Best Bamboo Wind Chimes

Bamboo is a natural fiber that produces beautiful sounds when two pieces are rubbed together. The bamboo wind chimes in this article may not be the most expensive, but they’re certainly one of the best. They come with a durable metal alloy and wooden frame that create great sound while you enjoy views of your garden or balcony.

The “best wind chimes” are a good choice for anyone looking to add some color and life to their home. These wind chimes are made from natural materials, and come in a variety of colors.

Life may be hectic and chaotic now more than ever. Bamboo wind chimes have been used for generations as a natural stress reliever, bringing calming music, great thoughts, and relaxation into a house or patio. 

Wind chimes come in a wide range of styles. Whether composed of bells, tubes, or steel, each wind chime has its own sound and quality. Bamboo wind chimes have long been prized for their wide range of sounds and calming properties. The top bamboo wind chimes on the market today are listed below.


Overall Best Bamboo Wind Chimes

We start our list with the Overall Best Bamboo Wind Chimes. This ranking is based on price, value, customer ratings, and quality. 


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Albacrafts wind chimes made of bamboo


  • Durability. Handcrafted to resist all types of weather.
  • A good hook. The stainless steel hook is sturdy enough to provide additional stability on even the windiest days.
  • Sound is rich. Each chime is handcrafted to provide precisely the appropriate, naturally lovely tone. 
  • Excellent varnish. Albacrafts’ high-quality varnish is applied to each chime for greater durability and long-term usage.

Albacrafts guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction and gives a one-year warranty with no questions asked returns.

Best Bamboo Wind Chimes with Two Rows

These bamboo wind chimes include two rows of pipes instead of just one to provide a deeper, richer sound. These chimes are a little more expensive than the others, but their unusual double-row design is well worth it. 

Antique twin bamboo wind chimes from Cohasset


Due to their double-rowed form, these traditional bamboo chimes have a distinct sound.

  • Hand-made. Each chime is handcrafted on the island of Bali and has its own distinct flair. 
  • Sustainable. Made from a combination of bamboo and coconut wood.
  • A soothing tone. Warm, calming tones are created by hand-tuning each tube.

Supporting the brilliant Balinese artisans behind Cohasset’s goods is as simple as shopping there. To assure ethically supplied wind chimes, Cohasset’s works directly with Bali artists. 


Bamboo Chimes Best Bobbing Crane 

Look no further if you’re seeking for something charming and amusing to add to your garden. A colorful bird bobs its head in the air on these bamboo wind chimes. 

Cohasset Bamboo Wind Chime with Happy Bobbing Head Bird Wind chimes with bobbing head birds are a delightful way to experience the soothing effects of wind chimes.

  • Entertaining. The wind chimes’ bobbing bird will undoubtedly provide hours of pleasure and laughter. 
  • Hand-made. These chimes, which are also made in Cohasset, are handcrafted one at a time by ethically sourced Balinese craftsmen. 
  • Beautiful melodious sounds. It’s been designed to provide rich, calming tones that won’t bother your neighbors.

While supporting artists and encouraging responsibly sourced bamboo, enjoy the enjoyment of a traditional bobbing head wind chime.

Bamboo Wind Chimes with Coconut Wood

There are various advantages to choosing a bamboo wind chime that has been combined with other woods, such as coconut. Coconut wood, for example, has a slightly distinct, clackier sound than bamboo.

MyFamilyHouse’s Natural Bamboo and Coconut Wind Chime These handcrafted chimes come in a range of sizes. 

  • Fair-trade. Through a fair-trade scheme, skilled Indonesian employees were identified.
  • Green. Albesia and Jempinis are fast-growing and responsibly obtained woods. MyFamilyHouse ships using recyclable materials wherever feasible.
  • A soft sound. The music produced by the combination of bamboo and coconut wood is softer, kinder, and more calming than that produced by other bamboo wind chimes.

The gentle, peaceful melodies of this fair-trade wind chime can brighten up winter days or summer evenings.

Bamboo Wind Chimes with the Most Beads

A bamboo wind chime with beads has a distinctive appearance and sound. The beads knock together when pushed by a mild breeze, adding a pleasant tapping sound to the melody of your bamboo wind chime.

