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Landscape design software has come a long way in recent years, offering users high-quality features and an intuitive interface. This article will teach you how to find the best free landscape design software on your own computer today.

The “free online landscape design tool” is a website that has many different landscape design software. You can find the best free landscape design software on this website.

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It’s not simple to design the landscaping of your back or front yard. Fortunately, landscape design software exists to help the process go more smoothly. Using design software may help you plan out the ideal landscape, whether you’re planning a tiny garden or a major restoration. 


Three of the top free design software applications are reviewed in the following article. It details the benefits and drawbacks of each, as well as a short overview of how they function. 

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  • SketchUp 
  • iScape 
  • Last Thoughts 




The most highly rated landscape design program on this list is SketchUp. It can show you a three-dimensional rendering of your yard once it’s been completely remodeled in real time. You may choose from thousands of ready-made models or create your own. 


What Is the Process? 

SketchUp may be installed on any laptop or computer model. After installing the program, you may begin designing your perfect environment by choosing or creating a 3D model. 

It is advised that you utilize a pre-built model if you are developing a tiny garden. If you’re doing a complete remodel, though, it’s best to construct your own model. SketchUp makes creating a bespoke 3D model a breeze. All of the tools you’ll need to design and move basic geometric shapes are included in the program. 

You may begin planning your landscape makeover after you have your model. When you’re done, save it to your computer’s files or your camera roll for future reference. 


SketchUp’s Advantages

The 3D modeling software is a huge advantage for creating accurate landscape designs quickly. The other main SketchUp’s Advantages include:

  • You may view video tutorials for assistance. 
  • Thousands of 3D models and landscape pieces are available. 

If you’re having problems getting started with SketchUp, there are hundreds of free video lessons available. Everything from a beginner’s introduction to making 3D models to finding the correct materials is covered in the lessons. 

If you’d prefer work with a pre-made template, SketchUp provides lots to select from. The program provides anything from modest garden designs to full-scale yards, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that fits your needs. You may also use the program to access a wide range of landscape components, such as flowers and patio furniture. 

SketchUp’s drawbacks 

Even though SketchUp is the most highly rated software on this list, it also has some disadvantages to be aware of. The main SketchUp’s drawbacks include: 

  • It is only available on your laptop or PC. 
  • It does need some basic 3D modeling abilities. 

There isn’t a mobile version of SketchUp accessible to download. Because you won’t be able to carry your computer with you, it may be difficult to create an accurate 3D depiction of your yard or garden. You could bring your laptop, but it will be tough to transport. 

Despite the fact that the program has simple lessons, it does not completely educate you how to 3D model. Using the program will be much simpler if you have some basic 3D construction experience, however going in blind might cause some complications. 


The iScape design program, which you can download on your iPhone, is a highly regarded landscape design tool. It includes an immersive virtual reality experience that enables you to see exactly how your yard will appear after it’s completed. Anyone, from expert landscapers to normal residents who like do-it-yourself tasks, may use the app with ease. 

What Is the Process? 

When you first install the iScape app, you’ll be asked to provide it access to your camera so that it may snap images of your garden or yard. After you’ve given the app access to your camera, stroll about your environment and take as many photographs as you like. 

After you’ve photographed everything, you may modify the shots using the app’s plant and material database. You’ll have a comprehensive reference to go back on while you work on your project after you’ve done altering them. 

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You can also stroll around your yard with your phone and change the area in real time using the app’s walkthrough feature. You may then store your changes, making it easier to design and create references in the future. 

Advantages of iScape

The iScape software also has the following advantages: 

  • Design tools that are simple to utilize 
  • The ability to store and distribute designs quickly 

iScape features design tools that are really simple to use, whether you utilize the tour option or the picture option. The program has a drag-and-drop interface that makes placing plants and other elements on the landscape a breeze. Users may view how the refurbished yard appears in real time without having to wait for the job to be completed. 

Your creations may also be saved to your camera roll or inside the app. This makes it simple to share your designs with anyone working on the project. You may also quickly retrieve them later if you need a reference while working on the landscape. 

iScape’s drawbacks 

The primary drawback of iScape is that it can only be downloaded on Apple devices. You won’t be able to download and use the app unless you have an iPhone. Fortunately, the final piece of landscaping software on our list has a version that works across various platforms. 


The last highly rated landscaping software on this list is PRO HOME LANDSCAPE. It’s available for installation on multiple computer and phone models, including Apple and Android products. Specifically designed for homeowners, PRO HOME LANDSCAPE makes landscape design easy to understand and easy to do. 

What Is the Process? 

PRO HOME LANDSCAPE can be downloaded on any laptop or phone, with the option to download on one or both. It’s recommended that you download the software on your laptop first since you can only download the app on your phone when you have the web software installed. You don’t have to get both to get the most out of the software, but it does make the entire process a bit easier. 

If you buy both, you’ll be able to use the app to snap images of your yard and store them. They will then display on the software’s web version, allowing you to see your makeover immediately on your lawn. 

You can produce CAD designs even if you just have the online version of the program. Computer-aided design is referred to as CAD. This implies that the design program on your computer will supply basic models and forms. You may then make as many changes as you wish to your landscape design. 


The major benefit of this program is that it contains a “find a professional” option in addition to making landscape design exceedingly simple. 

You may contact a landscaping expert for any assistance you need using the “find a professional” function. They can assist you with any queries you may have and even come to your house to finish any aspect of the landscaping job. You’ll receive the support you need when you need it thanks to quick access to a professional landscaper. 


The main complaint about the PRO HOME LANDSCAPE software is that it’s a little too simple; at least the free version is. The free version lets you access a sizable amount of landscaping features, but you don’t get the full experience unless you pay for it. The software works great for smaller or simpler projects, but heavier projects might require a more extensive software program. 

Last Thoughts 

Each of the landscaping software described above may give appropriate guidance and inspiration, depending on the project you have in mind. They all have advantages and disadvantages, but they are all well regarded in the landscaping software industry. If you’re looking for some ideas, have a look at our collection of amazing backyard landscaping ideas, as well as some autumn landscaping ideas!


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