7 Cozy Pergola Lighting Ideas

A pergola is an outdoor structure that provides protection, shelter and often a focal point to the design of gardens. Pergolas are perfect for those who enjoy gardening but don’t want the hassle with regular fencing. Price range can vary depending on type, size and materials used in construction.

Modern pergola lighting ideas are a way to add light and style to your outdoor living space. The 7 cozy pergola lighting ideas will help you achieve the perfect look for your outdoor living area. Read more in detail here: modern pergola lighting ideas.

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A pergola is a simple way to add flair and pizzazz to your garden with little effort. But why keep it empty when you can add some illumination? In an instant, light can transform your pergola from fashionable to fashionable. The trick is to choose the appropriate pergola lighting for your structure; there are many alternatives!

You need to know your alternatives if you want to offer your pergola some light treatment. There are several excellent lighting options for a pergola, but not every option is suitable for everyone. It’s a good thing there are so many options! Continue reading to learn about the many methods to light up your pergola.


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  • Light Strings
  • Lights that dangle
  • Wall Lamps
  • Rope Lights with LEDs
  • Uplight/Downlight
  • Lights for Curtains
  • Fireplace/Fire Pit
  • Last Thoughts

Light Strings

Let’s start with the clear and most obvious choice: Light Strings. Light Strings are a great way to light up a pergola, whether you opt for simple Light Strings or choose a wondrous fairy light design. You can even add a splash of color with these brilliant bright Light Strings. 

Light Strings are ridiculously popular with pergolas for the simple fact that they work beautifully in the provided space. With so many pillars designed into the pergola, it’s a cinch to loop Light Strings across the backyard unit and light it up instantly. You can even use Light Strings in your backyard even if you don’t have trees

Aside from the variety of styles and colors, Light Strings can also be installed in different ways. Keep it in a simple straight pattern, or add some flare with zig-zag. 

Lights that dangle

Another great option for lighting up a pergola is to use Lights that dangle. Now, with Lights that dangle, you have a vast selection to choose between. Here are some of the favorites among pergola lovers.



Pergola lanterns like these are a fantastic choice. Lanterns give the area an old school charm that is both interesting and inviting. A lantern may be a first-class method to go if you’re seeking for an attractive design with influence from the 1800s. 


Candle Lanterns


Who said a lantern had to be so sophisticated? If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up your pergola, you can also go the paper lantern route. There are plenty of options for classic white Candle Lanterns, which always look fascinating.

However, don’t feel afraid to break the color barrier when it comes to your Candle Lanterns. Adding colorful lanterns will automatically liven up your space and make it the focal point of the backyard. 

Jars of Mason


Do you want a bit more of a rugged and utilitarian look? Jars of Mason are the only way to go. Jars of Mason have a classic yet robust style that will change the way your pergola looks for good. The best part is, you can create DIY Jars of Mason if you’re a crafting wizard.

Don’t want to make your Jars of Mason? Don’t worry. Finding Jars of Mason is easy, especially since they are so popular. What’s becoming even more impressive in the pergola lighting world are Jars of Mason filled with fairy lights. These add a more whimsical appeal to the traditionally practical and straightforward mason jar. 



If you want to make your pergola into an elegant garden fixture, a chandelier is an ideal choice. You may make it as simple or as complicated as you like. Whatever chandelier you choose for your pergola, it will undoubtedly bring a touch of opulence that will make your neighbors envious. 

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Wall Lamps


While Light Strings and Lights that dangle are the obvious choices, there is one more ultra-popular pick for pergolas: Wall Lamps. Wall Lamps are easy because you can attach them to the walls and never think twice. They won’t take up any space yet will provide you with ample lighting to keep you and your guests satisfied.

When it comes to Wall Lamps, there is an excellent selection. None are incredibly over-the-top or unconventional, but that’s exactly what plenty of pergola owners are looking for. Consider these great options:

  • Vintage-inspired. If you’re searching for something retro, this is a great option. They have an antique look that goes well with a classy pergola setting.
  • Contemporary. With a modern outdoor wall light like this, you can bring your pergola straight into the year 2050. Its sleek and polished appearance makes it an ideal accent to a pergola that seems like it came right out of a magazine.
  • Farmhouse. Farmhouse style is becoming more fashionable in interior design. Choose a farmhouse-inspired wall lamp like this if you’re a fan of all things country. 

Rope Lights with LEDs

No color? Yawn. If your pergola is begging for a pop of funky colors, then consider adding Rope Lights with LEDs to your space. Why? Because it’s super quirky and fun. Imagine transforming your outdoor staple into a brilliant combination of neon hues? It’s sure to be the talk of the town. 


Are you searching for something a bit more contemporary and less traditional? Then you should think about utilizing an uplight or a downlight. 

  • At the foot of the pergola posts, uplights are put. In an upward motion, they will cascade a significant quantity of light. This gives the pergola a more sensuous and welcoming look that leans toward romantic and lovely.
  • At the tops of the pergola posts, downlights are put. You may have lighting that brightens up the environment without being excessively bright using a downlight. It’s a highly fashionable option that will give your pergola a modern look. 

Lights for Curtains


Why go simple when your pergola can make a light statement? Lights for Curtains are the best way to give your pergola a serious burst of colors. Not to mention it’s super whimsical and fun to prance through dangling strings of lights. Just beware: Lights for Curtains are guaranteed to brighten up the majority of your backyard!

Fireplace/Fire Pit

It’s always a good idea to go outside the box when it comes to style and design. So, although any of these pergola lighting ideas are excellent options for brightening up the backyard staple, you’re not obligated to employ them.

Instead of using traditional lighting, choose a fire pit or fireplace to make a statement. A fire pit has the advantage of being contemporary and cool while still keeping you and your visitors warm. And when it’s cold outside and you want to utilize your pergola, you’ll be pleased you chose the fire pit option.

There are many alternatives for fire pits and fireplaces, so you may choose the perfect complement for your pergola. Here’s an example of a fun fire pit with a pleasing natural stone design. There are also early 1900s-style fire pits as well as more contemporary treats.

Last Thoughts

When it comes to your pergola lighting, you have plenty of options. Light Strings are always popular. There are many lighting styles and designs to choose from to make it your “own”. However, you also can go for other popular methods such as Lights that dangle and Wall Lamps.

Want to step outside of the box? Rope Lights with LEDs add a fresh burst of colors while uplights and downlights are pleasant and posh. You also have the option of adding pizzazz with Lights for Curtains or ditching traditional lighting altogether with a fireplace.

It all comes down to the style of your pergola in the end. Look for lighting that complements both your demands and your decor. This holiday season, don’t forget to check out our selection of the finest outdoor Christmas lights for your yard!


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