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Have you ever looked at your backyard and found that it is so dark, even with the lights on? This can be a big problem because not only does it make walking around in the evening difficult when there isn’t much light outside, but your plants might not get enough sunlight. Most people don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive lighting solutions for their homes, which often leaves them dealing with this issue as well. The good news is that there are some affordable ways to improve your yard’s lighting situation without breaking the bank!

The “temporary outdoor lighting for a party” is an inexpensive and easy way to decorate your yard. It is also perfect for parties, as it can be turned on and off with the touch of a button.

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Before you buy backyard lights, think about the area you have, your budget, and whether or not you have any outside outlets! With or without power, this post will describe several budget-friendly and simple yard-sprucing solutions.


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Lights on a String

String lights are a timeless way to brighten up a room. String lights, which can be found in virtually any home and garden shop and available in lengths ranging from five feet to more than 50 feet, are a terrific way to customize your lighting to your personal backyard. While some strings may need an electrical outlet, you can get battery-powered or even solar lights with a little research. 


How to Set Up

Stringing lights is a simple procedure. To begin, identify the area you wish to illuminate with your lights. String lights are often strung over a patio or deck, but they may also be wrapped around your roof, doorframe, or even tree trunks.

If you don’t have any trees in your backyard, don’t worry; we’ll show you how we strung our lights without them.

Attach hooks to the sides of your roof that you want the lights to reach over to place your lights across a patio.

If you’re using electrical lights, start your string close to an outlet or extension cable. For that easy draping effect, stretch the thread over while allowing a little slack. Simply use additional hooks to link strings back and forth until you get the desired outcome!


Wrap the thread around the trunk securely to protect it from falling down while decorating trees. This works best if your lights are battery- or solar-powered, so you won’t have to worry about the unsightly cables. There are ways to hanging lights without nails if you wish to avoid placing nails in the walls.


Due of the wide number of options available, string lights are perhaps the most affordable outdoor lighting solution. The total cost will be determined by the number of lights you buy, whether they’re battery-operated, and which brands you pick.

Fortunately, whatever your budget, finding an alternative is rather simple.


Stakes Powered by Solar

Solar-powered stakes, which are often used to line walkways or lawns, are another popular backyard lighting option. These are an excellent method to illuminate portions of your yard that are not accessible to an electrical outlet.

These stakes are often offered in sets and may be readily put into grass or loose earth. During the day, the solar panels will absorb sunlight and provide a pleasant illumination at night.

Stakes are an excellent choice when you need enough light to see where you’re going but not enough to light up the whole yard.

How to Set Up

Solar-powered stakes are the simplest lights to set up in your yard. Simply choose a location and firmly drive the stake end into grass or loose ground. If the ground is too hard, dig a tiny hole with a trowel and repack the earth around your stake’s base.

Solar-powered stakes should be placed in a location that receives enough of sunshine, particularly if you want to use them all year. If you reside in a very gloomy or stormy environment, avoid utilizing solar-powered lights since you won’t get much usage out of it.


Solar stakes are rather affordable, costing between $30 and $50 on average. There are undoubtedly less expensive solutions, but check reviews before purchase to guarantee the quality meets your expectations! If you have space in your budget, you can always shovel out a bit more!

Tiki Torches 3

Tiki torches powered by kerosene are one of the most quirky and exciting ways to light up your lawn without using electricity. The open flame may also be used to offer illumination momentarily without requiring a long installation procedure.

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Because rain or even mild breezes may rapidly extinguish the flame, they are most often seen during the summer, but don’t let that deter you! Tiki season is best in the spring and summer, and their tiny frames may be readily stored throughout the winter.

How to Set Up

Tiki torches are similar in appearance to solar-powered stakes. All you have to do is apply pressure into loose earth or grass, whether the torch has a pointed end or a footrest to push into the ground. Similarly, if the ground is too hard, instead of straining the torch and maybe shattering it, dig a little hole.

It’s just as simple to light a tiki torch. Kerosene, which can be obtained at most home and garden or hardware shops, is required. Remove the wick from your torch and use a funnel to pour kerosene straight into the torch’s body.

Replace the wick and ignite it with a match or lighter. Place the snuffer cap on the wick if you’re going to store your torches. This will prevent any leakage. Read our other post if you’re wondering whether you may leave tiki torches outside in the rain.


Tiki torches, like solar-powered stakes, are quite affordable. Do some study or ask your local hardware shop for help to determine which option is best for you. Individual torches may be bought for as little as $4, while sets can be purchased for as much as $30.

4. Lighting for Security

This last choice is less suitable for partying, but it is ideal for adding light to your home in order to observe any late-night activity and deter potential invaders. Solar-powered security lights are common, and they may be coupled with motion sensors to detect activity as it passes by. Many security lighting systems include a camera.

How to Set Up

Installing solar-powered security lights is as easy as installing any other kind of lighting; all you have to do is choose a site and get started.

Any security lighting that has wiring is much more of a difficult process as you will need to wire internally, which can be tough to do from the exterior of your home. Always read instructions carefully and contact a professional if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. A light good for security our floodlights, which can find out How to Set Up here.


Security lighting without cameras is a very reasonable alternative, with prices ranging from $20 to hundreds of dollars. Camera-equipped security lighting is often more expensive, and your security system may need additional components. To guarantee that your home is adequately safeguarded, consult with a specialist.

Last Thoughts

Backyard lighting is an amazingly adaptable method to liven up your property while providing practicality, regardless of your budget, size, or taste. Each of the aforementioned solutions is a certain method to accomplish your desired outcome, and you can even combine them to create a stunning, glowing aesthetic across your yard. 

The simplest way to get started is to go to your local garden shop or an internet merchant and look into the many alternatives. When in doubt, ask a shop employee! It doesn’t have to be tough to light up your backyard, so go out there and start dazzling!


The “post in ground for string lights” is a budget-friendly way to light up your backyard. If you want to make sure that the lights are always on, then you can use solar power.

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