Best 5 Indoor Hydroponic Grow Systems

With the growing interest in indoor gardening and hydroponic systems, consumers are looking for solutions that can help them to grow their plants indoors. In this article we will provide you with a list of our top 5 favorite indoor hydroponic growth systems.

The “complete indoor hydroponic grow system” is a device that allows users to grow plants in an area that does not have any sunlight. This device has many features, such as the ability to control light and temperature. The benefits of this device are that users can grow their own food indoors and it can be used for both personal use and commercial purposes.

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Are you interested in growing your own herbs and veggies in your kitchen?

Whether you live in a huge home or a small apartment, a hydroponic system enables you to raise your own veggies. You don’t need a yard, and you won’t be bothered by the cold.

The hydroponic grow systems we show you below will take care of a lot of the work for you, eliminating the guesswork about when to water, how much to water, and when to feed them nutrients.


Most WIFI-enabled systems include a phone app that will give you push alerts when the system’s holding tank is running low on water or nutrients. Some even include a “Holiday Mode” to prevent your plants from dying while you’re gone. In my perspective, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

We’re now putting the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Pro, which we bought from a local hydroponic retailer, to the test. And if we have a good harvest, I believe anybody can do it. We often destroy plants, so I’m eager to see how well this indoor system works. We’ll keep this story updated when new information becomes available.

When I was looking for indoor garden systems to buy, I came across the five firms listed below that have received excellent praise from frequent customers. Many of the reviews are first-time gardeners who are overjoyed with their abundant herbs and veggies.

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  • Systems that Click and Grow
  • AeroGarden
  • Ascend Gardens
  • Grow Lettuce
  • Home Kit Gardyn
  • Questions Frequently Asked
  • Conclusion


What are the Benefits of Hydroponic Grow Systems?

A hydroponic grow system, in essence, includes the growing of plants without the usage of soil. These plants thrive in nutrient-rich water, with one of the following materials (peat moss, clay pellets, perlite, or rockwool) replacing soil to encourage root development. You may learn about both outdoor and indoor hydroponic growing systems, however this post will concentrate on indoor systems.


There are several advantages to using hydroponic growing systems. It encourages water conservation, enables quicker development, permits fertilizer management, and boosts production, in addition to saving space and allowing you to cultivate plants all year.

Because no chemicals are used on the plants, one of the major advantages is the lack of pesticides. Less chemicals are healthier for both our bodies and the environment. Except for one, all of the systems below state that they utilize non-GMO seeds in their gardens.

A hydroponic system that is well constructed and simple to operate, like most other goods where quality counts, is crucial. All of the goods listed here are well-reviewed and come with solid warranties or return policies in case anything goes wrong.

The systems shown below range in size from extremely tiny for herbs to large enough to feed a full household. While smaller systems cost between $100 and $300, bigger systems may be a substantial upfront investment in producing your own vegetables. Let’s take a closer look at each system to see which one is ideal for you.

Systems that Click and Grow


One of the simplest hydroponic systems to use is the Click and Grow. They offer six distinct system sizes, ranging from a three-pod tabletop unit to a 75-pod vertical wall system. It’s an all-in-one integrated planter that includes automated lighting, a pod holder, and a 3-week water tank.

On the side of the planter, a Float in Water descends to warn when the water level is low. Because the smaller parts are already built, setup is a breeze. Simply connect in your device, add the plant pods, and fill the water tank. It’s that easy.

Each system includes the following features.

  • System for Smart Gardens
  • Quick Start Guide with Gardening Expert Advice
  • Number of complimentary non-GMO plant pods is dependant on the size of your system.
  • 30 day Policy on Returns, 2 year warranty

The nutrients are already incorporated in the plant pods with the seeds, which distinguishes the Click and Grow method from other systems. Other methods need you to add a liquid to the water at certain ratios. With the Click and Grow, you won’t have to bother about supplying nutrients individually.

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There is a subscription service that provides you a 50% discount on extra plant pods when you buy them on a monthly basis. If you intend on switching your plants often, the membership may be worthwhile.

Some of the gardens, like the AeroGarden, include smart features controlled by an app, while others do not. The Smart Garden 9 Pro App enables you to adjust light features and schedules, but everything else about the Smart Garden 9 is the same.



