Best Tiki Bar Signs

Tiki bars are a staple of any tropical paradise. The best signs for these establishments exist in the form of wood carvings and paintings, which serve as an excellent reminder that tiki culture is alive and well. Here’s where to find some great examples that will make your next trip to Bali or Kauai worth it.

Tiki bars are a fun, tropical escape from the cold. They’re also a great way to make your home feel like an island getaway. You can even create custom tiki bar signs for your bar!

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Even if you have a tiki bar, you may nonetheless want a fantastic sign to tie everything together. Choosing the ideal tiki bar sign, on the other hand, might be tricky. What qualities do you seek for in a tiki bar sign? How can you be sure you’re receiving the greatest tiki bar sign possible? 

It might be challenging to choose the right tiki bar sign for your tiki bar at times. There are a plethora of alternatives and possibilities available. Remember that tiki bar signage should represent your personality as well as the topic of your tiki bar. Continue reading to obtain answers to all of your queries, as well as suggestions for selecting the finest tiki bar sign for you. 

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  • What To Look For In Tiki Bar Signs
  • Selecting the Most Appropriate Tiki Bar Sign Theme
  • Choosing the Most Appropriate Tiki Bar Sign Material
  • Color Schemes for Tiki Bar Signs
  • Creating a Fantastic Tiki Bar Sign 
  • The Best Words for a Tiki Bar Sign 


What To Look For In Tiki Bar Signs

When buying a tiki bar sign, there are a few things to keep in mind to guarantee that you get the greatest tiki bar sign possible. You may finish your beautiful tiki bar by selecting the greatest tiki bar sign.

A excellent tiki bar sign should be themed around a beach or a Hawaiian vacation. When visitors come to your tiki bar, this helps to put them in the correct atmosphere. A campfire or perhaps a fire pit motif for your tiki bar sign might be great ideas to consider when designing your ideal tiki bar sign. 

The majority of tiki bar signs are made of wood, which goes well with the driftwood theme of tiki bars. If you’re concerned about the longevity of your sign, a metal sign could be a better option. This will detract somewhat from the more natural aesthetic, so you must determine if style or longevity is more important to you.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Tiki Bar Sign Theme

You may select from hundreds, if not thousands, of different tiki bar sign themes and concepts. A lot of it boils down to picking a tiki bar theme that best matches you and your own tastes. However, to assist you in making your decision, here is a selection of some of the greatest tiki bar sign themes.


Theme: Tropical Hawaiian

A Hawaiian motif for your tiki bar sign will never go out of style. Hawaii is the most prevalent motif for tiki bar signs, so it isn’t a very unusual option.


  • Flowers of the Hibiscus genus
  • Ocean swells
  • Beaches

Theme of a campfire

Another great theme to go with is a Theme of a campfire. Campfire backgrounds for signs create an excellent color scheme and really bring out the natural, laid-back feel of tiki bars.

  • Campfires
  • Wood 
  • Flames

Theme of surfing

A Theme of surfing is a great tiki bar sign theme to go with. This theme is typically combined with either a tropical theme or an ocean theme. Tiki bar signs with the Theme of surfing are usually made up of actual Surfboards.

  • Waves crashing loudly
  • Surfboards
  • Swimsuits

Theme of the Caribbean

The Theme of the Caribbean uses a lot of pirate styles along with heavy ocean vibes. Using natural colors such as browns and greens will work great when making a Caribbean-themed tiki bar sign.

  • Ships of pirates
  • Coins made of gold
  • Beaches

Choosing the Most Appropriate Tiki Bar Sign Material

When searching for the greatest tiki bar sign, think about the sort of material you’d want it to be constructed of. If you want your tiki bar sign to have a fully natural vibe, a sign constructed entirely of wood is the best option. Hardwood signs are more expensive than other types of wood, but they will endure far longer before coming apart. 

Metal signs are another excellent choice for your tiki sign, particularly if you are concerned about damage. They are long-lasting and durable. If you want to go with an ancient or rustic feel for your tiki sign, metal signs are also fantastic. Metal signs, on the other hand, might detract from some motifs, such as Hawaiian or other natural themes. 

Color Schemes for Tiki Bar Signs

The color scheme for your tiki bar sign should match the overall theme of your establishment. Choosing the right color scheme for your tiki bar sign might be difficult. Give it some consideration, and you’ll be able to come up with your ideal color scheme in no time. 

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The following are some of the greatest color schemes to use:

  • Color schemes in blue and green. Because they are nice subdued hues that abound throughout nature, they are typically found on most tiki bar signs. Blue hues go nicely with tiki signs with a Hawaiian feel. These hues have an oceanic feel to them.
  • Brown color schemes are popular. Brown hues are a must if you want to make a tiki bar sign with a natural feel. To produce a nice complimentary color flow, combine brown and green hues. 
  • Any more vibrant colors that complement your theme. Bright colors produce a happy atmosphere, which is ideal for your tiki bar. Bright hues will lift the mood of the whole space. They’d make great tiki bar signage.

Creating a Fantastic Tiki Bar Sign 

You now know how to choose amazing tiki bar sign color schemes and themes, but you still need to know how to choose a fantastic design. The design of your tiki bar sign may go in a variety of directions. Everything will be determined by your unique choices. 

A long wooden rectangular sign is the most typical style for tiki bar signage. This design is suitable for nearly all tiki bar signs and provides plenty of room for creativity. However, some tiki restaurants may find this design unmanageable, so if you don’t have a lot of room, you should avoid using this traditional tiki bar sign design.

A smaller square sign, either wooden or metal, is another wonderful design concept for your tiki bar sign. The majority of metal tiki bar signs will be square in design. When you want a smaller, more intimate sign to go with your tiki bar, this is a perfect sign design to go with. It features a style that is comparable to the long rectangular form seen above.

A sign in the form of a wave or anything similar may be the finest design option for your tiki bar if you truly want to stand out. This is ideally suited to a tiki bar with a strong theme, such as an ocean or Hawaiian motif. It also goes great with the above-mentioned crazy surfboard sign. 

The Best Words for a Tiki Bar Sign 

The lettering you’ll use on the sign is the last item you’ll need to finish your fantastic tiki bar sign. You might have the perfect design, theme, and color scheme, but if your tiki bar sign doesn’t have a decent saying, it’s not truly a great tiki bar sign. 

Here are a few of the greatest tiki bar signs:

  • Are you clever or amusing?
  • Make a reference to the ocean, Hawaii, or a tropical island.
  • Have a short quotation about peace, vacationing, or leisure on hand.

On your tiki bar sign, you may put anything you want. You have much more control over your sign if you make it yourself. If you buy a tiki bar sign that has already been manufactured, make sure it matches your tiki bar theme. The slogan or motto on a tiki bar sign may influence whether the sign is fantastic, boring, or corny.

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