TranquilityGiftsUK’s Bamboo Wind Chime with Wooden Beads

  • Hand-made. Handcrafted on the island of Bali and obtained sustainably from local artisans.
  • Design is delicate. The beads give these wind chimes a delicate, whimsical look. 
  • A distinctive tone. Each chime is individually handcrafted with a clever tube design to provide a unique tone.

With their distinctive beaded pattern and handmade workmanship, these hand-made bamboo wind chimes stand out from the crowd.

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Bamboo Wind Chimes with the Best Patterns

These wind chimes are made by hand utilizing a unique pattern-making technique. A gorgeous flower arrangement is created by burning bamboo. 

Nalulu’s Rustic Bamboo Wind Chime


  • An original flower design. The unusual charred floral design on these wind chimes adds edgy, earthy feelings to any area.
  • Made to last. A stainless steel hook and a double coat of varnish are included. 
  • Biodegradable. These wind chimes are biodegradable and constructed from ecologically derived materials.

All of Nalulu’s goods come with a one-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked returns and refunds.

Bamboo Wind Chimes from BirdHouse

These bamboo wind chimes may be just what you’re searching for if you want double-duty chimes. Invite feathered friends to your backyard or garden and listen to the relaxing sounds of bamboo.

The Nalulu House Bamboo Wind Chime

These bamboo wind chimes, also from Nalulu, include a practical birdhouse crown.  

  • It’s ideal for nature enthusiasts. These bamboo wind chimes will not only deliver soothing melody to your lawn, but they will also attract a variety of birds and animals. 
  • Hand-painted. Each chime is hand-painted with a vivid, cheery Balinese floral motif.
  • Designed to entice birds. The straw and wood birdhouse crown can attract a wide variety of birds to your property. 

These bamboo wind chimes are covered by Nalulu’s one-year guarantee; just return them for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Bamboo Wind Chimes Have Many Advantages

The Bamboo Wind Chimes Have Many Advantages are evident when stacked against wind chimes made from other materials. Wind chimes made from ceramic, glass, metal, or other forms of wood don’t offer the same rich, soft, soothing sounds of bamboo wind chimes nor the eco-friendly sourcing of bamboo wood. Other Bamboo Wind Chimes Have Many Advantages are listed below. 

Other Materials Are Quieter

In a mild breeze, bamboo wind chimes generate sounds that are no louder than 20-30 dB. You won’t irritate your neighbors with a bamboo wind chime. They could even like the soothing sounds emanating from your lawn.

Yin Concentrated

Unlike metal wind chimes which are more yang focused and bring about energizing vibes, bamboo wind chimes are more Yin Concentrated. This redirection of energy through soothing sounds brings stability and relaxation.

Natural Appearance

Bamboo wind chimes have a natural wooden look that complements backyards, gardens, and bohemian settings. Metal or porcelain that is too gleaming might seem out of place in a natural environment. 


Whether you want to hang them from trees, porch posts, door frames, or ceilings, they may be utilized for both outdoor and inside décor.

Excellent Gifts

 Gardeners wishing to add unique elements to their backyard masterpieces or anyone interested in spiritual activities such as yin and meditation will love bamboo wind chimes. 

Wind Chimes Made From Bamboo

If you’re the creative sort, create your bamboo wind chimes by following this HGTV DIY tutorial. Making your own bamboo wind chimes allows you to express yourself completely. 

You’ll need some basic hardware and power tools, as well as dried, seasoned bamboo. Cutting out the clapper, splitting the bamboo, drilling holes in the bamboo and the clapper for airflow, and stringing your wind chime together on a hanger are all steps in the process. 

If you discover you have a talent for making natural bamboo wind chimes, try giving them as gifts or opening your own internet store.


Bamboo wind chimes are a unique and eco-friendly method to add peace and relaxing melody to your home and garden. When searching for bamboo wind chimes, the most essential factors to consider are sustainability, ethically produced or fair-trade materials, appearance, practicality, and durability. 

Bamboo wind chimes may function as house décor or natural, tranquil remedies to the stress of daily life, whether you tackle them as a DIY project or buy one from our list. Check out our post for additional information on the greatest wind chimes, as well as a list of the best Corinthian wind chimes and best wind chime pipes!


The “best wind chimes made in usa” are the best bamboo wind chimes. They are durable and come in a variety of colors to match your decor.

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