Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

If you’re looking for a bird feeder that won’t let squirrels destroy your yard, then this is the one. With its unique shape and design, it’s nearly impossible to get inside of.

The “audubon squirrel proof bird feeder” is a product that has been designed with the intention of preventing birds from eating your seed.

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Bird enthusiasts and backyard bird watchers understand the anguish of squirrels wrecking havoc on their bird feeders better than anyone. Even the most experienced bird feeder owners find it difficult to attract birds to their garden while deterring pesky pests like squirrels from taking their feed.

Read on to learn about the top squirrel-proof bird feeders on the market for every budget, backyard, feed variety, bird population, and bird feeder skill level. 

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  • Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Overall
  • Most Economical 
  • High Seed Production Capacity
  • The Most Effective Pole Feeder
  • Suet Feeder of the Year
  • Stainless Steel at its Finest 
  • The Most Elegant Design
  • Nuts and fruit are the best. 
  • Protect Your Bird Feeder from Squirrels with Extra Squirrel Protection
  • Conclusion


Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Overall


The Droll Yankees YF-M Yankee Flipper is a squirrel-proof hanging feeder that rates as the finest overall. 

  • Shroud that detects weight. When the weight of an adult squirrel is detected, this safety device shuts, preventing access to the food.
  • Support from the company. It comes with The Brome Store’s lifetime service as well as a complimentary cardinal ring to attract Northern Cardinals. 
  • Adjustable. You may manage the size of birds utilizing your food by adjusting the weight level. 

Most Economical 


Perky-114B Pet’s Squirrel Stumper Bird Feeder has a 4-star rating and almost 1,000 reviews on Amazon. For first-time bird feeder owners, it’s a low-risk, high-reward investment. 

  • Options. Copper and green are the two hues available.
  • Size. The Squirrel Stumper Bird Feeder, model 114B, has eight feeding holes and can contain up to 3 pounds of seed. 
  • Excellent defense. Squirrels are kept at away by the wire barrier, and the squirrel-resistant metal frame prevents corrosion and damage. The last line of protection against troublesome squirrels is the twist-lock lid.

This feeder is a great investment because of its robust and stylish metal structure.

High Seed Production Capacity


The Brome store’s Squirrel Buster Standard carries a massive 4.2 lbs. of seed. It’s a fantastic option for both new and veteran feeder owners. 

  • Protection. There are four squirrel-proof feeding stations on the property.
  • There is a large opening. Filling and cleaning are a breeze with this convenient access. 
  • Protection. The squirrel-proof feeding apertures operate by shutting automatically when a squirrel is present. 

More Birds Feeders are made by a family-owned business that is dedicated to bringing the pleasure of birds to your garden. 


The Most Effective Pole Feeder


The Birds Choice NP431 Classic Squirrel Resistant Wild Bird Feeder costs about $55 and has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon with over 400 reviews. 

  • Mounting a pole is simple. This is the greatest option if you don’t have the ability to hang a feeder. For simple assembly and installation, a pole mount and a 3-section pole are included.
  • It attracts a wide range of birds. Chickadees, doves, jays, sparrows, woodpeckers, and cardinals flock to your garden thanks to this squirrel-proof feeder.
  • Protection. Its anti-squirrel baffle skirt keeps squirrels at bay. 

This feeder features a huge reservoir that can store up to 5 pounds of traditional birdseed and is built of UV resistant polycarbonate that will last a lifetime. 

Suet Feeder of the Year


MAU Brands’ MEKKAPRO Squirrel Proof Feeder is available on Etsy. 

  • Designed to keep you safe. Squirrels are unable to get the suet cakes within the constructed cage, but tiny birds may have a tasty suet cake feast. 
  • Cake as a source of nutrition. Say goodbye to lugging hefty feed sacks around; MEKKAPRO has its own line of delectable suet-cake feed. 
  • Design with humanity in mind. MEKKAPRO feeders do not have a space under the lid, as do feeders from other manufacturers, which may cause birds to get trapped and perish inhumanely. 

The MEKKAPRO is made to attract clinging birds like woodpeckers, nuthatches, and chickadees, so it’ll bring a variety of birds to your yard securely. 