AeroGarden is recognized for its innovative indoor gardens. They offer four main models among their roughly 15 different sorts of individual gardens. Some gardens are more expensive because they contain more intelligent features.

The three-pod Spout Garden is the smallest and is ideal for herbs. The popular 6 pod Harvest and 9 pod Bounty Gardens are next. The biggest is the Farm Family Garden, which has enough vegetables to serve a family of four.

AeroGarden offers the most gardens to pick from of all the systems. A low water warning, low nutrition reminder, and automatic lighting are included in their smaller systems. The bigger versions come with a built-in touchscreen, a WIFI-enabled system, Holiday Mode, and adjustable lighting. Several are even Alexa-compatible.

The following are included in each system:

  • Planter by AeroGarden
  • System of Grow Lights with LEDs
  • Kit of non-GMO Seeds (number of plants based on size of system)
  • Liquid Nutrients in Plant Food
  • Adapter for Power
  • Trellis
  • 30 day Policy on Returns, 1 year limited warranty

The ability to germinate the seed immediately in the garden planter is one of the nicest advantages. A tiny nursery is included in some other systems, but you must germinate the seeds individually.

Ascend Gardens


The Rise Garden is divided into two sections. There’s a countertop Personal Rise version that can store up to 8 plants and a Family Garden version that can be layered on vertically to expand the plant capacity without increasing the footprint. The Single Family Garden can accommodate up to 12 plants, while the Triple Family Garden can accommodate up to 36.

The Personal Rise footprint is 18 inches wide by 11 inches deep and 16 inches tall, making it ideal for a small kitchen countertop. The single Family Garden footprint is 36 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 39 inches tall, while the Triple Garden footprint is up to 66 inches tall.

What does each system include?

  • Hydroponic System with App
  • Starter Kit including Seeds & Nutrients
  • Tank with Self-Watering
  • Grow Lights with LEDs
  • 90-day Policy on Returns, 1-year warranty

The wifi-enabled garden automatically self-waters and feeds the plants with nutrients. The phone app will then notify you when to add water and fertilizers to the holding tank, when to change the light schedule, and even when to harvest.

The Rise Garden does not say whether or not its seeds are non-GMO, but they do say that their nutrients are not organic. Before utilizing the real planter, you’ll need to germinate and sprout your seeds in a beginning kit.

Grow Lettuce


The Grow Lettuce Farmstands allow you to grow indoors with glow rings or outdoors in a spot that receives 6+ hours of sun, unlike the rest of our systems which are indoor only. The Farmstands come in five sizes ranging from 12 pods, 18 pods, 24 pods, 30 pods, or 36 pods.

Each 6 pod extension adds 7 inches to the height of the lowest 12 pod Farmstand footprint, which has a 2 foot circumference and is 3 feet 8 inches tall. We’ll concentrate on the indoor Farmstands that need the usage of light rings.

What exactly do you receive with each configuration?

  • Farmstand, water pump, power cable, grow cups, timer, and interior glow rungs.
  • Plant food with 130+ nutrients.
  • pH Testing Kit, seedling grow cups, stir stick, and scoops are all needed.
  • Electrical items have a one-year guarantee, non-electric parts have a three-year warranty, and glow rings have a 90-day Policy on Returns.

Another difference with the Grow Lettuce Farmstand system is that they only sell seedlings that have already sprouted and that will be ready for harvest in a shorter period than from seeds. All seedlings are pesticide free and non GMO.

While other systems include seeds with the initial system purchase, Grow Lettuce does not include seeds when you buy their system. Each 6 seedling bundle will cost you $15 on top of the farmstand price.

You can simply add on additional plants with their extension kits if you decide that you want to grow more plants without having to purchase a complete new Farmstand system since it is a vertical grow planter.

While they do have an app, it is mostly used to provide push alerts for watering and harvesting, as well as some plant-specific advice.

Home Kit Gardyn


Gardyn just offers one product, but the other brands listed above have a variety of items ranging in size from little to huge. Gardyn is one of the larger systems, with 30 pods fitting into a 2 square foot space, making it relatively compact. It’s a vertical structure that enables even the highest plants to thrive.

