15 Best Husqvarna Chainsaws Reviews

A chainsaw is always an excellent tool to have at hand. Especially if you live in the countryside and you are a fan of felling, or even more so, if you live off it. It is an excellent tool for both domestic and commercial use.

Now, when we talk about good chainsaws, we automatically come to mind the Huqsvarna company. They are the leaders in the manufacture and distribution of the best tools, included chainsaws. And its catalog is quite extensive, so you will get a chainsaw suitable for you.

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Most of the chainsaws within The Huqsvarna catalogue are made of gas, although they also manufacture some pretty good electric and battery.

Huqsvarna has a long experience manufacturing chainsaw, so you can be sure that whatever you choose from this company, it will always be a product of very good quality. And its products adapt to all types of users, whether for domestic, commercial, or industrial use.

We will review ten different Huqsvarna chainsaws that we consider to be very good and that may interest you, from simple ones, to very powerful ones made for heavy work.


Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas-Powered Chainsaw

This chainsaw features a position of 3.5 horsepower, with a bar length of 20 inches and a weight of 13.2 pounds.

The Huqsvarna is one of the best-selling chainsaws in the company, both nationally and globally.

With its 3.5 horsepower steam engine and 20-inch bar, it can provide a top speed of 9000 revolutions per minute, making it quite suitable for professional use and for more experienced fellers in the area.

It has a very ergonomic handle and LowVib technology reduces vibrations, so you will feel more comfortable to use and reduce the fatigue of logging for very long periods of time. This chain saw also featuresX-Torq technology that reduces toxic gas emissions while improving fuel injection into the engine, resulting in better fuel performance.

It also features a centrifugal air cleaning system that traps dirt and dust particles to minimize the number of times you need to be changing the air filter, while improving engine life and less likely to be damaged.

Among the advantages of this chain saw is that the tension chain device is located very conveniently, as well as has a very low fuel consumption, the exhaust emissions are very low. In addition, the vibrations are also very low compared to other chainsaws, and it is very comfortable to handle.

The only not-so-positive aspect of this equipment is that it can be a bit heavy for some people.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas-Powered Chainsaw

This chainsaw has a 3.62 horsepower engine, the length of its bar is 24 inches and weighs approximately 12.79 pounds.

The Huqsvarna 460 is a heavy-duty chainsaw designed to perform various jobs quickly and versatilely. It is suitable for professionals who make life cutting and cutting wood.

Vibration is not a problem in this chainsaw, as it features the advanced LowVib system that drastically reduces the vibrations it produces when turned on, which in turn minimizes discomfort when using it and the fatigue it causes work over extended periods of time, as well as increasing your cutting accuracy.

This chain saw also features the advanced centrifugal air cleaning system that helps keep the air filter and engine clean, and always free of dust and dirt that could get inside. You won’t need to change the air filter that often.

This 3.62 horsepower chainsaw has a great quality that allows you to regulate the oil flow so that it suits the work to be done, and depending on the weather conditions.

Another amazing feature of this chainsaw is its Smart Start system that greatly facilitates the task of turning it on. It makes starting its operation really easy and fast. It also has a side-mounted tensor and an ergonomic handle.

Among the advantages of this chain saw is its low level of vibration, as well as a fairly efficient air cleaning system with reduced fuel consumption. The oil pump is adjustable, and the start is quick and easy.

What’s not very good is that this chainsaw can be a little noisy.

If you’re looking for a very powerful chainsaw, the Huqsvarna 460 is the right equipment for you.

Husqvarna 240 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

This chainsaw has a motor of 2.0 horsepower, with a bar length of 16 inches and a weight of approximately 10.3 pounds.

This equipment is designed for more domestic use and simplertasks, suchas cutting branches and small trees around your home. It is also one of the cheapest in Huqsvarna, but it still has good features and performance.

Among the features it brings is theX-Torq system that reduces exhaust emissions while optimizing fuel consumption, and also the LowVib system that reduces considerably the annoying vibrations of chainsaws.

It is a chainsaw, but the less experienced and looking for an easy-to-use product. The start is very simple and fast thanks to the Air Purge that removes air from the carburetor and fuel system to make ignition easier, and also minimizes the risk of drowning the engine.

