Best Reel Mower: 5 Eco Friendly to Help Your Lawn Look Beautiful

The recent surge in interest and awareness of lawn care has led to the invention of some revolutionary, eco-friendly products which can help you maintain your beautiful green yard. One such product is Reel Mowers, a reel mower that uses less gas than most conventional electric or gas powered options – but will it work? Here we’ll weigh pros and cons of this new gardening tool so you know what direction to take.

The “best powered reel mower” is a type of lawn mower that uses an electric motor to power the blades. This helps reduce noise and pollution, while also being eco-friendly.


If you’ve been attempting to improve your lawn mowing skills, you may want to consider investing in a new reel mower.

It’s usually best to avoid powered mowers in favor of push reel mowers if you want to have a zero-emission choice and receive cleaner cuts for your lawn.

We’ve put up a list of the top reel mowers to make your lawn look great. We’ll also look at the crucial factors to consider while looking for the best reel mower for your lawn.




The 304-14 is the 14-inch variant of the American Lawn Mower Company’s high-quality reel lawn mowers. It’s a compact, long-lasting mower with a broad cutting path and excellent maneuverability.

The four spider, five blades reel of this hand-pushed mower is designed with ball bearings. The razor-sharp blades are constructed of tempered alloy steel and have a high cutting force and precision.

A 5-section roller can simply alter the cutting height from 0.5 to 1.75 inches. Because of the 14-inch broad reel, you’ll be able to construct huge trails and have the proper height for your sort of grass.

The full-length loop handle, which is padded with a foam grip, and the 8.5-inch composite wheels, which are big enough to traverse uneven terrain with ease, make the mower quite easy to use.




  • The design is simple and sturdy, and it does not need any tool assembly.
  • The reel is 18 inches wide and has five sharp steel blades. 
  • Cutting height may be adjusted


  • Could have difficulty with thick or tough grass.
  • The handle has the potential to get unscrewed.

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Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower 362050-1001


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The Fiskars StaySharp Max is one of the most sophisticated mowers on the market, featuring a variety of functions that will provide you with a high-quality cutting experience and the nice-looking green grass you want.

The reel on this mower is 18 inches broad. The reel’s design includes inset wheels and blades that span the whole width of the reel. When trimming the rough edges near the fence or sidewalk, you’ll profit from this.

Unlike other mowers, which utilize plastic gears as a connection between the turning wheels and the blades, this mower’s mechanism employs a chain-drive design as a link between the turning wheels and the blades. The mower will glide more effortlessly over the grass as a result of this.

The heavier blades enhance inertia and reduce friction while cutting, making it simpler to push the mower and keep the blades spinning even at a modest speed.

The InertiaDrive technology combines a large-diameter reel with five thicker blades to boost cutting force and allow you to cut through tight spaces with ease.

The StaySharp Cutting System additionally ensures that the blades never come into contact with the center fixed reel. This helps mowing go more smoothly and increases the life of the blades by keeping them sharper for longer.

Using the handle lever, you can simply change the cutting height from 1 to 4 inches. By changing the reversible grass chute, you may alter the cutting direction to forward, backward, or downward.


  • The chain-drive system makes it easy to handle and performs well on hilly terrain.
  • The hefty blades don’t go dull for a long time since they are frictionless.
  • Cuts the margins around the foundations with ease.


  • The weight of this choice is greater than that of other alternatives.
  • Expensive

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Lawn Mower, Great States 415-16 Push Reel


For small lawns and normal-height grass, the Great States 16-inch push reel mower provides accurate and clean cutting performance.

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The t-style handle with cushioned grip, as well as the 10 inch composite wheels with ball bearings, make the mower lightweight and simple to push even over uneven terrain.

The 16-inch four-spider reel contains five heat-treated tempered alloy steel blades. These blades’ cutting height may be changed between 0.5 and 2.5 inches.

You can cut short grass with easily, but anything longer than 2.5 inches will be difficult to cut and will take many passes.

The mower is built to last thanks to its steel side plate, which provides additional protection, and its sharp blades, which need minimum sharpening.

This mower has a smaller cutting reel than the other alternatives, but if you want a wider cutting path, you may choose the 18-inch version. However, if you desire a deck that is even smaller, the 14-inch option is available.


  • Blades that have been heat-treated to make them live longer
  • The mower is protected by a steel side plate.
  • Design that is light in weight


  • There are fewer height adjustment choices, which must be fastened each time the height is changed.
  • Grass must be no more than 2.5 inches tall to be trimmed.

