9 Amazing Fall Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Autumn

The Fall season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to switch up your home decor. Whether you want a warm glow or an autumn feel, there are plenty of ways to make your house look amazing without breaking the bank. Here are nine great fall lighting ideas that will brighten up any room this season.

The “backyard lighting ideas” is a list of 9 fall ideas that will brighten your autumn. These are all great ways to create the perfect ambiance for your home.

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Fall weather has a way of making us appreciate our backyards even more. What better way to put us in the mood for autumn than to use the appropriate fall lighting?

I’ll show you some of my favorite autumn light findings in this post.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until Halloween or Thanksgiving to get your outdoor area ready for autumn. Although many of them will overlap and flow into one another.


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  • Centerpieces with lights
  • Lighted Entrance or Doorway
  • Luminous Pathway
  • Lights strung around trees
  • Without Trees, String Lights
  • Mason Jars with Lights
  • Lighting for the Fence
  • Lights on the Ceiling
  • Lights Made at Home
  • Where to Purchase
  • Now it’s your turn.

Centerpieces with lights

On your outdoor tables, outdoor kitchen countertops, or anyplace else outdoors with a horizontal surface, you can accomplish a lot with centerpieces.


The simplest thing to do is to select your favorite fall-themed objects and hang string lights in and around the centerpiece with care.


You can definitely get away with the smaller battery-operated string lights to avoid having to bother about outlets. In any case, the lower voltage lights won’t use much electricity.


Lighted Entrance or Doorway

Add some festive lights to the areas of your garden where visitors come and depart. This is a terrific way to aid their vision while also putting them in the mood for the autumn season.


Arranging gourds and pumpkins with lights in or around them is one of the most popular methods.

You may also place hay bales around the space to provide height and depth. Perhaps some deck lighting ideas can be included as well. If you’re going to use LED lights near hay, be sure to choose the lower voltage LED lights since they emit less heat.

Luminous Pathway

There are lights along the promenade in certain parts of the southwest. I like seeing them as a symbol of the approaching fall season.


You may light your route with standard luminaries or something more imaginative, such as lighting gourds or pumpkins.

Lights strung around trees

Lighted trees are a wonderful adornment for any season, but particularly for the autumn. Because the majority of the leaves have fallen, there are more branches and trunks to cast different shadows.


String lights or rope lights may simply be wrapped around the trees in your backyard. You could go solar, but with less sunshine in the autumn, finding an outlet and using electric string lights is your best chance.

Without Trees, String Lights

Not everyone has a tree on which to hang lights.

That’s OK,


String lights may be carefully placed about your backyard area with few poles and an afternoon. Here’s how we strung lights in our backyard without any trees.

String lights are a nice decoration to keep up all year. However, if you like, you may replace your standard string lights with decorative string lights. We’re referring to the lights that come in various fall forms. Like maple leaves or pumpkins, for example.

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Mason Jars with Lights

With pine cones and lights in mason jars, you can create a wonderful autumn atmosphere. Set them up in your backyard where they will offer you the greatest delight, and you’re all set.


And the beauty of mason jars is that you can change up the contents for every occasion.

You might also wrap some paper around the jar to display your favorite autumn images. For Halloween, just add ghosts.


Lighting for the Fence

Just like with most of the other lighting ideas, the Lighting for the Fence can be great all year round. You can just change out the lights with anything that is more fall feel than usual.

Fences are a terrific way to bring light to your backyard for depth and to provide additional light if your kids want to play a bit longer after the sun sets.


Lights on the Ceiling

One of my favorite scenes in any of the Harry Potter movies are when they are in the main hall and they are eating under different kinds of lighting. These lights are simply floating in mid air. You can do something similar with different Lights on the Ceiling.

These Luci Mpowered solar lights may be assembled to seem as though they are hovering above your outdoor gathering and provide a gorgeous glow.

You may also give your visitors a more traditional ambiance by simply adding tea lights to globes.

Lights Made at Home

You may construct a globe out of twine and decorate it to appear like a pumpkin or whatever else you choose. Add some lights to make it sparkle, then hang or arrange it someplace to show off your creativity.


Simple willow branch lights may also be added to any space. These are fantastic since they resemble little bushes or trees with no leaves and generally have led lights at the ends. It’s the great autumn light appearance with nice gall leaves and surroundings around it.

Here are some more wonderful autumn decor with lights ideas for you to consider.

26 Light-Filled Fall Décor Ideas

Where to Purchase

You may purchase the supplies you need to create your autumn creations in a variety of locations. Some of our favorites are listed below.

  • Amazon
  • Michael’s
  • Wayfair
  • Target
  • Houzz

Now it’s your turn.

What is your go-to fall lighting concept for getting into the spirit of the season? Will you use scarecrows and hay bales to decorate your yard, or will you use simple illuminated orbs with pumpkins and gourds?


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