10 Best Jonsered Chainsaws Reviews


Are Jonsered Chainsaws worth my money? Best Jonsered Chainsaws Review

Here is a frequent question that many people asked me and I perfectly know that the answer is crucial to decide whether or not to buy this product. Are Jonsered chainsaws good at all and why should I buy any of them?

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Of course, I could just save time and say yes, they are quality and solid chainsaws, but there are always people who took the worst part of a product. Because, as you know, there is no perfect brand or machine. A company can come out with a fail model not matter how prestigious the company is. I would say that the key to know whether a brand is good or not is to see how often the fails appear. In the case of Jonsered, the number of fails is scarce. This way you can estimate the overall quality of the brand.

Why to go for a Jonsered chainsaw instead of any other brand?

One of the reasons I could bet on the Jonsered brand is that it is made by Husqvarna, which is by far one of the best chainsaw makers in the market. So, you can trust in the quality of these chainsaws from the start.

Just to imagine the teamwork of these two brands makes me think that possibilities are limitless. But it is still not enough to give them my thumbs up. As I already said, Jonsered has an extremely good favor from its current customers. Of course, I can’t read all customer reviews from the old days, but I did figure out that negative reviews about these chainsaws are really few.

Ok, we know so far that they are made by a prestigious brand which is trustworthy and well received by the public. But how to valuate them in terms of cost-effectiveness? That is the reason why you guys are here reading this article.

Since they have almost the same parts and features than their Husqvarna counterparts you might think that they are placed in the same price range. But what I discovered is that Jonsered chainsaws tend to be more affordable than Husqvarna models. These are then a better option for users who are on a budget. Keep reading to know which Jonsered chainsaw is the chainsaw you are looking for?

Jonsered 2240 Chainsaw Review

The Jonsered 2240 tend to make a split between chainsaw users. It is loved by ones and hated by others. In my case, my decision is to love it, but I think I understand why many users hate it. Lots of customers say that starting the machine is a hassle, but I saw that many of these comments are because they don’t read the manual before using. They mostly change their minds once they have read the manual.

After leaving this minor issue behind, the chainsaw does an excellent job. It runs on a compact, powerful 40cc gas engine that provides more than enough power for part time users. It is an ideal machine for cutting lots of logs and timber, but it isn’t powerful enough to cut through larger trunks. But if you have smaller pieces to saw, the 16” bar along with the 40cc engine should do for them.

One of the best features of the Jonsered 2240 is its fast-releasing snap locked cylinder cover. It is meant to simplify the access to the air filter and spark plugs, and therefore to help with upkeep convenience. Jonsered made its chainsaws consciously regarding that the air filter doesn’t jam up as frequently as the chainsaws from other companies. It can seldom jam up just because of poor upkeep. When I say poor upkeep, I mean never cleaning or changing the air filter.

Instructions for a Cold Start of The Jonsered 2240 Chainsaw

  • The first step is to pull the choke lever up and out.
  • The second step is to prime it six times when the gasoline fills the bulb.
  • The next step is to pull the cord till it turns on.
  • This is a crucial point, cause now you have to pull down the choke lever. Be careful not to pull the trigger, because that removes the high idle.
  • Finally, you can pull the cord till it turns on, so now you are on the high idle and can start sawing.

Nice things on the 2240

  • It has a tool free chain tension mechanism that is vital to me.
  • As I already mentioned, this model can maintain its air filter quite clean from any dirt, that makes upkeep much easier.
  • It has a 16” bar that is ideal for cutting medium trees effortlessly, and cutting it into little pieces for firewood.

Features of the 2240

  • Power – 2,5hp or 1,8kw
  • Cylinder Displacement – 2,5ci or 40.9cc
  • Weight (cutting gear off) – 9.5 pounds
  • Max & Min Preferable Bar Lengths – 18” and 13”
  • Chain Pitch – 0,325
  • Gasoline Mix – 50 to 1

Jonsered 2245 Vs Jonsered 2240

Jonsered 2245 Chainsaw Review

There is no controversy about this model. Everyone knows the Jonsered 2245 is an awesome chainsaw. It has many prestigious lumberjacks with over 40 years of career talking great about it, and that is enough reason to believe this is a great product to go for. In addition to that, this is listed as a professional tool for daily use and is yet recommended for common users that need an extra boost that they can’t find in other models. Extremely well received by public, this model is used for the maintenance of the Appalachian trail. Some saws are more suitable for some jobs, but the fact that this model is used for this kind of task shows how dependable this machine can be.

