5 Best Grill Covers To Keep Your Grill Looking New

As summer approaches and you plan on cooking outside, it’s important to keep your grill looking like new. When the weather starts heating up, heat can cause rusting that will lead to dangerous hazards for consumers. To avoid this issue, we have compiled a list of five best grill covers for you so that you can maintain your BBQ throughout the entirety of its lifetime!

The “best grill covers consumer reports” is a list of the best grill covers to keep your grill looking new. The 5 best grill covers include the Grill-Mate, Weber Kettle, Masterbuilt Cover and more.

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We didn’t get a grill cover when we acquired our new barbecue. I was surprised that we spent so much money on a barbecue and it came with nothing to cover it. Most grills, particularly wood pellet grills, come with a cover that you can buy separately, and here are several universal covers in case the one you have isn’t up to the task.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest grill covers we’ve found. There’s something for everyone in this collection. We’ve also addressed some of your queries regarding how to choose the best one. Let us investigate.

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Ravenna Grill Cover by Classic Accessories 

Ravenna could be a better alternative if your grill doesn’t fit a normal small, medium, or big cover. It is available in six sizes, ranging from extra small to extra-extra-extra big. It’s constructed of a waterproof, UV-stabilized fabric that can tolerate certain weather.


It’s designed to accommodate Weber grills and a few other well-known grill manufacturers. Elastic hem cords provide a secure fit. For removal and setting, there are strengthened, cushioned handles. Vents keep moisture out by preventing rain from entering and enabling condensation to escape.

They aren’t the cheapest choice, but the UV protection and waterproof backing ensure that they endure a long time. The firm provides a lifetime fault guarantee. You’re protected if something goes wrong with the seaming or the grill cover flakes. Pros: -UV coated cloth resists fading from the sun; -waterproof backing protects your grill from dampness. -Elastic hem cords allow for adjustment. -Instead of only three sizes, there are now eight. -The straps aren’t the most long-lasting. -The lifetime warranty comes with a lot of limitations. -The cover reaches the ground, attracting pests searching for shelter from the elements.  

Waterproof Grill Cover by Homitt

The fabric used for Hommit’s cover is 600 denier Oxford. It’s windproof, waterproof, and weatherproof. Hook and loop straps on the sides may be adjusted to eliminate any excess that might cause the cover to fly off in heavy gusts. It’s much heavier than a typical polyester cover. It includes a UV coating to protect it from the sun, as well as a PVC waterproof lining to keep moisture out of your grill. Condensation may exit via side vents.

Most grills don’t quite reach the ground, which should keep pests away and allow for improved ventilation. Handles make removal and placement easier. The stitching is especially impressive. It’s smooth and even, with minimal puckering.

When you’re not using it, it folds up into a handy storage bag.


Although the UV coating protects the fibers from fraying or splitting in the sun, it has no effect on the color. We had a hard time keeping the hue for more than a year. It soon faded from a sleek black to a pale gray.


Pros: -Heavy 600 denier cloth is less likely to blow about than polyester. -UV protection helps to maintain the fabric’s integrity. -Waterproof backing prevents moisture from penetrating the inside. -Because it doesn’t reach the ground, it attracts less bugs.

Cons: -The color fades quite fast. -Only three narrow sizes are available, so measure your grill beforehand.

Char-Broil Performance Grill Cover for 2-3 Burners

The Char-Broil cover is designed for two or three burner grills. It’s a technical fabric that repels moisture while also preventing wear and tear from the outdoors. The robust knit of 300 denier polyester will not blow away in the wind like other lighter polyester mixes.

It includes tabs on the sides that assist tighten the cover and prevent any holes from allowing wind or moisture to enter. It does, in fact, reach the ground. This does protect your grill’s legs (wheels can be a weak spot for any grill). If you live in a cold region, it will freeze to your deck in the winter, so be cautious if you attempt to remove it then.

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You may alter the fit using the side straps, which will help to eliminate part of the superfluous cloth. It doesn’t come with any kind of warranty or fault coverage.


Pros: -It’s ideal for barbecues with two or three burners. -A cloth with a denier of 300 is wind resistant. -Side straps keep loose material in check. -Waterproof and windproof.

Cons: -Because the cloth extends all the way to the ground, it may attract insects. – In the winter, be cautious since the cover may freeze to your deck. – There is no guarantee.

Cover for Scala Home Barbeque Grill

Scala’s cover is an exquisite light brown, if you’re searching for something unusual. It is suitable for most medium-sized barbecues. For a basic grill cover, the two-tone brown is an unusual design feature.

It includes side vents to let moisture to escape. It also keeps the wind from blowing through the cover and exposing your grill. Rain and other elements are kept out thanks to the waterproof backing.

It’s made of 600 denier fabric, which is far thicker than typical polyester mixes. It incorporates quick-close straps that assist secure the cover to your grill and keep the wind out. It also includes comfortable grips that make removal and adjustments a breeze.


Advantages: – It isn’t your average black. The two-tone brown is sophisticated. -Side vents keep moisture out while allowing condensation to escape. Even under adverse weather conditions, 600 denier cloth is tough.

