10 Best Poulan Pro Chainsaw Reviews

The Poulan Pro is a prestigious brand that is already a symbol of high standard and true value chainsaws for professionals and non-professionals. Poulan Pro is the evolution of the Poulan chainsaw line, powered by Husqvarna and sharing with it a similar component layout, with some pieces wearing the brand’s “H” on them.


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Poulan Pro 20” Chainsaw series

A 20” bar is a great option for a wide range of mid to heavy trimming duties that are usually needed for the maintenance of large properties, like reducing a big log to pieces or sourcing firewood for the cold season. Poulan launched the Poulan Pro PP5020AV for those kinds of tasks.

Poulan Pro PP5020AV Review

The Poulan Pro PP5020AV shows the same quality aspects as many Husqvarna chainsaws if you look closely. It features a strong 50,8cc engine and 20” bar and chain that provide all the power common users need and much more. It is an improved version of its previous model. You can exchange the 70-drive attachment for its original if you want to. The PP5020AV is designed to endure use and time. It features vibration-muffled handles and spring-aided starting that makes the startup process faster.

For such an affordable cost, the Poulan Pro PP5020AV is an outstanding gas saw made for users who spend more time with their chainsaws than with their families. The prolonged use of a machine with anti-vibration handles can cause a pathology called arm vibration syndrome. In order to avoid this pathology, you should get a pair of anti-vibration gloves. This is highly recommended when you are a compulsive user. They are preferred even when the machine has anti-vibration handles. It is preferable to overprotect yourself now than paying a hospital bill later, especially when working with these beast machines.

It is powered by a registered DuraLife motor which comes with chrome plated cylinders to make it last longer. The motor was added with durability and is thought out to work for a long period of time. It is made of sturdy parts in order to defeat time and withstand use and mistreatment without getting broken too soon. The motor also has Poulan Pro’s ultra clean filters that prolongs the lifespan of the air filter and helps with consumption efficiency without giving up on power.

Poulan Pro PP5020AV Specs

  • It performs efficiently and feature a system that keeps the DuraLife 50cc 2-cycle engine clean while running.
  • 20” bar and chain
  • The air filter and spark plug can be accessed without the need of any tool.
  • Ultra clean filter system that keeps the engine cleaner for a longer time.
  • Auto chain lubing system.
  • Fitted with vibration-muffled handles that minimizes user stress.
  • Fast and simple pulling start.
  • Includes handy carrying case.
  • Lightweight at just 15,5 pounds.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

Extra details

This model is solidly built and made with durable and reliable parts for common users. Some customers have pointed out that the included chain of the Poulan Pro PP5020AV is not that great, therefore we advise you change it for the OREGON 72LPX070G 70 Drive Link – Super 70 Chisel Chain. This one is really good and improves notably its trimming performance. The OREGON chains 72LGX, 73LGX, and 75LGX 3-8-inch pitch Super-guard have a top-notch grind geometry ready for the action and sharp teeth. It is more adequate for experienced users that need a heavy-duty tool for high-demanding tasks. It has flexibility and endures bending, was made for the long term, requires low upkeep and runs steady.

While the price is fairly affordable, it does have a few drawbacks. For a start, it is quite heavy weighing over 15 pounds. But not heavy enough to prevent an average fit person from maneuvering the Poulan Pro PP5020AV smoothly. But still inadequate for wide trunks. It is more recommended for small to mid-sized trees, cutting timber, removing branches and other moderate tasks. Another drawback is that it consumes a lot of chain oil, so you must be careful always to maintain a stock for a continuous running without stops because it sometimes take its time to start over.


The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is in general terms one of the best of its kind, for people in the need of an equilibrated, powerful yet controllable and affordable chainsaw. Cheap in price, it is built with the best parts in order to provide power and a reliable performance.

It is strong enough to cut through medium to large trees. It is preferentially made for overall woodland upkeep and trimming firewood. It uses an ultra-clean air filter technology, has a pro-like clutch aluminum cover for longer lifespan, an automatic gear-controlled oil supplier, vibration-muffled handles for an easier maneuvering, air filter and spark plug that are conveniently located and require no screwdriver to get to them. It also incorporates an built-in locking wrench that fits perfectly as a rear grip extension with a dynamic 20” bar capacity. It even comes ready to use to help you save time and includes a great carrying casing that has a limited 2-year warranty on only a few damages.