Among the advantages of this chainsaw is its excellent price that makes it very accessible, it is also great for simple tasks in which a larger chainsaw would be a cumbersome problem. It is easy to turn on, and is quite light and compact.

What many may not like is its smaller engine and guide bars than those of other chainsaws.

Husqvarna 120i Battery-Powered Chainsaw

This is a battery-powered electric chainsaw thatfeaturesa 36.5 volt power motor. The length of its bar is 14 inches, and its weight is about 6.5 pounds.

The 120i chainsaw is very practical for tasks such as cutting small trees and pruning shrubs. Its light weight makes it very easy to handle and maneuver, and comes with an engine that ratios high torque to its weight , which translates into greater efficiency and reliability.

The dual mode of this chain saw allows you to choose between normal operation and energy sawing depending on the conditions,

It is a very light and ergonomic chain saw that allows you to tighten it quickly without tools, plus it is much less noisy than other chainsaws and has a keypad for quick ignition.

Among the qualities of this chainsaw we can find that its brushless motor is highly efficient, its dual mode is very useful, and the tensioning of the chain is very easy and fast. In addition, it is very light and ergonomic, and produces almost no noise.

The bad thing about this product is that it is not efficient for heavier tasks.

Husqvarna 365 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

This chainsaw has a 4.83 horsepower engine,with a 28-inch bar and an approximate weight of 14.11 pounds.

With its 4.83 horsepower engine, this chainsaw is one of the most powerful of Huqsvarna’s models. It is specially designed for jobs that require high power andperformance. This is a large and robust tool, made for professionals.

Not only does it have a great engine, but its bar is quite large with 28 inches in length,allowing you to cut more with fewer passes.

Its x-Torq engine makes it more environmentally friendly by reducing exhaust emissions while improving fuel performance more efficiently.

This powerful chainsaw also has a fairly efficient centrifugal air cleaning system, and changing the air filter is also quite easy to do.

It has the Smart Start system that facilitates and makes the start of the chain saw faster, as well as the LowVib system that will reduce annoying vibrations. It also has a chain tensioner mounted on the side, and a very ergonomic handle.

Among the main qualities of this chainsaw we have that its engine is highly powerful, and provides you with a much greater cutting amplitude. In addition, it is highly versatile, its air filter is changed very easily and its ignition requires no effort.

Among the bad things about this chainsaw is that it is somewhat expensive, and it is quite heavy compared to other chainsaw.

Husqvarna 555 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

This chainsaw has an engine of4.3 horsepower, with a bar length of 24 inches and a weight of approximately 13.01 pounds. This is another of the most sought after products of Huqsvarna, which runs on a highly powerful engine. Its 4.3 horsepower engine allows to develop speeds of up to 9600 revolutions per minute, making it an excellent choice for workers and property owners with long expanses of forests.

Its 24-inch bar is longer than you’ll get on other common chainsaws, and will allow you to cut more with fewer passes, and knock down quite large trees.

This chainsaw has all the cool technologies and features typical of Huqsvarna, including LowVib technology and the X-Torq. But in addition to these two, it also has features like AutoTune that ensures you don’t have to make adjustments to the carburetor, so you don’t have to spend time on this task.

Among the qualities of this chainsaw are its much more powerful motor and its long guide bar. In addition to the automatic configuration of the engine, and how easy it is to start. Finally, its outer shell is made of high durability magnesium.

The bad thing is, this chainsaw can be a little expensive.

Husqvarna 550XP Gas-Powered Chainsaw

This chainsaw has a 3.75 horse power engine, a 20-inch bar and an approximate weight of 10.8 pounds.

This is another example of Huqsvarna that is designed for the most demanding and professional consumers. Its impressive engine provides a speed of 10,200 revolutions per minute.

This chainsaw features RevBoost technology that makes acceleration faster with higher chain speeds, giving you unmatched cutting power. Like other chains Huqsvarna, also has the features LowVib, SmartStart and X-Torq.

It has a magnesium cover that will withstand the strongest jobs without being damaged, making it suitable for heavy professional work. To configure optimal engine performance, it features the AutoTune feature that does this for you.

For your safety, it also has an inertia chain braking system that minimizes the risk of rear kick damage.For some users this chainsaw can be a little more difficult to assemble, but its performance remains exceptional.