You can find stronger chainsaws out there, of course. But what do you exactly need a 70cc demon for? The 45cc gas motor is more than perfect for most homeowners, and can fit some professional jobs too. This model can cut the same stuff as the previous one, but it has it easier with a bit heavier stuff. It is highly recommended for people who live in areas frequently affected by tornados, and have to remove debris more often than most people.

What I find intoxicatingly alluring about this particular machine is how sofly it runs. It doesn’t stall out on me and runs on a fine idle that never rattles. It also has the mark of Husqvarna on it, which means Poulan has nothing to do with this product. I don’t really care that much about Poulan, but I know many people don’t like it. I thought then that I had to explain that. It has been assembled int the US, which doesn’t mean it was made here, but it’s a betterment.

Nice things on the 2245

This product is really reliable, and that is the kind of things that saw users need to hear. To have a lot of problems with a chainsaw is an awful experience. You will never live that with this chainsaw.

The 45cc engine is enough power for common users who don’t need a huge cutting power but do need a machine that can handle some larger branches to turn them into firewood.

This has a really affordable price for a semi professional chainsaw that is hard to beat. If you really want a professional saw, I invite you to go further and expect to pay not less than $600.

Features on the 2245

  • Power – 2,82hp or 2.1kw
  • Cylinder Displacement – 2.79ci or 45.7cc
  • Weight (cutting gear off) – 10.8 pounds
  • Max & Min Preferable Bar Lengths – 18” and 13” (my personal favorite is 16”)
  • Chain Pitch – 0.325
  • Gasoline Mix – 50 to 1

Jonsered 2250 Chainsaw Review

When I checked the Husqvarna counterpart of the Jonsered, I got serious about this model. Because it is made exactly with the same internal pieces as the Husqvarna 440 chainsaw. In other words, you can feel confident that you will get a quality machine produced by one of the top chainsaw makers in the world.

Being structurally the same with the only difference that the Jonsered is red and the Husqvarna is orange. So, it’s up to you to go for either one of them.

The Most Powerful Chainsaw by Jonsered

Here we have the strongest chainsaw in this article. With a 50cc gas motor and a 18” bar, this guy can slice through some of the biggest trunks and only have problems with stuff that demand a commercial grade tool. Beside a pro chainsaw that can be costing about 600 bucks, this machine is quite a bargain to me. Similar to the pro thing, but much more affordable. If you like saws and discovered this one, you will probably feel unsatisfied on any other chainsaw.

After a whole day of use, what really stunned me about this chainsaw is that it heat up at any moment. It was quite a continuous job, but I must say that I didn’t try to push it to cut stuff it can’t handle. I insist, if a brand makes a tool to be reliable, there isn’t much more I can ask for. What I like on a chainsaw is that I can use it and it doesn’t have problems. This chainsaw offers just that.

Nice things on the 2250

For the price of this product, you get what your money values. This along with the quality of the build make it a great deal to me.

It was amazing to see that it didn’t heat up after a long and continuous use. I think not many models work that way.

It was easy to start it up no matter if it was cold or hot, which is a detail that gas saw users will be fond with.

Features on the 2250

  • Power: 3.22hp or 2.4kw
  • Cylinder Displacement – 3.06ci or 50.2cc
  • Weight (cutting gear off) – 11.2 pounds
  • Max & Min Preferable Bar Lengths – 18” and 13” (a 20” bar can also fit)
  • Chain Pitch – 0.325
  • Gasoline Mix – 50 to 1


  • Jonsered 38cc 2-Cycle Gas 14” Chainsaw, CS2238
  • Power: 38cc
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Bar size: 14”
  • Weight: 12.75 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years

Instead of starting with the limitations of the Jonsered 38cc gas chainsaw, we will start talking about its abilities. This is the kind of chainsaw you will love to have in your shed for little tasks or clearing branches or brush your property. It is not heavy at all, so anyone can use it for minor tasks. A 14” bar is perfect for the needs of a common user.

