7 Ways on How To Hang String Lights in Backyard Without Trees

String lights are the perfect way to add color and festive atmosphere without having to rely on trees. Here’s how you can hang them in your backyard!

String lights are a great way to add some light and ambiance to your backyard. However, it can be difficult to hang them without trees or posts in the way. Here is how you can hang string lights on poles without trees or posts in your backyard.

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Do you want to know how to put string lights in a backyard that doesn’t have any trees? We’ve done a couple projects without trees and with lights.

Outdoor string lights give your backyard a warm and inviting vibe. We’ll show you seven alternative approaches so you may choose the one that best suits your needs.


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  • 1 strand of lights suspended from 4X4 posts
  • 2 Using PVC and a Metal Pole
  • Other Light-Hanging Options If You Don’t Have a Tree
  • 3 Lighting Along the Fence
  • 4 Lighting on the Deck
  • 5 String Lights for Gazebo, Pergola, or Covered Patio
  • Umbrella with 6 string lights
  • 7 String Backyard Lights in Planters


1 strand of lights suspended from 4X4 posts

The first method is to install posts where you want the lights to hang. In our instance, the terrace was connected to the house by a sliding glass door. We figured we’d be able to hang some of the lights from the home.

To illuminate the decking area, we just required two poles at the end of the deck.

Needed Tools and Supplies



Determine if you’ll be utilizing your home for some of this or whether you’ll be stringing the lights simply from the posts. If the home isn’t involved, you’ll need three, four, or more posts to create the space where the lights will be strung.

Figure out where you want the posts in your outdoor space to go so they look correct and mainly line up around the area where you’re hanging the lights.


We utilized the house, but we also needed to cover a lot of ground, so we used 3 44 posts.


Begin excavating the hole for the first post using the post hole diggers or the shovel. We ordered the 16 foot pressure treated posts since you’ll need around 3 feet to put in the ground.

Carry on with the rest of the holes in the same manner. Make sure it’s a reasonable distance away from the previous one and that it forms a square or rectangle for the lights.

Once the posts are in place, use your ladder to reach the optimal location for screwing in the C hooks at the top of the post.

You may now start turning on your lights.

Actually, you should put your lights to the test first. We figured they’d work, but after running them, we discovered one component was burned out.

The next step is to figure out how to power the lights so you can have an outlet where you need it. If you don’t have access to a power source, an outdoor-safe extension cable may be used.

If you’re utilizing the external walls of your home to hold some of the strung lights, you’ll need light clips to keep them in place. They’re most common during the holidays.

Here are several suggestions for hanging string lights without using nails.


Wrap the wire around the hooks a number of times when stringing the lights for increased strength. You may also use cable ties to keep them in place. Zip ties are also used by certain persons. Just keep in mind that zip ties will deteriorate and break over time.

If you have lights that are certified for outdoor use, they may include small holes in the line to make this simpler.

If you’re not affixing them to the home, you’ll need to determine the size and form of the lit area. Then you may position the 4x4s in the most advantageous location.


2 Using PVC and a Metal Pole

The second approach is identical to the first, but it employs metal poles to make it less invasive. We have made a small video to go along with the textual instructions.

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Needed Tools and Supplies

  • Pole is 10.5 feet long and has a vinyl coating. The diameter is 1 3/8 inch. This Lowes pole was utilized.
  • These are the endcaps.
  • 1 ten-foot PVC pipe with a diameter of two inches
  • S hooks are used to attach the lights to the posts.
  • The lights you’d want to put up
  • ladder for lighting installation

PVC may be cut into 2 foot lengths and angled on one side.


When striking it into the ground, the angle makes it easier. After you’ve pounded it into the ground a little, you’ll need to take it out to get some of the dirt out. Holding your hand over the PVC top to produce a suction is a simple way to achieve this. While you take the pipe out and remove the dirt, the dirt will remain in the pipe.


Repeat this process until the pipe is as deep as you want it to be.1647338948_656_7-Ways-on-How-To-Hang-String-Lights-in-Backyard

You may now insert the pole into the PVC pipe and proceed to the next stage.


Note: Whether you have a deck or not, burying PVC pipe in the ground works excellent. Because we had a ground-level deck, we hammered the PVC underneath it to “conceal” it. If you have a higher deck, though, you may use C clamps to secure the PVC pipe against the deck and then place the pole there.

For the extent of the deck space we wanted to cover, we decided on three poles. The distance between all of the poles is roughly 13-15 feet on average.

It was time to hang the lights after we had all of the poles in place.

Before hanging the lights, double-check that they operate. Also, make sure you begin from the end that will be connected into your outlet, otherwise you’ll have to start again.


Inquire as to how I know this.

To make sure we had enough string lights for the job, we placed them all around the deck before hanging them. The light ends were hung from the house, so we began with one end of the deck and worked our way to the other.


Then, using a ladder, we attached the end cap to the pole, inserted metal hooks into the hole, and hung the lights from the S hook.

1647338953_813_7-Ways-on-How-To-Hang-String-Lights-in-Backyardendcap and metal hook

You may play about with the slack in the lights to get the height you want.

We completed it at the home and did quite well with the lengths after running the lights to all of the poles. We’ll most likely install another string of lights to the house’s outside.

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We enjoy how this nicely defines the deck and will provide lovely illumination during our nighttime excursions out there.

We’ve also discovered that since the strings are bigger, backyard birds like to sit on them.

Other Light-Hanging Options If You Don’t Have a Tree

There are a lot of other methods to get the lights turned on, and we just illustrated two of them. I’ll show you some more methods to have your lights turned on by this evening.

3 Lighting Along the Fence


Lights may be strung along your fence. This gives your backyard a lot of depth and intimacy. It’s also an excellent method to highlight your backyard. Just make sure the outside string lights around the fence have a power supply.

4 Lighting on the Deck

We enjoyed the lights surrounding the terrace at our last home. Because there were numerous levels, we just purchased some rope lights that came with mounting clips and were able to complete the installation in one day. In one afternoon, we were able to hang lights.


5 String Lights for Gazebo, Pergola, or Covered Patio


You may wire the lights around or inside a pergola or gazebo if you have one. We’ll show you how we strung our string lights in a new video on our YouTube channel shortly, since we just built a covered patio.

Umbrella with 6 string lights


If you don’t have a gazebo, but do have an umbrella, string lights may be added to it. Then, at night, you may leave the umbrella open to show off the lights.

You may also check for umbrellas with built-in lights if that’s your preference. Lowe’s cantilever umbrella with integrated led lights is one of our favorites.

7 String Backyard Lights in Planters

We discussed whether or not to use our pots on the deck to hang lights. We opted against it since we want considerably brighter lighting.

We didn’t want to put too much strain on the planters, though. However, since you normally place concrete in the bottom of the planters before adding the soil and plants on top, it should be solid enough for you.

We hope this post on how to hang lights in your backyard was helpful. Check out our rope lighting ideas for your backyard if you’re searching for some inspiration.

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String lights are a great way to add some light to your backyard. They are also a great way to decorate for the holidays without trees. Here are 7 ways on how to hang string lights in your backyard without trees. Reference: how to hang string lights in backyard with trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I string my backyard lights without trees?

A: You can use copper wire, which is the best conductor of electricity.

How do you hang string lights in your backyard fence?

A: You can either use an outdoor garden trellis or a deck railing.

How do you hang string lights without holes?

A: You can use a wire to tie the lights together.

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