5 Deck Pergola Ideas for Your Backyard

A pergola is a simple structure that provides shade and privacy for outdoor living spaces. They’re also easy to build and can be designed in many different ways with varying budgets. Here are 5 great ideas for your backyard!
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A pergola is a roofed structure that provides shade and shelter from the sun. Pergolas are typically constructed out of wood or metal, and can be attached to a house. The “pergola ideas attached to house” is an idea for your backyard.

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A pergola on your deck is a terrific method to provide shade while also increasing the value of your property. A pergola is distinguished from an arbor by its four sides and a ceiling that may be covered with vine or cloth for added shade. What are some pergola design ideas for your deck?

Pergolas look wonderful with lawn features, but they truly stand out on the deck if they take up a lot of area. A handyman could find erecting or building a pergola simple, but if you’re on your own, you might run into some issues. Don’t be concerned! Continue reading to get some amazing pergola ideas for your deck.

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  • Pergola Design Ideas for a Deck
  • Pergolas come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Putting Together the Pergola
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Pergola Design Ideas for a Deck

Depending on the size of your deck, you may have a massive pergola that covers the whole area or a little piece to keep your hot tub out of the way of your neighbors. When deciding on the size of your space, keep in mind the number of items that will be stored within.

Deck chairs and other elements should fit within the structure’s pillars so that you may add shades to the sides to create a more private cabana feel if desired. Open tops and sides are ideal for fire pits and other areas that use wood or operate on a pilot light. Before you spend money on a new pergola, make sure you measure your area.

Pergolas come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Before you start building the deck, you’ll need to figure out what sort of pergola you want and how big it will be. Be precise while measuring the areas of the deck that will contain the shelter. Before you start shopping, repeat the measurement technique as many times as necessary.

For a deck upgrade, cedar is a fantastic option.

One of the most beautiful shelters you can put on your deck is a cedar pergola. There aren’t many other things that can match its beauty and feel when matched with a sweet-smelling vine or a set of autumn-colored shades. The use of a natural materials such as cedar provides the deck a homey atmosphere that rivals a night camping beneath the stars.

A cedar pergola from Backyard Discovery is an excellent illustration of cedar’s beauty. The top slats are ideal for displaying a roll of fabric shade or a magnificent blooming vine. Because the color is quite neutral, you can use it on practically any kind of deck and it will look great.

Pergolas with open tops without roof coverings for spectacular views

An open-top pergola is exactly what it sounds like. Because other constructions’ roofs have slats or rails, an open-top structure allows the Skyview to be unhindered. The pillars are ideal for hanging flowers or mounting a trellis, which allows for some unusual flower blooming. An open-top is ideal for families who want some protection from the elements while enjoying their fire pit.

One of the best features of an open-top pergola is the option of leaving the top open or hanging some shade in the corners. The Fly Hawk is an excellent illustration of what may be done with the additional room. They’re a great choice for those wishing to spice up their deck because of their flexibility.

For Severe Weather Areas, a Steel Pergola is Ideal.

Steel has the advantage of being able to withstand any situation. A steel pergola is a long-lasting and eye-catching addition to your deck. Steel is also an excellent material for outdoor furniture. Instead of being put out in the elements from the start, it provides a far superior layer of protection for the furnishings.

Moving components in steel pergolas, such as the Purple Leaf, may increase their utility. This type has a set of louvers that can be raised or lowered to let or block light. Additional side panels may be added to give it a boho outdoor vibe that is appropriate for any time of day.

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A Lean To Pergola requires more construction time but is well worth it.

The lean-to pergola is the final form of pergola. A lean-to is a roof addition that extends over the layout’s four pillars. These are growing in popularity since they can be made out of almost any material and can make a seamless line with your roof and back deck. Seek expert assistance with this one.

Another advantage of a lean-to is that there are several free blueprints available on the internet that will provide you with all of the information you want to construct one. Some of the designs are basic enough that they can be quickly raised from the deck with a few more boards and screws. If you’re going to cut through the roof, keep in mind that you’ll require expert assistance.

Putting Together the Pergola

Prepare yourself for the biggest massive puzzles you’ve ever attempted if you purchased a pergola that has to be erected. It’s as easy to put together as a puzzle, but there are a few key distinctions that must be followed for correct installation. Before diving into the deep end on your own, read all of the guidelines.

The following are the stages to putting up your pergola:

  • Unpack the Pergola — The box will be a huge crate or a bundle of plastic components with extras tossed to the side. Remove all of the items and compare them to the instruction manual. Place them in a convenient location, with the connecting parts at a location where you won’t lose track of them.
  • Set the Pillars – The pillars should be made of the thickest pieces of plastic. They will cover 44 poles that are either cemented into the ground or connected to the ground with metal clamps. If the poles aren’t level, the remainder of the pergola could not fit properly.
  • Install the Trim — Depending on the style of pergola you choose, you may need to install some trim before continuing on to installing the risers and ceiling slats. Keep in mind that certain trim pieces are composed of thin vinyl or plastic that may easily tear or rip.
  • Place the Risers – On top of the pillars, there will be a box. The struts will be put within or across the top of this square or rectangular piece. For security, they will be fashioned from thin flat sheets of covered vinyl that will be bolted or fastened to the pillars.
  • After you’ve secured the risers, it’s time to start the time-consuming operation of installing the struts. Make sure the roofing elements are sturdy enough to retain the shade sheeting and move freely if they are moved.


Installing a pergola on your deck will almost certainly raise the value of your property. They’re modular and only take a few hours to put up; after you’ve measured your deck and determined your budget, you can start looking for one of many various types of pergolas to suit your needs.

Of the four Pergolas come in a variety of shapes and sizes., you should choose one that fits your needs and fits aesthetically with your deck. You will be the host of several outdoor parties that will feature your taste and style once you have a nice deck setup. Be sure to check out our article on different lighting ideas for your pergola.


The “covered pergola ideas” is a type of pergola that has been traditionally used to cover an entire building. However, you can use it in your backyard as well.

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