5 Different Types Of Patio Covers for Your Patio

There are plenty of reasons to get a patio, why not find the right one? Here’s what you should know before you buy.

The “outdoor covered patio structures” are different types of patios that you can purchase. There is a variety of materials, styles and sizes to choose from.

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The sort of patio cover you use is one of the most significant factors to consider when purchasing a patio. When you’re seated on the patio, the patio cover keeps the trash off and keeps the sun out of your eyes. Without a question, one of the most crucial aspects of your patio is the patio cover. 

Continue reading to learn about five distinct kinds of patio covers and how to determine if they are the ideal fit for you. 

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  • Covers for Wooden Patios
  • Patio Covers in Aluminum
  • Patio Covers in Acrylic
  • Patio Cover with Lattice 
  • Solid patio covers are the most common.
  • Conclusion:

Covers for Wooden Patios


Covers for Wooden Patios can make for great patio covers if you are looking for more rustic-looking patio covers. These patio covers tend to be a great option when looking for a patio cover for a ranch or other country-themed home. Covers for Wooden Patios do not make a good option for modern-day patios. 

If your house is mostly made of wood, a wooden patio cover is an ideal choice. This will ensure that the whole structure has a consistent appearance; you won’t have to worry about your patio cover clashing with the rest of your house or patio. 

Covers for Wooden Patios remain one of the most popular patio covers around the world, mostly because of their simple and easily customizable designs. You never have to worry about not being able to make your patio cover unique to just you when there is an endless supply of designs to use for your patio cover. 

However, Covers for Wooden Patios tend to require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking at peak quality. Not only do you need to perform regular maintenance, but you will also need to perform cleanings, polishing, and weather treatments regularly to ensure that your wooden patio cover stays at a high level of quality. 

Patio Covers in Aluminum


Patio Covers in Aluminum are another common type of patio cover that you can find across the world. They tend to be much more common than Covers for Wooden Patios for several reasons. If you can go with Patio Covers in Aluminum without clashing with the rest of your home, it can be a good idea to go with them. 


The reasons to go with Patio Covers in Aluminum are:

  • Easier to maintain. They do not require a large amount of work to keep them looking nice, and so if you do not want to spend much time taking care of your patio covers. Not only that but Patio Covers in Aluminum are also highly durable, allowing them to last for a long while. 
  • Come in a large selection of varieties and different styles. You can easily customize your aluminum patio cover to match your personality or your home at no actual extra cost to yourself. They are not as customizable as Covers for Wooden Patios. 
  • Are created to withstand many various weather forms. This means that it does not matter whether you are in a rainy, snowy, or high heat environment; your aluminum patio cover will hold up well. Not only that, but Patio Covers in Aluminum are also good at resisting water. 

Patio Covers in Acrylic


 Patio Covers in Acrylic are another excellent patio cover if you want a long-lasting and easy to take care of patio cover. They are not the greatest type of patio covers, but they do have their fair share of benefits. If you do not have a large budget for patio covers, Patio Covers in Acrylic can be an excellent option for you.

Patio Covers in Acrylic are created from plastic, which is why it is one of the more durable types of patio covers. Plastic patio covers are rarely a good idea on their own, but Patio Covers in Acrylic are created in a certain way. If you are looking for a patio cover that can handle your local weather, Patio Covers in Acrylic may be an excellent option for you.

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This type of patio cover is resistant to most weather conditions like Patio Covers in Aluminum, making them a great patio cover option when you live in an environment with bad weather. However, if you do not take the time to perform the proper patio cover care on your acrylic patio cover, it will become sun bleached before too long. 

Another great benefit of using Patio Covers in Acrylic is that it can lower your car insurance premiums without any trouble. It can be challenging to lower car premiums in an easy way, but if you can put up an acrylic patio cover, there is a good chance that your car premiums will decrease after a bit of time. 

Patio Cover with Lattice 


Another great type of patio cover to go with is a Patio Cover with Lattice. These patio covers are great when you want a modern feeling to your patio, but you do not want to spend a lot of money on a more stylish cover. Patio Cover with Lattices tend to be created out of wood, so make sure to keep that in mind.

Patio Cover with Lattices are elegant and tend to be appealing to most people around the world. They have been around for many years now, and they have yet to go out of style if you are the type of person to care about staying up to date with the latest trends.

Patio Cover with Lattices require a fair amount of maintenance. Since they are designed out of wood, they will not require as much as Covers for Wooden Patios. If you want the styling options that come with Covers for Wooden Patios but do not want to spend as much time on maintenance, then Patio Cover with Lattices will be perfect for you.

Another important thing to remember is that Patio Cover with Lattices will not do a complete job of keeping water off your porch. This is because Patio Cover with Lattices have holes throughout the cover, so if you are looking for a patio cover that will keep out the rain, then do not go with Patio Cover with Lattices. 

Solid patio covers are the most common.


Solid patio covers may be the ideal option if the preceding varieties of patio covers do not appeal to you. For a variety of reasons, they are one of the finest kinds of patio covers to choose. A solid patio cover may be the right choice for you if you want a patio cover that is both practical and affordable. 

Covers for Patios:

  • If you live in an area of the globe where there is a lot of rain and snow, solid patio covers are the finest option. If you wish to go outdoors during inclement weather, the robust patio cover will assist keep you secure from the elements.
  • Solid patio covers tend to be more expensive than Patio Cover with Lattices, but they tend to be well worth the money. If you can spend the money on a solid patio cover, they tend to be the better option for many patios due to them being weather resistant. 
  • The kind of material you choose for your solid patio cover will determine how much maintenance you’ll have to do on a regular basis. Purchase a solid metal patio cover, since they are the simplest to maintain.


It might be tough to choose the right sort of patio cover for you, but keep in mind that a lot of it comes down to personal style. You now have a better understanding of five various kinds of patio covers to consider when purchasing your next patio cover. Also, if you’re planning to create a patio cover, be sure you have the necessary permits.

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The “free standing patio covers” are 5 different types of patio covers. They include the traditional cover, a cover that has been attached to your deck, a retractable cover, and more.

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