The planter is 24 inches across, 12 inches deep, and stands 64 inches tall. The ecologically friendly construction of the Gardyn planter is one of its outstanding characteristics. It’s made of bamboo, aluminum, and BPA-free, food-grade plastic, with biodegradable corn-based pods.

Whether you choose the original Home Kit Gardyn 1.0, while still available, or the new Home Kit Gardyn 2.0 system, both include the following

  • Multiple sensors, 5 gallon water tank, and vertical grow system with integrated LED lighting and cameras
  • 30 non-GMO seed pods ranging from lettuce to tomatoes, fruits, herbs, and peppers in the Plant Starter Kit.
  • Plant food, a pod sleeve, and six pod caps to shut off empty pods are included as accessories.
  • 1 year warranty, 60-day Policy on Returns less postage and handling, and a restocking charge

Gardyn’s smart app includes some extremely intriguing features, including individualized advice based on plant photographs taken every half hour using the attached cameras. Additionally, there is a Holiday Mode that slows down the growing process while you are gone. Unfortunately, to enjoy those two functions, you must subscribe to their monthly subscription.

You may also get 10 free pods each month or swap plant food for one of the pods with your subscription. Kelby, their Smart Assistant, is available to assist with growth, harvesting, and upkeep. It also offers you access to genuine specialists who can identify any difficulties you may be experiencing.

You can still use their app to control the automated lighting and watering system, as well as view the temperature, humidity, and water levels, even if you don’t have a subscription. If you want extra pods, they will cost $4.99 each and you will not get individual assistance with developing your plants.

For the price of the pods they charge without it, I believe they have made membership a must. Without a subscription, receiving 10 pods every month would cost well over $50 per month. The one-year membership is $39, and the two-year membership is $29 a month.

Though you intend on producing a lot of veggies, the membership is worth paying just for the plants, even if the other benefits are nice to have. When you buy, you get a free month of membership, which should help you decide.

Features Grow by clicking. AeroGarden Ascend Gardens Grow Lettuce Gardyn
Watering on Demand Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notification of Water Refill Float in Water Notification through apps or Control Panel Notification through app No Notification through app
Lights that turn on automatically Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nutrients Pods contain it. Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid
GMO-free seeds Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Planter-based germination Yes Yes No Planter with seedlings Yes
Make Your Own Seeds Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Included Seeds Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Holiday Mode No a few models No No With membership, yes.
Policy on Returns 30 day 30 day 90 day 90 day 60 day
Warranty 2 years 1 year 1 year 3 years/1 year 1 year

Questions Frequently Asked

Is it possible to utilize tap water in hydroponics?

Yes, tap water may be used for hydroponics. However, you should check to see whether the chloramine, chlorine, and PPM levels are correct.

When should you replace the water in your hydroponic system?

In the setups shown above, it’s recommended to replace the hydroponic water every 4-6 weeks. Maintaining optimum nutrients and pH requires a certain frequency and form of water change.

Is it possible to grow hydroponics without any nutrients?

No! Because the nutrient solution is the sole source of food available to the plants in hydroponics, they cannot grow without them.

What fruits are suitable for hydroponic cultivation?

Tomatoes and strawberries are the finest fruits to grow hydroponically in the systems shown above. Larger systems may be able to handle a wider range of berry varieties.

Is hydroponics an energy-intensive method?

The hydroponic systems described in this review use very little power.

Which hydroponic system is ideal for beginners?

The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 is the ideal hydroponic system for beginners. It’s a great way to get started growing herbs in hydroponic gardens at a moderate cost. Water the plant pods, plug it in, and refill the water as required.


Indoor hydroponic gardens are ideal for providing you and your family with a year-round feast. These innovative smart hydroponic systems are easy to use and provide guidance throughout the growth process.

Hydroponic gardens are the way to go if you want fresh vegetables but don’t have the room for a garden or live in a region where growth is difficult. We’ve shown a variety of brands and sizes, so maybe one of them will meet your requirements.

If you’re interested in learning more about additional tiny gardening places for your house, follow the link.


The “what is the best hydroponic system for beginners” is a question that has been asked before. The “best 5 indoor hydroponic grow systems” are the ones that I recommend.

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