6 Shady Backyard Landscape Ideas

If you’re looking for a new way to create a backyard landscape, try these six shady ideas. From under-utilized spaces that have potential being transformed into landscapes of your dreams, this guide will help you transform your space and start relaxing in no time!

The “shady garden corner ideas” is a great idea for your backyard. It will provide you with privacy and shade while still giving you the ability to see what’s happening outside.

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Is your backyard in need of some TLC? Maybe you just bought a house and the previous owner wasn’t much of a gardener, or maybe you’re stuck for landscaping ideas for your shaded backyard. Maybe you’re weary of the sun blazing down on you all day and want to go to your backyard. 

Whatever the cause, there are a variety of choices for providing some shade to your garden. We’ve gathered six shady backyard landscaping ideas that may be used in almost any backyard.

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  • 1. Plant tall shrubs or trees
  • Arrange potted trees or shrubs in a strategic manner.
  • Pergola construction
  • Include a Sunshade
  • Outdoor Curtains to Hang
  • (Tiki Bar!) or a Tiki Thatched Roof
  • Conclusion


1. Plant tall shrubs or trees


Planting trees or tall bushes in the optimum areas, depending on your space, is one of the greatest (or at least most pleasing) methods to bring shade to your backyard. Decorating with calming flora, especially if you’re trying to escape to a backyard sanctuary, might be just what you’re searching for!

Advantages: As long as your space permits, you have total control over how you offer shade via smart plant placement. Furthermore, an all-natural addition appeals to both the sight and the soul.

Disadvantages: Depending on the soil and other elements in your backyard, you may not be able to plant trees or bushes precisely where or how you want them. Furthermore, depending on your budget and landscaping expertise, achieving your desired outcomes might take many years.

Bring images of your property to your local nursery for inspiration! In general, trained personnel can assist you in selecting the ideal trees for your purposes and ensuring your success. Depending on your budget, you may be able to begin with bigger trees right immediately to provide greater shade.

Arrange potted trees or shrubs in a strategic manner.


Perhaps your garden layout prevents you from planting directly in the ground, or you need to shade a certain area. If this is the case, you may always plant trees straight in (sometimes very big) pots and arrange them as desired.


Advantages: You may plant your trees and tall bushes precisely where you want them using this method. Plus, you have more leeway for trial and error since you can reposition the pots if they’re not properly positioned, which isn’t possible when planting directly in the ground.

Cons: Relying on pots may restrict your shade options owing to the need to juggle the pots. Furthermore, these enormous pots may want a firm base, which may not be suitable for all surfaces.

If you take this route, be sure you pick plants that thrive in containers. That isn’t true for every tree or shrub, and you don’t want to have to repot your plant or wind up with one that doesn’t thrive the way you want it to.

Pergola construction


A pergola is a wonderful alternative for providing shade in a particular section of your property. A pergola is a terrific alternative for staging a space for leisure for yourself or a group, especially if you’re wanting to create a relaxing area for yourself or a group.

Advantages: You may once again have total control over the shady location you like. Pergolas may also be customized to provide a one-of-a-kind focal point in your yard. You can have a lot of fun with it! You may also choose how “open” or “closed” you want the roof to be.

Disadvantages: Building a pergola is an expensive endeavor. If you want to enjoy the fruits of your effort for as long as possible, invest in excellent wood that can withstand the elements. You’ll also need certain tools, which will cost money if you don’t already have them in your toolbox.

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Many DIYers and internet sources provide free blueprints. You may also purchase plans at a low price. There’s no need to start at the beginning! Find several designs that you like by doing some study. If you’re willing to invest a few dollars, check out Etsy.

Include a Sunshade


A sunshade is a less involved form of a pergola that has gained popularity over the last decade. A sunshade, like a gazebo, attaches to some fixed fixtures and provides shade from above. 

Advantages: If building a whole gazebo seems daunting, a parasol provides a far more manageable barrier to entry. You may be able to attach the cloth to existing fixtures in your yard (or perhaps your roof or side of your home for some of the points), or you’ll just need a few robust pillars. 

They’re also reasonably priced and available in a variety of forms and sizes to suit your requirements.

Disadvantages: A sunshade may not last if you live in a windy location. It may also be tough to keep clean if you reside in an area with a lot of sap or dropping filth.

If you need additional shade sail ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Outdoor Curtains to Hang


There are a variety of outdoor curtain alternatives to offer shade to your outdoor environment, similar to sunshades. Although you may find alternative styles, such as roll-up choices or draped options, that give for a bit more flexibility, they function best when partnered with another feature, such as pillars or gazebos.

Outdoor curtains, once again, come in a variety of designs and sizes. They’re also available in a variety of opacities, enabling you to block more or less light based on your preferences. 

Advantages: Because they’re a bit more stiff, you may have to buy or have outdoor curtains created to your specific measurements. 

(Tiki Bar!) or a Tiki Thatched Roof


Why not go all out and add a tiki thatched roof or even a full-fledged tiki bar to your backyard if you’re seeking to add a little fun? A tiki roof or tiki bar may be the focal point you’re looking for if you want to entertain or just want to feel like you’re on a tropical beach all of the time. It may also be used as an entertainment area!

Advantages: Adding a tiki bar to your backyard not only offers shade but also serves as a practical entertainment spot. 

Plus, in terms of size and intricacy, you may go tiny or enormous. With a tiki roof, you may go as simply as a few pillars for a simple tiki roof or bar (you can purchase rolls of bamboo roofing here). You may even make it a much bigger feature by adding beautiful cabinets, cooking areas, and stools. Tiki bar signs are a great addition to your tiki bar!

Disadvantages: A thatched bamboo roof may be a good or bad option for care depending on your area. 

Tip: Upcycling certain elements to create a totally distinctive area is a terrific alternative! You may be able to locate some old cabinets or chairs at a thrift store (just make sure they’re waterproof!). Start from the ground up and create the tiki home of your dreams.


Adding a shaded location to your backyard, no matter which method you choose, will undoubtedly help you create the backyard oasis you want, or the ideal spot for hosting large groups. 

Have fun building your own unique area to express yourself. Alternatively, keep in mind that there’s no shame in adopting a template — someone else has already done the legwork for you!


The “small shade garden ideas” are 6 shady backyard landscape ideas. They’re perfect for a small space, and they can be planted in minutes!

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