8 Simple Outdoor Rope Light Ideas for Your Backyard

Outdoor rope lights aren’t just a festive decoration, they’re an easy way to add ambiance and safety in your backyard. Here are 8 simple outdoor rope light ideas for you!

The “rope lighting ideas outdoors” is a topic that will help you find some great outdoor rope light ideas for your backyard. The article has 8 simple outdoor rope light ideas for your backyard.

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Rope lights are one of my favorite kinds of lights to set up since they are simple to set up.

And in this post, I’ll show you some of the best methods to include outdoor lighting into your projects.

Attaching rope lights to your deck is one of the greatest ways to utilize it, and this was one of our first outdoor lighting projects.


We had three levels of decking and needed lights that went all the way down. We didn’t want to install step lights, but we did want to be able to illuminate the area when walking down the stairs and throw light on our backyard decking in general.

As a result, we decided to use rope lights to accomplish this. We liked that we could make it whatever size we wanted. You may easily add more rope lights to your system to expand it. Start with one strip to make it manageable, and if you need more, just detach the end and replace it with a new one.

The next fantastic thing about rope lighting is how many various hues it now comes in.

Not only are there more hues, but there are also additional rope lighting options. You may choose rope lighting that is powered or powered by the sun, as well as battery-powered rope lights. In this post, we’ll go through each of them.

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  •  Lighting for the Deck
  •  Lighting for the Garden
  • Lighting for walkways
  • Lighting for Tree Ropes
  • Lighting for Pool Ropes
  • Lighting in the Environment
  • Outdoor Steps are highlighted.
  • Warmth in the Garden
  • Rope Lights Come in a Variety of Styles
  • Now it’s your turn.

 Lighting for the Deck

With Lighting for the Deck you can do multiple things. You can either wrap the deck spindles with lighting. That gets a little complicated, but you will definitely have a lot of light on your deck area. We also have an article were we go over how you can hang up lights without using nails.

One of the ways we achieved it was by installing rope lights under the railing, which was held in place using cable clips. It was a simple DIY that provided excellent illumination for the bottom portion of your deck while not glaring directly in your face.


To ensure that you have enough rope lighting, measure the length of your deck in linear feet where you wish to install the rope lighting. Measure the length of your deck and continue until the whole deck perimeter is laid out.

After that, you may match those specifications to the rope lighting you choose.

The strip lights are available in lengths of 150 feet to ensure that you have all of the necessary connections. 

 Lighting for the Garden

The next type of rope lighting that’s easy to use is Lighting for the Garden. If you have a great area with shrubbery or an area with beautiful plants and rocks. Rope lighting will make each area a delight to see and really showcase.

Having Lighting for the Garden makes it easy when you have a mulch border area or any kind of boarded area. You can add the rope lighting along that area to really showcase the border between your landscaping areas.

Lighting for walkways

It’s critical to have sufficient lighting when creating an area in your backyard so that people can see where they’re going. Rope lights surrounding a pathway will aid visitors in finding their way to your garden.

With Lighting for walkways you can install the lighting along your walkway and you can also use some landscape stakes to keep them in place.

Staking them will prevent people from tripping over them and also maintain them in position so you don’t strike them when mowing.


Discover deck design ideas with this photo by YOGESH WADHWANA.

Lighting for Tree Ropes

If you have lovely trees in your backyard and want to highlight them at night, rope lighting is a simple and inexpensive way to accomplish it. If you choose to wrap your trees with string lights, we’ll discuss that in a separate piece, which you may find here.

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Palm trees or any other tree that grows exceptionally tall before the branches start to branch out are ideal for rope lighting.

Lighting for Pool Ropes

In most pools, there are spotlights that illuminate the water. The issue with this is that the lights have to be placed at the same time as the pool. Another problem is that the spotlights seem to be quite bright in certain spots but not at all in others.

This is when rope lighting with a suitable location comes in handy. Rope lighting may be added during or after the building process. It also provides superior illumination coverage than the pool’s spotlight lights.

Lighting in the Environment

I love Lighting in the Environment. It’s not harsh or in your face, but it illuminates the areas so you can easily see and move around in.

One of the best places to use rope lighting is for Lighting in the Environment around your outdoor kitchen area. Under the counter is a great place to put the rope lights so people can see where to sit.

Outdoor Steps are highlighted.

This is in a similar vein as the Lighting for walkways. Highlighting the steps with the rope lights is an easy way to show people where the steps are. This helps reduce tripping hazards and really shows off your backyard areas.

Warmth in the Garden

You could even use the heat from the rope lights to make a heat pad for beginning and developing seedlings.

The Vegetable Gardener has a nice how-to article on utilizing rope lights to warm up seedlings.

Rope Lights Come in a Variety of Styles

Now that you have some inspiration for your next rope lighting project, let’s talk about the different Rope Lights Come in a Variety of Styles. You can get battery powered, solar powered, and the traditional electrical ones.

Furthermore, you have the option of using conventional incandescent light bulbs or LED light bulbs for your rope light.

Rope Lights with Batteries

If your project isn’t near an outlet, battery-powered or 12V rope lights are ideal. The rope lights may still be used to light up your space. All you have to do now is make sure the shell is water resistant and replace the batteries as required.

Most of the Rope Lights with Batteries are also the LED lights. Simply because it takes much less power to light the LED lights than it does to light the incandescent ones.

Rope Lights Powered by the Sun

Solar rope lights, like battery-powered lights, are considerably simpler to use when you aren’t near an outlet. This is very handy for landscaping ideas like tree wrapping.

Many companies, such as Home Depot, Target, and Amazon, sell solar-powered rope lights.

Now it’s your turn.

So there are eight easy methods to include rope lighting into your outdoor lighting installations. Which one do you like, and why? Check out our post for 7 different lighting solutions for your pergola for additional outdoor lighting inspiration! Rope lights are beautiful, but if you need extra light, particularly for security purposes, floodlights are a good option!


The “rope light garden edging” is a stylish and easy way to add some life to your outdoor space. You can use it in your backyard or anywhere else you want to add a little bit of style.

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