15 Best Echo Chainsaw Reviews

Echo chainsaw line is famous for its dependable work and accurate sawing. They are frequently used by homeowners for yard upkeep and also professional fellers for serious tree maintenance due to their outstanding sawing performance and solidity.

Writing a review about every model of this lengthy series won’t be easy and in the end it will all rely on what you at first decided to buy a chainsaw for. That aside, let’s pray and do our best to figure out which chainsaw is the ideal chainsaw for each specific purpose and demand.

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Where do Echo Chainsaws come from?

Echo chainsaws are manufactured by the Yamabiko corp. established in Ome, Japan. Yamabiko came out of the fusion of two brands which are Kioritz and Shindaiwa.

The brand has been founded in 1947, and the launch of the first Echo commercial chainsaw occurred in 1978 at Echo Inc, Northbrook, Illinois. Having that history behind them, they certainly know what they do.

Considered as a standard

Echo chainsaws are best-selling items in the market. Therefore, the models reviewed in this article have most of the features that are considered as a standard among the Echo products.

Echo i-30 Startup

Each of the following units come with the exclusive Echo startup. Explained in a few words, the system of the chainsaw has a spring that wrings when you pull the starting cord. When it collects a determined amount of tension, it is released to give the motor an extra boost to start. The Echo i-30 will start with the minimum effort. We must admit that other brands like Husqvarna use similar systems.

Auto-oiling system

All the chainsaws in this review come with automatic oiling and they even can be adjusted. This is another matter you don’t want to care about. It will make your chain last longer and it will even require less oil thanks to this feature, taking advantage of resources.

Echo CS-271T Review

Gas Chainsaw, 12” Bar, 26.9cc Engine.

Lightness and simplicity make it ideal for cutting branches and clearing.

The Echo CS-271T include a 12” bar and chain which are amazing for basic to moderate sawing. Anyway, we must specify that the machine can also apply a 14-inch bar. It comes with the G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner that is meant to make the air filter last longer. With the tensioner that is usefully placed at a side you can set at ease the tension of the chain. Like other models, this one features the i-30 startup that boosts the fast start of the 26,9 commercial 2-stroke engine. The oiler, controlled by a clutch, shuts off automatically to prevent an immoderate oil burning.

Echo CS-271T Specs

One of the most noticeable features that is present in this product and other models lack is a top handle. The fact that this chainsaw is so lightweight and easy to use make it possible to be handled with a single hand. It is perfect for clearing trees and pruning but is also a potentially lethal weapon if used by unexperienced users, so the manufacturer has graded this tool as a professional chainsaw.


  • Powerful
  • Light and easy to use
  • Comes with an top grip for pro handling
  • Equilibrated design
  • Can fit a 14-inch bar too
  • Has a decent warranty


  • With a high quality comes a high price
  • This product is not meant for heavy-duty purposes but the capacity for a bigger bar could mean that.

The Echo CS-271T is quite pricier than a standard chainsaw but it is due to the prestigious company it comes from as well as the wide range of handy functions it comes with. In general terms, this is a convenient tool that allows you to saw branches as comfortably as possible. It is small and simple to operate. And that doesn’t mean it gives up on power. Unless you stubbornly decide to use it as a heavy-duty tool, you will get the ultimate satisfaction in terms of quality and efficiency.

Echo CS-310 Review

Gas Chainsaw – 14″ Bar, 30.5cc Engine– Fast and efficient beast

The Echo CS-310 has a 14” bar and a 32.6cc motor. This provides more than enough power to run steady and smoothly and perform for moderately heavy duties near home like sawing branches or pruning. It comes with a G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner that is a smart way to protect the motor and make it last longer by preventing big chips from damaging the main air filter. It has an ergonomic handle that helps the user work comfortably and safely. Finally, the tensioner is conveniently placed at a side to make adjustments on the chain tension comfortably and minimize wear and tear.

Echo CS-310 Specs


  • It weighs barely over 8 pounds
  • Very equilibrated, you never lose control
  • Easy startup, usually starts at the first or second pull
  • Comes with a great Oregon 14-inch bar
  • A semi-pro chainsaw suitable for homeowners
  • Saws through up to 8-inch wood and can struggle with some bigger logs
  • Comes ready to use. Only requires gasoline and oil


  • Not powerful enough for heavy-duty tasks

The Echo CS-310 is a well thought out chainsaw and just like the CS-271T performs very smoothly. It is certainly lightweight, weighing barely 8,1 pounds. It is ideal for household yard maintenance but lacks strength for professional lumberjack jobs. But hey, if you need a durable and quick tool for pruning around your house every now and then, then you have a perfect helper with the Echo CS-310. This is a quality model from a prestigious company.

Echo CS-352 Review

Gas Chainsaw 14-inch Bar. Quick startup and user-friendly

The Echo CS-352 comes with either a 14” bar or a 16” bar. Many users prefer the 14” option for light jobs at their yard.

The benefits of having the tensioner placed at a side of the tool for express variations on the chain tension and the i-30 fast startup make the tool easy to control and faster to start disregarding the temperature of the environment.

It can even start on a slow pull since it features a spring that boosts the quick start of the motor.

The Echo CS-352’s handle even has a vibration muffler that reduces stress when you work for a long time and makes its operation safer. At last, when you need to change or clean the air filter, you can access to it without using a screwdriver. This is an advantage over other Echo chainsaws and over other brand chainsaws at similar prices.

Echo CS-352 Specs


  • The i-30 fast start allows the engine to start at one slow pull
  • Fairly lightweight weighing just 8,8 pounds
  • You can choose between the 14” or the 16” bar options
  • Vibration-muffled handle for less user stress


  • The chain is not that durable

If you are looking for a compact and nimble chainsaw for pruning your home surroundings, the Echo CS-352 should be enough to meet your needs. The vibe-muffled handle and the grips for two hands are designed to let you saw for long hours and continuously without feeling fatigue. Some users pointed that the chainsaw has a high sawing potency, but the chain wears fast so remember this if you’re planning to buy it.

