Average Hot Tub Costs

Hot tubs are essential for the summer months, but how much does it cost to own one? The average price of a hot tub is about $2,000. A rough estimate would be around $200 per year in maintenance and electricity costs.

The “how much does a hot tub cost per month” is an interesting question. The average price for a hot tub is around $800 to $1,000.


More than specifications and extras go into finding the ideal hot tub, but price is often a decisive factor. Hot tubs may survive for up to twenty years if properly maintained. 

The cost of a hot tub varies greatly depending on what you’re searching for. A hot tub costs $3,000 for the most affordable versions. However, if you want something even more opulent, there are other variants available for $16,000 or more. 

We’ll go over five typical hot tub prices in this post. This will make your selection simpler and prepare you for any future charges.



Hot Tubs for Beginners

  • Price range: $3,000-$7,000
  • For both internal and external treatments, standard materials are commonly molded plastic.
  • Jets – usually have a smaller selection of jets and a set amount.
  • Standard bottled chemical maintenance for water
  • Efficiency – more basic solutions have standard efficiency levels, while more efficient and simpler versions are available for a somewhat larger investment.

Standard hot tubs are an excellent method to save money on installation since they are typically straightforward to set up and maintain after they are delivered.

Hot Tubs for Less and for More

  • Range: $5,000 to $11,000
  • Materials of the highest quality – the greatest value High-quality materials like molded acrylic and composite panels are used to build hot tubs.
  • Jets — this tier not only has a few extra jets, but it also includes a few new ones for diversity.
  • Water Care – they feature built-in sanitizing systems for the greatest value.
  • Efficiency – models that are more efficient than typical ones.

Higher-end value models include more extensive sanitization systems and choices, as well as additional jet systems. These often include: 

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  • Systems that self-regulate
  • Options for better lighting
  • Reliability ratings have improved.

Hot Tubs de Luxe

  • Begin with $11,000.
  • Molded acrylic and composite panels are high-quality materials.
  • Jets – the most number and diversity for the most comfort
  • Advanced sanitization systems, expanded possibilities, and saltwater compatibility 
  • Efficiency – most buildings are built to be as efficient as possible.

The most opulent versions come with unique elements that enhance its beauty and provide a high-end spa experience. These are designed to provide long-term, worry-free pleasure.

Contents Table of Contents

  • Size Is Important
  • Adding to Your Spa Experience
  • Heating Alternatives
  • In Health and in Illness
  • Conclusion

Size Is Important

Your hot tub’s cost is influenced by the amenities and quality of your in-home spa. However, size is important not just when deciding where to install it; it may also affect the initial cost and upkeep. 


Larger hot tubs are more expensive. Aside from the better quality materials and workmanship that go into a bigger hot tub, there may be extra costs when acquiring one. As a result, various places sometimes charge varying costs for similar models. The depth of the hot tub might vary across models.

The following factors may affect prices:

  • Costs of transportation
  • Fees for delivery
  • Costs of store/dealer

Adding to Your Spa Experience

When not in use, hot tubs must be shielded from the weather, and unaccompanied youngsters must be kept safe. There are extra costs to consider if hot tubs are located outside.

Covers for Hot Tubs

  Average Price Material Motorization PRO CON
Cover: Soft $30-$300 Vinyl Manual Attachments Low Cost Heat Retention Issues (R-Value)
Hardcover edition $130-$600 Hinges made of vinyl and foam Hinges to Assist Manual R-Value Increase If the foam absorbs water, it may be rather heavy.
Aluminum $1200-$1500 Styrofoam and aluminum Cover Lift or Manual Lightweight Reduced R-Value
Smartop $2000-$3000 Foam and aluminum Lifter hydraulic Ease and long-lasting Cost

The best hot tub cover for you will be determined by your location, budget, and personal preferences. Covers with lower prices have lighter weights but inadequate heat retention. Covers may be constructed to keep heat more efficiently or to be removed and set with more convenience for a higher expenditure.

Additional Protection

Many hot tub owners opt for Additional Protection to increase their privacy, adding to the overall expense. Some of these additional options:

  • Privacy Screens — for a more private spa experience.
  • Solariums — may be connected to or detached from your house, and are available in a variety of styles.
  • Privacy Screens — for a more private spa experience.
  • Gazebos combine a roof with seclusion. 
  • Pergolas provide shade while yet allowing you to enjoy the air in your jacuzzi.

These alternatives may be tailored to your specific requirements and even built to be the center point of your garden. The cost may vary depending on your desired style and amount of seclusion, but you might be able to save money by doing it yourself. 

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Heating Alternatives

Selecting your heating option will also cause a price variation. Depending on your model, preference, and lifestyle, the various Heating Alternatives will have a different appeal. We also go over how long it takes for a hot tub to heat up in this article here.

If you already have a gas connection in your house, this may be the most cost-effective option to heat your hot tub. Solar panels are an excellent method to save money on electricity while also helping the environment. 

Below are the Heating Alternatives available to you and your hot tub, with both a benefit and quick fact to help you get started.

  • Natural gas or propane-powered spas, portable spas, and free-standing wooden hot tubs are the finest options.
  • Solar is environmentally friendly and connects to your current pump system, saving you money on upgrades.
  • Electric – convenient and cost-effective; but, depending on the climate, model, and temperature, it may use too much energy.
  • Heat Pump – heating and cooling choices, as well as a number of Circulation options to improve the experience.
  • Wood Stove — a time-consuming but rewarding and natural method to heat your at-home spa

In Health and in Illness

Maintaining your hot tub is crucial to extending its lifespan. Once you have your hot tub at home, you will incur extra costs to maintain it in good working order — till death do you part. Before you click or sign to make that final purchase, make sure you understand what maintaining your hot tub at home entails and what costs you may save. There are several health advantages to having a hot tub, including arthritis relief.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning is usually affordable, but upkeep costs vary. Regular maintenance is the best way to achieve minimal maintenance expenses. Cleaning expenses may be kept low by using vinegar and washing and soaking your filters on a regular basis. 

Draining your hot tub every 2-4 months can prevent any major build-up and save you money on cleaning. Replace your filters when they are advised to avoid expensive problems. Filters and chemicals are priced differently depending on the style and size of your hot tub. You may also clean your hot tub with common home items.

Don’t be concerned about getting behind or not planning ahead for a relaxing day. For an average monthly cost of $80-$150, hire a Hot Tub or Spa Cleaner to maintain your hot tub.


By running the water through the filtration system, keeping the water flowing helps prevent mold formation and keeps the water clean. When your hot tub isn’t in use, it’s preferable to perform this cycle at least twice a day. You may make this procedure more successful by putting cleaning powder on a tennis ball and letting it soak up any difficult-to-remove oils or lotions. 

Bonus Tip: Because your hot tub circulates while it’s in use, circulate it once before you start soaking to get things flowing.


In addition to the initial price, there are several fees to consider when buying a Hot Tub. They will differ depending on the model, preference, and look, but each type is meant to meet the relaxation and financial demands of everybody. 


The “hot tub clearance” is an average of the cost of hot tubs. The average cost of a hot tub was $1,000 in 2016.

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