issue?

In the summer, the concrete became quite hot. As a result, we covered the region. It’s now suitable for all types of weather. We were simply hanging out last weekend, even though it was raining lightly.

Admittedly, that’s a lot more work. Here are a few other Patio with Shade ideas that might not be as difficult. Shade sails can work for you, but you won’t be able to enjoy your area if it’s raining.



This was one of our earliest backyard designs, and it was for Jena’s mother’s birthday. It was a great job to do, and it took the whole weekend to complete. The most difficult part was leveling the ground before laying the pavers.


We haven’t built a gazebo yet, but there is still time. These are for you if you enjoy more architecturally unique buildings. They may be screened in and are generally circular or octagonal.


BBQ Area

We certainly have a few different grilling spots. One has a more integrated appearance, while the other can be wheeled about to wherever you need it. We’ll probably build a built-in look for our pellet grill in the spring so it has a more permanent home.

For your backyard, here’s a nice built-in BBQ area.


Koi Pond

Our closest friends’ neighbor gave up his pool to make it into a koi pond, and he feels it’s a lot simpler to maintain than a pool. He also enjoys the increased fauna in his property now that there is a pond.

Check out our post on autumn landscaping ideas if you’re seeking for fall project ideas.



I like being near water, so a backyard water feature may help you feel like you’re removed from the city while also drowning out any city sounds.

You have the option of making it seem natural or industrial. If you put it up right from the start, they should need very little maintenance.


Area of Chiminea

A clay chiminea is one of our favorite nighttime lounging locations. They are quite simple to ignite and maintain a fire in. On a chilly evening, the clay pots serve to reflect the heat, so you can feel it while you’re seated. The smokestack ascends the chinimea, away from you and your visitors.

We even used it to make outside furniture. We’ll show you how simple it was to create in another article.

You may also create a fantastic patio area. Just make sure you take every precaution to prevent the patio heater from toppling over.

Area for Relaxation

Whether you love to lay in the sun or just enjoy the evening in a lounge chair, you can create a Area for Relaxation for that mood.

Area for Seating

This is a terrific area to establish a room for resting and enjoying each other’s company if you entertain often and want a spot where you and your friends can sit and catch up.

Slats for Vertical Gardening

This was created for a buddy by Jena. Their previous garden slats had rotted away, and they needed something to replace them. It provides a little depth and seclusion to the space.

Garden Entrance

Add a lovely gate to your garden to let you know you’re entering somewhere special. We completed it in two days, using just common tools to produce the lattice work and curves.

Fence for Privacy

Fences fascinate us. But not just any fence will do. We’ve been experimenting with fence and metal to give the backyard a distinct appearance and feel. This one also saves money since the metal is less expensive than the cypress planks we ordered.

I hope you liked looking at most of these designs and that they gave you some inspiration for your own backyard landscaping. Please share your favorite backyard spot and why you like it in the comments section below.


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