Echo CS-400 Review

18-Inch Chainsaw. A great entry-level chainsaw but must be careful with the fuel ratio

The Echo CS-400 comes in two versions which are the 16” and the 18” long bar versions. It features an oiler that can be adjusted, a G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner that alongside a highly durable air filter work to protect the engine and are also easily accessible. It is powered by a highly reliable 40,2cc semi-pro 2-stroke motor that supplies the machine with speed and fury. It is also way easier to start since it features the handy i-30 startup system.

Echo CS-400 Specs

This chainsaw is perfect for the most usual sawing jobs most homeowners have to deal with. It lodges a powerful motor in a very compact build that provides balance, lightness, and an affordable price.

Be aware though that some customers have reviewed that it tends to get stuck.

There is a high chance that this is due to an incorrect fuel ratio mixing, and moreover, the manufacturer recommends a reasonable warm-up time for this tool by running it on idle for about ten minutes before using it to trim.


  • Powerful
  • Quick start thanks to the i-30 start
  • Lightweight barely over ten pounds
  • Comes ready to use
  • Comes with motor oil


  • Fuel ratio mix must be accurate
  • Some users say it gets stuck

The Echo CS-400 is ideal for basic to moderate tasks and is addressed to the common user. Like most Echo appliances, it comes with a wide range of safety features and convenient design aspects. But the fact that some users claim this chainsaw tend to get stuck is a good reason to look at the other chainsaws reviewed in this article.

Echo CS-590 Review

20-inch Chainsaw. The strongest and my personal choice from the commercial/professional graded models

The Echo CS-590 is powered by the strongest engine you will read about in this article, a mighty 59,8cc commercial 2-stroke engine. It comes with either 18 or 20-inch bar to choose from. We tried the 20-inch version which is theoretically great for heavy-duty tasks.

When you see the Timberwolf mark on the bar you know this is a commercial chainsaw.

This chainsaw is evidently addressed to homeowners with a considerably large woodland to maintain. If you have a single hectare of idle land and will employ this saw three or four times a year, this tool will be overqualified and a goddamn waste of power.

Echo CS-590 Specs

All chainsaws from this brand feature a Kick Guard at the end of the bar to prevent accidents. The other safety feature in case of kickback is the chain brake that stops the chain dead. If you are looking for a really powerful machine, then safety features must be must-have features.

After the guard is attached and lube-up is done, this chainsaw makes large logs and tough branches feel like butter. Just for the largest diameters you could need to take off the guard to make a full back sawing.


  • Handyman approved
  • Truly powerful
  • Semi-transparent fuel tank allows to see when the fuel runs out
  • Seldom overheats
  • Great anti-vibration system
  • Air filter and pre-filter easy to get to and no screwdriver needed
  • Adjustable auto chain lubrication
  • Chain brake in case of kickback
  • Two user manuals with many details and instructions about upkeep and use


  • A big inversion to get what your money is worth and a very good warranty
  • Some users said it had troubles to start

In general terms, the Echo CS-590 chainsaw is nimble and easy to handle. The semi-transparent tank allows you to check the gas level and the auto chain lubing makes it perform properly and your job easier and the vibration muffler helps you work for long periods without feeling fatigue. The strength and sawing capacity makes working with it a delightful experience and purchasing it a smart decision for owners of large terrains. Knowing that this tool received the Handyman seal of approval, and this mostly because of how it works, dispels all doubts about this product.

ECHO CS-490 Review


  • Echo-490
  • Weight: 10,5 pounds
  • Bar Length: 16” or 20”
  • Power: 50.2cc
  • Warranty: 5 years

The Echo 490 is the biggest model from the 400 line and also the lightest, with an engine to be proud of. Only a step away from the 500 line, this frontier commercial chainsaw is ideal for large trees felling, and maneuverable and tough enough for milling works. It comes with a 50,2cc motor capable of handling a 20” bar, that’s to say it can cut through a considerably wide tree at the first try. A double post chain stop handle and rubberized grip help you saw effectively through the toughest woods without losing control.

A quick start system, G-Force air filter cleaner, durable, accessible air filter and a chrome plated cylinder makes it easy to maneuver and to upkeep. Parts to be replaced or cleaned are easy to get to and mostly without the need of a screwdriver, which simplifies you job.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Strong enough for large tasks
  • Low vibration on idle


  • Turning the engine on and off during the job can make starting back up slow


This is a professional saw for people with a considerable area of land to maintain, or the lumberjack who needs a tool for commercial purposes as a backup for almost each time of the year. Being a professional tool, it can deal with nearly everything that stands on its way and is a great backup.

Echo CS-370 Review

16″ Gas Chainsaw

The best part of this saw is that it really helps you save money. It’s not only cheaper than many other gas-powered chainsaws, but also burns fuel more efficiently.

That’s great for the environment, but even better for your budget.

Moreover, it starts much faster than other machines, with a power need 30% lower than other chainsaws, as claimed by the manufacturer.

It requires little effort, so cutting logs and branches is no hassle.

Echo CS-600P Review

Gas 20-Inch Chainsaw

It is powered by a 59,8cc commercial-grade motor which means it is one of the most powerful chainsaws you can find.

It lodges enough power to slide through fairly wide trunks, and is a breeze to handle.

You will learn to do adjustments by just looking at it.

Its design is thoughtfully simple and you will understand all of its features at no time.

Impressively, it is compatible with a bar length range of 20-28 inches.

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