Among the things we like about this chainsaw is that its acceleration is very fastas well as its chain speed. It is easy to tighten, and its cover is very resistant and reinforced. In addition, its engine is automatically configured and relatively light for its power.

But as we said, your assembly can be somewhat problematic.

Husqvarna T536Li XP Battery-Powered Chainsaw

This electric chainsaw is powered by batteries with a power of 36 volts, its bar measures about 14 inches and its weight is about 5.29 pounds.

This product is very suitable if you work in carpentry or constructions and you are looking for an electric chainsaw that has a good performance. Its power is almost as high as that of a good gas chainsaw.

It is the lightest chain saw in the Huqsvarna line, and the convenience of owning it is the ease of its maintenance, as it has no complicated mechanical parts and does not use fuel.

This model has the dual mode that you and allows you to choose between power saving and maximumpower, depending on the work you need to do.

To operate this chainsaw you can do it from a practical keypad. But the best thing about this model that its motor has no brushes, which makes it much more efficient providing higher chain speeds.

Among the things we love most about this chainsaw is its brushless motor, its high-life battery and its dual-mode design. In addition, it is operated from a practical keypad and requires very minimal maintenance. The bad news is that the battery and charger are purchased separately.

Husqvarna T435 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

This gas chainsaw hasa 2 horsepower engine, with a bar length of 14 inches and a weight of approximately 7.5 pounds.

It is a fairly lightweight equipment, combining power with a practical and reduced design. Its engine provides a speed of up to 10,000 revolutions per minute, making it ideal for cutting small trees and vineyards.

Like other Huqsvarna chainsaws, this one also has the features LowVib,X-Torq and the tensor mounted to a coastor, as well as an easy-to-access oil filter.

The Air Purge system removes air from the fuel system and carburetor to ensure you can start this chain saw more quickly and conveniently.

Another good feature of this chainsaw is its fairly affordable price, considering it is a gas chainsaw.

Among the things we like most about this chainsaw is that it is quite light and well balanced, providing high chain speeds. Its tensor is quite convenient, and its air filter is easy to clean and replace.

The bad news is, his engine isn’t that powerful.

Husqvarna T540 XP II Gas-Powered Chainsaw

This gas chainsaw hasa 2.4 horsepower engine, with a 16-inch bar and an approximate weight of 8.6 pounds. It has great performance and is really comfortable to use.

Although it’s somewhat expensive to be just 2.4 horsepower, it has very good features that make it worthwhile.

The Auto Return Stop Switch makes itready to use with faster ignition, and allows you to connect a safety strap for use with a scaling harness.

Among the things we love most about this chainsaw is that it is very comfortable to use, its engine is automatically configured and its oil pump is easy to adjust. It also comes with a convenient belt eyelet, and self returning stop switch. What’s bad is still his price somewhat high.

When looking for a new chainsaw you will most likely touch decide between the Huqsvarna or Stihl brands, since those are the most acclaimed machine tool manufacturers.Both brands have achieved an international projection, for their products of high reliability and durability, as well as with unmatched performance. These are the brands preferred by the most professional.

To make the right choice, you need to know the parameters to measure which option fits your needs.


The existence of Huqsvarna isreassembled to the year 1689. Since then they have been dedicated to inventing and developing tools with the latest technologies available.

Although they were not the largest in tooling, they have built chainsaws for almost a century. Your productsare one of the cheapest on the market, and they are very good and durable.

Among the heavy duty specimens of Huqsvarna are the model 66 cc 460, and the 55.5 cc 455 Rancher. Its bars are 24 inches in both cases.


Stihl has been in the tool production market since 1926. If Huqsvarna doesn’t catch your eye, you can leave with this excellent German company. It’s a good alternative that provides everything from lightweight tools to heavy-duty tools.

The bad thing about Stihl products is getting them, as they can only be purchased in certain stores,and this can be very annoying.

They not only have gas chainsaws, but also models that run on batteries and electricity.

The Sithl MS170 is the most popular of them as gas chainsaws for beginners, while the 56.5cc MS290 is an excellent choice for heavier and more advanced jobs.

Husqvarna vs Stihl Comparison

You have to look at efficiency. Both companies present highly efficient products, and it’s hard to get a company that matches. However, some differences can still be achieved between the two.