Cons: -The cloth might tear towards the grill’s corners (around the side platform). Any tearing that occurs before the year is up should be covered by the 36-month warranty. It can’t take long periods of UV exposure. This one belongs in your shady garden.

Premium Grill Cover by Grillman

Grillman’s Premium cover is a little wider than ordinary covers, so it will suit luxury grills a little better. It’s constructed of Oxford cloth with a PVC lining. It’s windproof, waterproof, and UV resistant. Even in the cold, it defies tears.

Velcro straps secure the cover behind the grill handles, making it less likely to be lifted off by the wind. It has a top vent that allows condensation and moisture to escape. The side handles make it easier to remove the cover and adjust it. cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval It’s a tough, easy-to-handle cover.

The lifetime warranty is the cherry on top. The majority of the grill covers on our list come with a guarantee of some kind, but a lifetime warranty means you won’t have to worry about the cover being too harsh for your environment. Forget about buying disposable coverings every year.

Pros: -A lifetime warranty ensures that you will not have to replace your grill cover every year. -Extra-wide structure accommodates luxury barbecues. -The Oxford material is PVC lined and very durable.

Cons: -The color isn’t particularly long-lasting. – Some rain may enter inside the vent strip towards the top if it rains particularly hard.

Buyer’s Guide to Grill Covers

So you’re still undecided on what to purchase. Let’s go through a few things so you can buy your grill cover with confidence.

What kind of material should I buy?

Material might be a difficult condition to navigate. Hefty-duty covers are, well, heavy, and sometimes more costly. Lighter coverings are simpler to alter and less expensive, but they are more likely to rip. What are your options?


Polyester coverings are very long-lasting. Polyester is a popular fabric for sporting clothing. Your grill cover, like those pants, is made to be lightweight and give minimal weather protection.

This substance dries fast. It’s water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about a soggy pool underneath it if it rains. Chemical treatments to make the fibers UV resistant are common.

They may be used in any temperature or environment, but the longevity will be determined by the thickness of the cover. A cover made of 300 to 600 denier polyester is very durable.

A thinner polyester cover is ideal if you use your grill regularly and it does not spend much time covered up. It has the potential to save you money.


Vinyl is very waterproof, making it ideal for extremely rainy regions. Look for vinyl that is at least 12 gauge and will not readily tear.

Vinyl types can survive high levels of humidity, making them ideal for locations where rain and wetness are abundant. They aren’t as simple to place as polyester, but they are weather resistant.


Canvas is a classic. Heavy-duty, waterproofed canvas may be very long-lasting. It’s better if you just use your grill on occasion, but you must still safeguard it from the outdoors.

They’re durable, but you’ll probably have to treat them yourself to make them water and weather resistant. If you’re prepared to take a few additional steps, they may be a cheaper alternative to traditional grill covers.

What characteristics should I be looking for?

It’s not just about the front cover. Grill covers come with a variety of characteristics to consider.


Not all grill covers have or need vents. Vents aid in the reduction of condensation inside your grill cover. Evaporating moisture may cause rust stains and cracks on your grill’s coating over time.

Venting may not be necessary if you live in a dry environment. You should, however, take into account the wind in your region. Strong gusts may blow a grill cover away, but vents keep it from billowing.

Cords or adjustable straps

If your grill cover didn’t adapt to fit your grill, it was as good as a bed sheet. Straps collect any surplus material and hold the cover in place. They should be tough with reinforced seams and fit snugly under the handles for optimal grip.

If you’re going to use cords, make sure they’re tight around the bottom to keep the wind and rain out.


Interior liners serve to enhance waterproofing capabilities and keep mold and mildew at bay. It also aids in the prevention of the cover ripping.

PVC is a great lining material. It’s long-lasting and won’t mold or mildew like other textiles. Nylon or a tighter weave of polyester are also suitable choices.


You don’t have to accept an unattractive cover. There are several color options and fabric types to choose from. You can certainly locate a barbecue cover that complements your backyard’s decor.

You have the option of selecting a color that complements your design. Black and gray are popular hues, but there are also less frequent colors like browns and blues.

You may also select between a fitted cover that fits your grill snugly or one that fits loosely. Although loose coverings are easy to put on and take off, they may not seem as customized. Fitted coverings are difficult to put on and take off, but they don’t move about in the wind.

Last Thoughts

Don’t risk damaging your barbecue by failing to purchase an appropriate cover. Covers enhance the life of your grill and protect it from the elements. Your barbecue is the star of the party right now, but you don’t want to be stuck with a rusty, damaged appliance next summer. If you take the necessary measures, you should be the grilling champion of your area for many years to come. You may also be interested in fire pit grill grates, and we discuss some of the finest options here.

We hope you found this information helpful in your search for the ideal grill cover for your barbecue. If you’re searching for an offset smoker, we’ve put together a list of our favorites.

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The “custom grill covers” are a great way to keep your grill looking new. They can be made out of different materials, and they will protect your grill from the harsh elements in the outside world.

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