Backyard Pavilion Ideas

Looking to invest in a backyard pavilion or get ideas for building one yourself? We’ve got you covered. Take the guesswork out of what type of roofing, flooring, and walls your dream pavilion should have with our guide.

The “simple backyard pavilion ideas” is a blog post that showcases some of the more simple backyard pavilion designs. There are also links to more detailed instructions on how to create these backyard designs.

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Pavilions in the backyard are ideal gathering spots for family and friends. A backyard pavilion may considerably improve your quality of life, whether you love relaxing in your backyard while listening to the birds, reading a good book while sipping coffee, or making the most of your summer vacation by spending days by the pool.


Continue reading to discover some of the most gorgeous, distinctive, and useful backyard pavilion designs, as well as things to think about when designing your own bespoke pavilion.

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  • Outdoor Cooking Area
  • Relaxation by the Pool
  • Lovely Wooden Pergola
  • A Fantastic Backyard Bar
  • Pool House with a Mountain Theme
  • Shade for the Fire Feature
  • A Historic Centerpiece
  • Picnic Area at Wood Gable
  • Pavilion with a theme
  • The Fantasy Gazebo
  • A Playground in the Backyard 
  • Spa with a Covered Hot Tub
  • The Best Way to Make Your Pavilion Unique
  • Materials for the Pavilion
  • The Roofing Materials 
  • Post Design and Specifications
  • Conclusion


Outdoor Cooking Area


Outdoor Cooking Areas are one of the most common types of backyard pavilions due to their usefulness. Not only can you use your Outdoor Cooking Area to barbecue and entertain friends on beautiful afternoons, but a covered pavilion Outdoor Cooking Area can also be used to host sophisticated evening soirees by candlelight.

Since it’s covered you may be wondering if you can use an indoor TV outdoors to make it like a family room but outside. If you’d rather take it easy, you can use your Outdoor Cooking Area to make family brunch on lazy Sundays or even warm up a snack while getting some work done in the shade of the kitchen’s pergola.

Relaxation by the Pool


Sip margaritas or iced tea by the poolside in the summertime while you watch the kids do cannonballs and play games on the lawn. A Relaxation by the Pool is the perfect backyard pavilion idea for anyone who lives in warm and sunny climates or enjoys making the most of the summer season.

Not only is this type pavilion ideal for preventing sunburns while still being able to view all of the action, but it’s also a great spot for the kids to take a break for lunch when the summer heat becomes too much.

Lovely Wooden Pergola


For those who appreciate simplicity and little maintenance, a simple and beautiful wooden pergola is the ideal backyard pavilion option. See our dedicated page for more information on what a pergola is used for.


By erecting a wooden pergola over your patio, you can create a functional and adaptable area that can accommodate lounge chairs, a dining table, or even a blanket and children’s toys for those days when the kids don’t want to remain inside.

A Fantastic Backyard Bar


What better way to make your outdoor living areas more interesting than to include a full-service bar? Using a:

  • Bartop
  • Refrigerator outside
  • Miniature sink
  • Ice chest built-in

From the comfort of your own home, you may enjoy a beverage with friends. You’ll feel like you’re living in luxury if you add some tall bar stools with matching patio color accessories. In a separate piece, we go through whether or not you may place a refrigerator outdoors.

Pool House with a Mountain Theme

Consider creating a mountain-style pool house as your backyard pavilion if you enjoy the colder climes of a mountain or woodland lifestyle. For some nice cabin sensations that you and your family can enjoy all year, add a rock wall, comfy couch-like patio furniture, and a living room-style fire feature. 

Shade for the Fire Feature


Why not take your backyard to the next level if fire features are your favorite part of spending nights in your backyard? You may add weather protection to your circular or rectangular stand-alone fire feature by installing a fire-resistant pergola or cover shade. You may enjoy a nice beverage by the fire or toast marshmallows at any time of year, rain or shine.