The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is the perfect chainsaw for people with a limited capital but still looking for a worthy machine that runs as it should. It can easily match the Remington RM5118R Rodeo. It stands out from the rest of its kind due to its reasonable price and the fact that it has Husqvarna behind it. Click here to check prices…

Poulan Pro 18” Chainsaws

Poulan Pro has just launched its new 18” chainsaw, the PR4218 that takes the place of the old PP4218AVX. Anyway, it is not yet published on Amazon, so we didn’t have the chance to try it and therefore we cannot talk about it by now. We are going to talk about the two 18-bar Poulan Pro models that you can find on Amazon in this moment, the PP4218AVX and the P4018WT.

Among these three 18” chainsaws we prefer the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX

Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Review

Though it might be less tough than the Poulan Pro PP5020, the PP4218AVX has a 42cc motor that performs greatly for medium duty tasks and limbing. Poulan Pro features the best 18” saws. These are of course awesome to handle small trunks and can struggle well with wide trees. They prune and trim beautifully and are highly recommended for chopping firewood. These Poulan Pro machines have amazing features and are not expensive at all. Fitted with some top-notch additions like the Super-clean centrifugal air filter system and the Effortless Pulling Start. You will be able to work with this machine long and continuously without need of stopping for upkeep or breaking-in periods. They even feature a guide bar that helps you cut up to 20-inch wide trunks.

Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Specs

  • Chain brake
  • Carrying suitcase included
  • Vibration-muffled handle
  • Automatic chain lubing

The Effortless pulling start helps you start the machine with the minimum exertion, 30% faster and easier. Just Like other Poulan Pro models, the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX has an ergonomic, vibration-muffled handle that minimizes stress notably, as well as other pathologies related to long exposures to vibration.

Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Specs

Owner reviews

User feedbacks on the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX show that the hype about this product is true, especially for such an affordable price. People like to compare it with similar models from prestigious companies like Husqvarna and Stihl, and they mostly tend to tip the scales for the Poulan Pro chainsaw.

Many of the awesome feedbacks this model receives point out that it starts quickly and effortlessly. They say it starts within the first and the third pull in the cold season and with only one pull once the motor is warm. In other review section, people say that they bought an additional chain kit along with the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX as a backup. They don’t specify why they had to buy another chain kit, but we already know that, due to the kind of job this chainsaw will have to deal with, a worn chain doesn’t only make the sawing difficult, but also increases the chance of user stress.


A really multifunctional chainsaw, ideal for little to moderate tasks where you require the strength of a 42cc gasoline-powered motor to slide through the tough wood. Other 18” models might be stronger, but it is great for firewood and property maintenance. Click here to check prices…

Poulan Pro P4018WT Review

Wild Thing 18” Chainsaw

Poulan Pro has launched a chainsaw specially made for standard homeowners and landholders. It has some of the features seen on the PP4218AVX, but it is particularly made for the type of customers who might not need to use this tool very frequently but do need a tool that performs flawlessly and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Poulan Pro P4018WT lodges a 40cc 2-cycle gas motor and includes the features mentioned down below.

Poulan Pro P4018WT Features

  • 18” bar and chain
  • Automatic chain lubing controlled by gear
  • Ultra-clean air filter system
  • Broad handle space for a better maneuverability
  • Effortless starting system
  • Carrying casing included
  • 1-year warranty

Customer reviews

While the Poulan Pro P4018WT share many features in terms of size and power with the PP4218AVX, the starting system of the Wild Thing is not as well rated as the former. The general review states that this purchase is worth the money but doesn’t give in exchange a performance and quality as good as its Stihl or Husqvarna counterparts. On the other hand, another bunch of users say that the Wild Thing starts quickly and easier than many other similar devices even in wintery days or after a long period without working. Even more, other users claim that changing the gasoline from the tank with fresh fuel makes it even faster to start with less pulls even when the engine is cold. The machine will be on with little exertion. A few others pointed out that the carburetor may need some adjustments to allow it to run on idle properly.