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Stainless Steel at its Finest 


Chickadee Farms’ Squirrel Proof Large Stainless Steel Bird Feeder is a best-seller on Etsy, with 4.5 stars and over 500 reviews, and costs about $55.

  • Durable. This handcrafted stainless steel hanging feeder can survive the elements and the sun for up to 20 years. Rain and snow are kept out by the tapered surfaces, which keeps your seed fresh. 
  • Capacity is adequate. This Chickadee Farms feeder is designed to contain 10-15 days’ worth of black oil sunflower seed, which the DNR claims 95 percent of birds prefer, and is guaranteed to keep birds coming back for more. 
  • There will be less of a mess. Birds can’t consume more than one seed at a time because of the design, so there’s less waste and clutter in your yard. 

This feeder’s stainless steel is strong enough to resist squirrel fangs, keeping pests out of your food. 

The Most Elegant Design


PierSurplus’s 13 in. Caged Bird Feeder is a squirrel-proof cage design that doesn’t sacrifice on elegance for roughly $40. This squirrel safe feeder, which has a 4.5-star rating and almost 80 reviews on Amazon, would lend classic charm to any backyard or garden.

  • Designed for little birds. This intricate feeder provides 3 12 cups of grain to tiny birds such as finches, orioles, and grackles, and the cage design prevents squirrels from gaining access to the meal. 
  • Sturdy and long-lasting. Its strong construction protects it from the sun, the elements, huge birds, and squirrels. 

This feeder would make a wonderful gift or addition to your own backyard. This feeder will bring vintage remembrance to any bird lover’s feeder collection, whether it’s hung or set on a flat surface. 

Nuts and fruit are the best. 


The Squirrel Buster Nut Feeder is a hanging feeder that has 4.5 stars and 50 reviews on Amazon and costs roughly $80. 

  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of feed. It has two mesh systems for holding different types of feed, such as almonds and dried fruit. 
  • It attracts a wide range of birds. Blue jays, mocking jays, catbirds, and waxwings are among the birds drawn to dried fruit.
  • It’s simple to alter the feed. Because the meshes are adjustable, you can easily check out a variety of feed. 
  • Guarantee. Squirrel Buster claims lifelong service: replacement components are protected by a no-cost warranty, and all replacement parts and swaps are sent for free. 

The squirrel-proof feeding apertures on this feeder function similarly to the other feeders on our list, with a shroud that shuts automatically when an adult squirrel’s weight is reached.

Protect Your Bird Feeder from Squirrels with Extra Squirrel Protection

Do you want to be certain that squirrels do not have access to your bird feeder? To secure your prized seed, consider the following extra layers of protection.

Slippery Squirrel

Purchasing some Squirrel-Slip on Etsy. It’s inexpensive, non-toxic to animals, and coats your feeder in a slick coating that squirrels can’t cling to. 

Don’t use it on perches or other locations where birds can cling; you don’t want to scare away your backyard guests. 

Slippery Squirrel works best on feeders with poles that squirrels could climb but applying it to the chain on your hanging feeder is another great way to keep the squirrels away.

Squirrel Seed Sauce with Flaming Squirrels

Another option for deterring squirrels is Cole’s FS16 Squirrel Seed Sauce with Flaming Squirrels from Amazon. This all-natural, chemical-free sauce contains food-grade chili concentrate and is easily mixed with your feed of choice. While squirrels can’t stand the heat, there are several varieties of birds that love the spice. 

You may still attract blue jays, cardinals, wrens, buntings, finches, and songbirds while keeping squirrels away from your seed using Cole’s Squirrel Seed Sauce. 

Chili is high in vitamins A and D, which are important for birds. It will not only keep squirrels away, but it will also help to keep your backyard bird population healthy.


When looking for squirrel resistant bird feeders, there are a lot of things to think about. The sort of birds you want to attract, the type and quantity of meal you want to utilize, and your ability to hang a feeder are all important factors to consider.

The finest squirrel resistant bird feeders are long-lasting, efficient at keeping squirrels away from the feed, bird-friendly, simple to clean and fill, and should be considered long-term investments. Any of the feeders on this list would be ideal for a bird lover and would keep bothersome squirrels at bay. Click here for additional information on how to keep squirrels out of your yard, as well as our post on which birds you’re most likely to see in your yard!


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