This model is also phenomenally easy to turn on and use. It has a clean motor, so you won’t be couching each time you pull the starting cord. The anti-vibration feature also helps you work with this machine for a long time without feeling stressed. It also has the inertia-activated chain break which is a necessary safety addition. There is not much to say in terms of power, but sometimes power is not what matters. You may use a bar as big as 16 inches, but if you need a bigger one, you better go for a bigger chainsaw.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy startup
  • Low emission
  • Anti-vibration feature
  • Inertia activated chain brake


  • Not that powerful
  • 16” bar maximum


If you want a great Jonsered chainsaw to daily clear around your home, this can be a good entry-level choice


  • Jonsered 58V 16” Chainsaw, CS16I
  • Power: 58-volt
  • Power source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Runtime: 16 mins (uninterrupted)
  • Bar length: 16”
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years
A new model Jonsered came up with is this battery-powered tiny beast that can be stronger than you might think. It comes with a 16” bar, which is the limit for this machine. It even comes with a chain tensioner that helps you regulate the tension of the chain during use. Emissions from this chainsaw are null since it is battery-powered. It starts when you push the start button, and the use of it isn’t any harder.

It of course have drawback, anyway: it has a continuous runtime of about 16 minutes. You will probably use it interruptedly, so it will run for a longer time. But it will die soon with a continuous use. The great thing is that it gets recharged quickly, so the battery will be full again in about half an hour. For longer jobs, it is recommended to purchase a backup battery. Another great news is that you get a 5-year warranty with this product, which is quite longer than usual.


  • Chain tensioner included
  • Brushless electric engine
  • Easy startup
  • Charges quickly
  • Good warranty
  • Inertia-activated chain brake


  • Quite limited runtime
  • Heavy for a battery chainsaw


If you want an environment-friendly chainsaw that is yet powerful for its size, you might consider this one.


Jonsered produces an awesome family of chainsaws, and each of them is meant for a different type of user. To ascertain which chainsaw is the one you need, you have to thoroughly ready every review, pros and cons, and specs. Most people can live without warming handles, but if you can’t, you surely want those included. All the listed products are the best of their kind and one of them may be the one you need. But the Jonsered chainsaw that gets the golden medal must be the Jonsered 45cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered 16” Chainsaw, CS2245. This is just a bit stronger than the entry-level household chainsaws, making it a farm, ranch type. It is not powerful enough as to call it a pro chainsaw, but it’s not far from that. It’s one of the best chainsaws available I the market, and is a trustworthy tool that is capable of cutting through big trunks.

Gas or battery?

This is a hard competition and deciding for one or another is technically impossible. Each of them is made to target a different kind of user. So, a comparison between them makes no sense. But in terms of numbers, I honestly think that gas-powered are better. Having that in mind you should read on about their benefits and drawbacks in order to decide for either of them. It might even change your point of view about one or another.

The Advantages of a Gas Chainsaw

These are the most usual kind of chainsaws. And I think that is in part because of the simplicity of their design. This simplicity frequently means a more affordable price than battery models. If your budget is limited, you might consider this. Although, an electric model can be even cheaper, but won’t ever have the strength of a gas machine.

In terms of power, gas chainsaws have no match. For this reason, most commercial grade models are gas powered, and with this you can imagine why gas chainsaws lead the power ranking. They also come in smaller sizes which is perfect for users who need portability and don’t want to deal with rechargeable batteries.

And one of the main benefits of a gas chainsaw is that you can keep cutting until your gas runs out completely. And you have more cutting power on one tank than you have on one full battery. Battery-powered machines offer almost the same but the difference is having to charge the batteries. You can solve this by getting backup batteries, which lifts the overall cost. To sum up, if you have a heavy task to complete, then you’ll be better off with gas.

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