In general terms, the P4018WT Wild Thing gains thumbs up because of its lightness and maneuverability which are not usually seen on a 18” gas chainsaw. Affordable price and one of the best options for small to mid-sized property maintenance. If you are looking for a chainsaw for a more extensive and demanding use, you’ll probably be better off with the PP4218AVX or the PP5020.

Poulan Pro 16” Chainsaws

Poulan Pro has produced three 16-inch chainsaws that you can find on Amazon, which would be the Poulan Pro PP3816A, Poulan P3816 and the P3416. Each of them runs on gasoline. Our favorite choice for this kind of chainsaws is the PP3816A. Read on and learn more about it.

Poulan Pro PP3816A Review

Gas Chainsaw

The Poulan Pro PP3816A features 16” bar and chain and is powered by a 38cc, 2-stroke motor that feeds on gas. This model has all of the great features that Poulan incorporates in all of its commercial-graded chainsaws. The Effortless Pulling Start makes starting the Poulan Pro PP3816A a piece of cake. Also, the ergonomic back handle and the vibration-muffled handle minimizes user fatigue. It also include super-clean filter system and automatic chain tensioner. The manufacturer gives a limited 2-year warranty on the PP3816A.

PP3816A Specs

  • Strong 38cc gas-powered motor
  • Ultra-clean air filter
  • Auto chain lubing
  • Inertia automatic chain brake

Owner reviews

We found many positive feedbacks saying that the PP3816A is powerful enough to deal with highly demanding jobs effortlessly. It is frequently compared with other models of its kind from Stihl and Husqvarna. The latter received many complaints about the low quality of some parts, and the former because they are too pricy for non-professional machines. Poulan Pro is preferred due to its good quality, excellent working, and affordable cost. The most usual drawback pointed out by users is the high oil consumption of this machine. But many customers agree that the great qualities and good price make up for this minor drawback.


Costing less than many others and coming with a handy carrying case, the Poulan Pro PP3816A is a gem for experienced saw users in the need of a tough and cost-effective tool that run continuously for hours and hours. Click here to check prices…

Poulan PP3416 Review

34cc Gas Chainsaw

The Poulan P3416 is a compact gasoline chainsaw preferentially made for moderate sawing jobs. It is powered by a decent 34cc two-cycle motor and is fitted with 16” bar and chain. The Poulan P3416 is quite affordable and include all the desired functions any 16” chainsaw should have, which are the following.

Poulan P3416 Specs

  • Ultra-clean air filter
  • Auto chain lubing
  • Priming pump that helps start quickly
  • Inertia automatic chain brake

Owner Reviews

Users say that the Poulan P3416 is a great tool for light to moderate sawing jobs. Many of them also say that the machine has been working properly for many years, and even some of them pointed out that they have been using it for about 14 years without having any noticeable problem. They also remark that the anti-vibration grip accoupled to the machine makes its use much more bearable and causes less stress.

A few negative comments state that the Poulan P3416 may be a hassle for starting. Some of them also pointed out that the machine doesn’t work at maximum power on cranking. Many people indicate that not less than five pulls are required to turn the engine on. Even some of them say that sometimes the machine just didn’t start. The other common issue with this model is that it may not idle as it should after every sawing.


In general terms, the Poulan P3416 is a light to moderate duty chainsaw that in definitely worth the inversion. It is handy in terms of maneuverability and comfort. It is an entry-level model for people who want to learn to use a chainsaw instead of paying a professional. Click here to check prices…

Poulan Pro Chainsaws: Overall Conclusion

Poulan has launched a different chainsaw for almost every cutting need and intensity. No matter if the task is light, moderate, or hard, Poulan has thought about that beforehand. And while they are much less expensive than other models, Poulan and Poulan Pro chainsaws come with traits and functions designed to make cutting with them a safe, simple, and pleasant job.

Extra info about the Poulan Chainsaws. The titling method the brand uses for their products gives some information about the chainsaw which you should learn to read. For instance, the first letters of the model nomenclature refers to the range or the tool, whether it is “P”, “PL” for Poulan standard products or “PP” for Poulan Pro tools.