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A Historic Centerpiece

If you consider your stylistic sensibilities to lean towards traditional rather than modern or contemporary, skip the sleek pavilion look and opt for A Historic Centerpiece as well. By adding:

  • A little bell tower
  • Shingles in the manner of the Cotswolds
  • Colonial-era pillars of support

You’ll create the timeless ambiance of a New England home in the countryside in your garden.

Consider using repurposed historic and antique materials to custom-build your colonial pavilion for a more genuine look. You’ll have a fascinating narrative to tell about the history of your own garden when you welcome people around.

Picnic Area at Wood Gable


Whether you have a considerable family, host luncheons every weekend, or own a large property that you’d like to compartmentalize, a Picnic Area at Wood Gable is the perfect place for groups to gather. Wooden picnic area pergolas are convenient because they can be made to suit almost any size yard.

Under your wooden gable pergola, set up picnic tables with charming red-checkered tablecloths for a communal lunch vibe. For occasions like outdoor weddings or birthday celebrations, you may also dress up the venue by putting out the good dinnerware and flower arrangements.

Pavilion with a theme

When you love spending time with your roses more than sipping a sweet rosé, it might mean that a Pavilion with a theme is the perfect addition to your backyard. Cater your pavilion to your preferences by creating a Japanese garden complete with cherry blossoms and bonsai trees, or build your own English oasis surrounded by roses, morning glories, and climbing vines.

The Fantasy Gazebo


The Fantasy Gazebo is one of the most recognized backyard pavilion ideas of all time. With its quintessential round or octagonal shape and peek-a-boo cut-out window openings, storybook gazebos can suit nearly any size or style backyard due to their classic and romantic essence. 

Use your charming gazebo as a reading nook, a romantic retreat, or a respite from the sun. Learn how to put up a gazebo in your backyard and make it look fantastic!

A Playground in the Backyard 

One of the most exciting yet unconventional backyard pavilion ideas is A Playground in the Backyard. By building a sleek, modern, and flat-topped pavilion atop a sprawling patio, you can create room for fun games like a foosball table, outdoor pool table, corn hole, and even mini-golf.

On rainy days, utilize your gaming pavilion to enjoy some fresh air while playing Twister, charades, or even board games.

Spa with a Covered Hot Tub


For those who love a spa getaway, consider building one in your own backyard. A Spa with a Covered Hot Tub area is the perfect pavilion idea for those who choose to use their backyard for rest and recovery after a long week. 

You may create a self-care paradise in one area of your backyard by constructing an outdoor shower, jacuzzi, backyard cold-plunge tub, and even a sauna under your backyard pavilion.

The Best Way to Make Your Pavilion Unique

If none of the above options appeal to you, there are a variety of methods to create your own pavilion and have it installed by a construction and landscaping firm. When putting up your pavilion layout, consider the following points:

Materials for the Pavilion

The materials will determine the cost, durability, upkeep, and aesthetic style of your pavilion area. Long-lasting vinyl may give your space a practical and industrial sense. Consider pressure-treated, carved, and painted timber for a more whimsical and romantic pavilion.

The Roofing Materials 

Your pavilion’s roof, whether it’s made of shingles, flat metal, carved wood, or features like bell towers or gables, is what gives it its actual personality. Consider employing a metalsmith to make copper or metal elements like spires or unique writing for extra color and texture. Use multiple paint tones to add intrigue for a more subtle touch.

Post Design and Specifications

The size and degree of intricacy in your pavilion will be determined by the posts you pick. While regular square posts in size 808 are the cheapest, tapered posts may give your pavilion a more delicate appearance.


When it comes to designing a backyard pavilion, don’t be afraid to mix and match designs. With so many options, you’re sure to discover the ideal pavilion to suit your requirements, your property’s decor, and your family’s tastes.


There are many different types of backyard pavilions that you can build. Some ideas include the pool, a fire pit, and a gazebo. Reference: pool pavilion ideas.

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