9 Fabulous Pergola Shade Ideas for Your Backyard

If you’re looking for shade, but don’t want to sacrifice your outdoor space’s style, pergolas are the answer. With these 9 fabulous design ideas and some DIY help from a skilled pro like yourself in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy an outdoor haven without sacrificing any of your decorating options.—

The “waterproof pergola cover ideas” are a great way to add some shade to your backyard. You can use these ideas for any type of pergola and they will look fabulous.

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Pergola blinds are very adaptable, making it simple to add both design and functionality to your outdoor area. Pergolas are a terrific way to extend your living area outside your home’s walls, enabling you to enjoy Mother Nature while being protected from the weather. After you’ve decided on the style of pergola you want in your backyard, you’ll need to consider how you’ll shade it.

Whether you’re building a new pergola or repairing an old one, the shade is an important part of making it usable and attractive. Canopies in the Roman style, Roof made of metals, and even a natural canopy made of vines are all possibilities for pergola shade. 

Here are some of the most popular and original pergola design ideas for providing a shaded, cool space for your family and friends to enjoy in practically any weather. 


Shades of Pergolas in Various Styles


The temperature where you live, as well as the area where your pergola is or where you’re creating it, all influence the shade you choose for your structure. Your decision will be influenced by how you want to utilize your pergola. 

A natural or living shade, for example, isn’t the ideal solution if you want to use your pergola during the winter months and live in a cooler location. 

Following that, we’ll go over some of our top pergola shade alternatives to get you started on your quest, including:

  • Pergola blinds in the traditional style
  • Canopies in the Roman style
  • Shades in the manner of canvas or sails
  • Canopies made of natural vines
  • Canopies made of woven fabric
  • Patio coverings that are completely enclosed
  • Roofing made of metal
  • a roof made of tiles
  • Planks of wood





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The wooden slates that run over the top of the pergola are a traditional feature. Many people choose this traditional shape not just because it is simple but also because it gives just the appropriate amount of shade while yet allowing you to enjoy the sun.

Many of these types and trends may be built around a traditional pergola. This structure can benefit from several of these canopy and cover solutions.

Canopy in the Roman Style


This Canopy in the Roman Style is great if you want to choose whether you want shade or sun. This style is also great because you can slide the canopy shut to collect rainwater. You can also store the canvas away during storms. This protects the canopy from tearing and wearing down.

You may create this at yourself by sewing your panels together, or you can purchase pre-made panels. A wire is strung from one side of the pergola to the other to suspend the canopy. Your canopy attaches to the wire and may be pulled out anytime you need some shade.

This design also provides for some flexibility since the canopy color may be changed and new ones installed in less than an hour! For those who like a little variety now and again, this sounds fantastic.

Style: Canvas or Sail


This lovely design is quite straightforward. This project can be completed in a single day, and the awning may be customized to match your color scheme. Simply described, it resembles a huge sail draped over the pergola.

Install hooks and clip the awning over pieces of the pergola with ease. You may choose to cover the whole pergola or just a section of it. You may change the appearance of the awning, and if you want to add some personality, choose fascinating and bright patterns.

Repurposing an old sail to build an awning is another environmentally friendly option. Then you’d be adding the “sail” to a sail-style awning.

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Canopy of Natural Vine


This elegant canopy will take a bit longer to make, but it is still achievable. Depending on your area, you may select from a variety of vines. Which vines you may utilize depends on the area, but Wisteria is the most common. Beautiful purple blossoms will drape all about you if you grow this plant.

This sort of cover does have a few drawbacks. You’ll have to keep an eye on the plants to make sure they don’t wither and die or become out of hand. In certain locations, wisteria is considered an invasive plant that must be controlled.

You will not be protected from the rain or severe winds by this cover. Be prepared to get wet, but it will be the topic of talk when your guests arrive. It is, without a doubt, a project to be proud of.

Canopy Made of Woven Fabric


This look is known by a variety of names, but “woven” sums it up wonderfully. You can simply create this at home and customize it to your preferences. Fabric strips will be woven between the pergola’s beams. The fabric will then be stapled to the frame. You’ll weave the next strip between the beams on the opposite side of the previous strip, somewhat like a woven basket.

If you want to brighten up your pergola, use tones of tan or white against the color of the wood. If you want to make it appear sophisticated, use tones of tan or white against the color of the wood. It’s even possible to mix and match! This look may be as complex or as basic as you desire!

Covered patio in its entirety


This one is more about purchasing a patio cover that suits your pergola rather than doing it yourself. This one is fixed and cannot be retracted, but it will provide continuous shade. This is also more convenient for individuals who don’t have enough time to devote to a project.

The patio cover may be purchased as a kit and installed under the pergola’s beams. This may often be restricted in terms of color and stylistic options. You can get retractable choices if you really want to go fancy, but they’ll set you back a big coin. 

Don’t be concerned if it isn’t as fancy as you had hoped. People like simple patterns, and on a hot summer day, no one appreciates shade more than if it comes from something ornate and elegant.

Roof made of metal


For a more rustic and expensive option, you can choose to cover your pergola with a Roof made of metal. You can choose from several types of metal, whether it is galvanized steel or tin. This may take a little extra work, especially if you have to cut the metal and install it yourself.

This will provide plenty of shade and shield you not only from the rain but also from the wind. It will endure longer and is more durable than cloth. You can make this seem contemporary or rustic with so many materials.

Roof made of tiles

This design works well with a variety of materials. Metal, cloth, and even other materials may be used. 

You may decorate the pergola roof to seem like tile on a checkerboard if you want something more geometric. You may use a variety of colors or stick to black and white. You may use solid colors with patterns or patterns that are in sharp contrast to one another. It is all up to you. When it comes to tile, the possibilities are really boundless. 

Other canopy and roof improvements may take a bit longer than this one. You’ll need to measure and plan how you’ll tile the roof ahead of time. Remember that this is more for aesthetics and shade than for weather protection.

Planks of wood


It’s really simple to construct this roof. You’ll want to make sure the wood is treated to withstand the elements. It’s nearly like constructing a wooden deck, except for your pergola’s roof.

Ascertain that your pergola is set at a little slant. Water will flow down one side and not gather on your roof as a result.

Last Thoughts

You may decorate your pergola to match your personality using these suggestions. Each one may be customized to reflect your personality, and there are many to pick from! You will discover your style, whether you are a traditional and simple person or someone who like pizazz.

You may simply wow your visitors and demonstrate your creating abilities. Everyone enjoys a nice DIY project or creating their own narrative! Other articles regarding shading may be found here, including one about what plants grow best in shadow in Florida. Another thing to consider is how you may train jasmine to grow around your pergola, which will give it a lovely appearance.


The “pergola ideas attached to house” is a great way to add some shade to your backyard. They are also a good way to extend the living space of your home.

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