Huqsvarna chainsaws use X-Torq technology that ensures better fuel use, while Sithl chainsaws use a self-lubricating one that maintains the oil chain to extend the tool’s lifespan.

Both companies make use of the latest technologies to improve the user experience in terms of handling and comfort.

Stihl uses anti-vibration handles, which make working easier, especially when more sensitive cuts are required. While Huqsvarna, it uses its distinguished LowVib technology that significantly reduce user fatigue when working for long periods.

Both companies have gas, electric and battery chainsaws in their catalogues. Although Huqsvarna stands out a little more in the manufacture of gas chainsaws.

Both Huqsvarna and Stihl feature chainsaws that are quite easy to light. As far as Huqsvarna is concerned, they use their Smart Start technology that accelerates ignition, while Stihl has its Easy2Start technology that also improves and accelerates the ignition of the Machine.

In conclusion, both Huqsvarna and Stihl are two of the largest companies in the manufacture of chainsaw, so choose the one you choose you will get a product of the highest quality.

But if you’re looking for a powerful gas chainsaw, Huqsvarna is the best choice. They have more experience in this type of chainsaw and startle by this. In addition, Huqsvarna chainsaws are easier to get from tool shops.

When you buy Huqsvarna’s most powerful tool, it’s important to consider certain things to make sure your investment meets your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a simple machine for casual use or a more advanced machine for professional, gas-operated or electrical use, it’s important to consider its specific characteristics.

With the length of the bar you can easily know how much area you are going to cut with the chainsaw. The engine is the one that produces the power and speed, but it is the bar that gives you the amount of cut per pass.

With the length of the bar you can know how much wood you are going tocut. The longer the bar, the more wood you’ll cut, and it will take you less time to do the work.

The 14-inch bars are suitable for use in field homes, while 24-inch bars are more suitable for professional and commercial use.

It is known that buying a chainsaw is not cheap at all, these powerful tools are complicated and expensive, so you have to make sure it is a long-term investment that will be worth it.

If the chainsaw construction is rigid and sturdy, you’ll have your tool running for much longer and you won’t have to buy another one.

Each of the components has to be made with excellent materials that guarantee durability, and the metal alloys used have tobe of the highest quality.

The performance of Huqsvarna chainsaws is highly known, and they are one of the best on the market in this regard. Whether it’s a chainsaw with a 14-inch bar or a larger one, Huqsvarna chainsaws will always be very powerful and able to do the work.

There are many things to consider regarding performance. For example, the size of the engine is very important and determines the measurable amount of power of the chain saw, as well as the maximum chain speed it can provide.

Other small features such as the quality of the handle and the weight of the chain saw are also important to determine its performance, since they will facilitate its use when working.

Huqsvarna also uses various technologies to improve performance, such as anti-vibration functionality, automatic chain oiling, and tool-free chain tensioner.

Safety always plays an important role when working with chainsaws as they are very dangerous, so it is a point to consider when choosing one.

Huqsvarna’s high-quality chain saws have several safety measures to ensure you have a safe tool to use.

But even if you’re not buying a Huqsvarna, you should take into account the safety features that can offer you, such as the rear-kickchain, chain brake, acceleration lock, retainer and button emergency shutdown.

As it is a very expensive and powerful product, the warranty is important when choosing a chainsaw. Not only should you take into account the reputation of the manufacturing company, but also the guarantee they offer to their products, which will allow you to predict whether their products are durable.

All Huqsvarna chainsaws come with a 2-year warranty, which is quite adequate. If you buy certain products with the purchase of the chainsaw, Huqsvarnawill offer you a 3 or 4 year extension.

In conclusion, nothing can go wrong if you buy a Huqsvarna chainsaw. Whether you’re a wood felling professional, or an owner who will only give you casual use, Huqsvarna chainsaws are always an excellent choice.

It will be more problematic to choose the indicated one of such extensive product catalog that Huqsvarna has to offer. For this you have to first identify your needs, such as the size and location of what you want to cut, and then the characteristics of each of the chainsaws available.

We hope our chainsaw guide will be helpful for you to get the perfect chainsaw for you.

It’s also important to remember to take the necessary precautions when using these tools, such as wearing the right dress implements. Even though chainsaws Huqsvarna have many safety measures, they are still very dangerous like many other chainsaws.

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