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Scotts Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower 2000-20


Our list’s widest reel mower is the Scotts 2000-20 Classic. With a few passes, you can mow lawns of medium and large size fast and neatly.

The five spider reel on the mower is 20 inches wide. It has five ball bearing blades made of alloy steel. The Quick-snap technology enables you to effortlessly modify the height between one and three inches using one of nine slots.

The blades cut grass of various lengths with a high-quality, consistent cutting performance. As a consequence, the grass is clipped uniformly, and the mower is unlikely to clog.

This mower is light enough to turn smoothly while remaining stable on uneven terrain. The dual tracking wheel design, which includes ten-inch composite wheels and six-inch tracking wheels, makes it even simpler to maneuver by reducing drag. Due to the outside orientation of the wheels, trimming the edges is difficult.


  • The mowing process is sped considerably with this 20-inch broad reel.
  • Dual tracking wheels provide for precise and simple maneuvering.
  • There are nine different height adjustments available. 


  • Large twigs are difficult to cut through.
  • Plastic gears are used, which are not as robust as metal gears.

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Greenworks Grass Catcher 18-Inch Reel Lawn Mower


The Greenworks reel mower is the only one on our list that comes with a collecting bag. It can handle light to medium mowing workloads.

The mower features an 18-inch wide reel with five razor-sharp blades that create clean cuts. The twin lever handles let you to modify the cutting height from 1.75 to 2.75 inches, but you must pull both levers at the same time to alter the height.

It’s good for cutting short grass and reaching hard edges, but it won’t cut long grass or get through twigs.

Because it has two dual 6 x 10 inch wheels, this mower provides better mobility. It also allows you to modify the wheel height to two different heights. This feature makes navigating hills and steep lawns much simpler. With the foam grip on the handle, you can easily push and move it about.

You have the option of mulching the grass or collecting it in the included grass catcher with the Greenworks. To collect clippings during mowing, the grass collecting bag may be connected or removed from the mower’s end.


  • Dual wheels with height-adjustable choices
  • A separate collecting bag is included.


  • It’s easy to become stuck.
  • Construction flaws

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What to Know Before Purchasing a Reel Mower

When searching for a reel mower for your lawn that will give you a clean, crisp cut and keep your grass healthier and greener, there are a few factors to consider.


The breadth of the mower, notably the width of the reel, is the most important parameter in its size. It normally ranges between 12 and 20 inches. If you have a big lawn, choose a mower with a cutting deck that is 18 to 20 inches broad.

For tiny lawns or those with unusual forms, edges, or obstructions, shorter mowers are preferable. You’ll be able to fit between those tight spaces with the short mower.

It’s crucial to account for the additional inches that the wheels provide to the width. There are rare exceptions, such as mowers with inset wheels that enable the mower to cut to the edge.

The mower’s weight is also a consideration. The heavier the mower, the more stable it will be on the ground, enabling it to resist sliding up and down over rough terrains, resulting in a more constant and uniform cut. The disadvantage is that it may be more difficult to push, particularly if the wheels are not up to par.


The majority of blades are composed of heat-treated alloy steel to provide a smooth cut through the grass.

The real difference in cutting quality is determined by the number of blades. The majority of mowers have four to eight blades. With a larger number of blades, you can cut through dense and tall grass with ease and precision without having to make many passes.

Stronger cuts are also aided by thicker blades. If you have coarse grass, you’ll need at least five blades.

Having more blades, however, makes the mower heavier and more difficult to push. If you’re going to trim thin and short grass, it’s best to go with fewer blades. You wouldn’t require as much energy to push the mower this way.

Additional Features

You can manage the length of your lawn using most mowers’ height adjustment devices. You should seek for solutions that provide you a lot of flexibility. Between 0.5 and 3 inches is a good range.

Some mowers come with a collecting bag that you may use to collect the clippings while you mow. Look for this function if you don’t want to mulch the grass.


The reel mower from Great States offers the finest value for money. It’s simple to push and manage, and it will provide you with the neatly cut grass you want.

With its 20-inch wide cutting reel, the Scotts 2000-20 is the appropriate pick for you if you have a larger lawn and need to get the job done fast.

Scarifiers and dethatchers, as well as leaf blowers to manage fallen leaves in the autumn, are other tools to consider for lawn maintenance. Check out our best wheelbarrows, varieties of shovels, metal vs. plastic rake, top hedge trimmers, and best reel mower guides for more lawn equipment ideas.


The “gas powered reel mower” is a lawn mower that uses gas to power the blades. It’s eco-friendly and can help your lawn look beautiful.

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