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Rust is a programming language that operates at the system level, making it very well suited for use in operating-system kernels. The applications also run as isolated processes with no shared memory between them; this makes certain security features more reliable and easier to implement. With so much potential and such a few limitations, Rust has become one of the fastest growing computer languages today.

When to use Rust is a question that many people have. The answer is when you need to write a program that needs speed, safety and portability. Read more in detail here: when to use rust.

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We all like spending warm summer evenings around the fire pit with friends and family, grilling hotdogs and reminiscing about past times. However, after a few seasons of use, your aging fire pit seems to be in need of a refresh. Is it possible – and is it safe? 

A high-heat paint is required for painting a fire pit. After doing some research on the best spray paints for high heat firepits, I came across a few that claim to be intended for grills or firepits, but the small print says not to use them anyplace that is exposed to flames. Several high-heat spray paints have a temperature rating of up to 1200°F, which is suitable for use on the OUTSIDE of a barbecue or firepit.

Thank you for getting in touch. Our Specialty Ultra High Heat Spray Paint is designed for high-heat surfaces like the outside of barbeque grills and wood stoves. It cannot be used on top of an electric or gas stove or range.


April 1, 2021 — Rust-Oleum (@RustOleum)

The best approach to begin any DIY project is to make sure you do it correctly the first time. I’ve included everything you need to know about refinishing an old fire pit in one post, from what paint to purchase to how regular upkeep may extend the life of your lovely skilled work.

Contents Table of Contents

  • Why is Rust-Oleum High Heat Spray okay to use around a fire pit?
  • How to Use Rust-Oleum to Paint a Fire Pit 
  • Cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing, and painting
  • What Causes Rust in a Fire Pit?
  • How to Take Care of Your Newly Refinished Fire Pit
  • Is it Possible to Use a Rusted Fire Pit?
  • Other High-Heat Paint Brands
  • Can You Spray Paint a Fire Pit with Regular Spray Paint?
  • Spray Paint Fumes Are Flammable For How Long? 
  • Last Thoughts


Why is Rust-Oleum High Heat Spray okay to use around a fire pit?

Rust-Oleum High Heat Ultra Enamel Spray is great for BBQ grills, wood stoves, and fire pits since it can resist temperatures up to 1200°F. However, just on the exterior, and nothing in close touch with the flames.

A metal fire pit may reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas normal Rust-Oleum coatings can only tolerate temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Rust-Oleum High Heat Ultra Enamel Spray is also a rust preventive that delivers a rich color and gloss for long-term weather protection. 

How to Use Rust-Oleum to Paint a Fire Pit 

Step one of any DIY refinishing job is deciding what paint to purchase. The following procedures will assist you in preparing your fire pit for painting so that the fresh paint job will survive for many more summer evening wiener roasts and fire-lit discussions.

Before spraying, make sure your fire pit is free of rust.


Obtain the Materials You’ll Need to Paint Your Fire Pit

Here’s everything you’ll need to get started on your DIY fire pit makeover: 

  • Black, Aged Copper, or Silver Rust-Oleum High Heat Ultra Enamel Spray
  • coarse grain 3M sandpaper
  • Pad for stripping with a handle
  • Brush made of wire
  • tarpaulin
  • Alcohol that has been denatured
  • An ancient, rusted fire pit
  • Soap for dishes
  • Gloves
  • Washcloth
  • Water

Cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing, and painting

The following tasks are rather simple. I would strongly advise painting outdoors, where there is plenty of room to avoid getting paint on anything else or inhaling the fumes.

  1. Using soapy water and a stripping pad, clean the fire pit. This is done to get rid of any ash or other particles. Make sure to cover the whole area and rinse after you’re through. Allow for thorough drying.
  2. Remove any built-up rust and chipped paint with the sandpaper. This gives the paint a rough surface to adhere on. Don’t be scared to put in some effort.
  3. For Heavy Duty Rust removal. Use the Brush made of wire to really clean off all the rust from your fire pit.
  4. Put on your gloves and apply Alcohol that has been denatured. Use a Washcloth to apply this to the fire pit. Make sure to not get any on your skin; wash the entire surface of the fire pit with the alcohol. This removes any dust from sanding and any other substances that would impede the paint from sticking. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Once dry, place the fire pit on the tarpaulin. Shake each spray can for 1-2 minutes. Start spraying the paint, moving in a back-and-forth motion 10 -16 inches from the surface, slightly overlapping each stroke. To avoid dripping, apply two or more light coats a few minutes apart. Do not use near an open flame.
  6. Allow for thorough drying. Depending on the temperature and humidity, drying might take two or more hours. Before cooking, allow for a few hours of drying time at colder temperatures. Paint may produce smoke and a pleasant odor.

What Causes Rust in a Fire Pit?

When metal is moist and exposed to oxygen, oxidation (rust) develops. Rust may eat away at metal until it is no longer usable. All metals rust at different rates. 

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Stainless steel or galvanized steel will rust significantly slower than copper or cast iron, which will rust progressively over time beginning with the first usage. Rust will undoubtedly appear on your metal fire pit, but by following the steps below, you can slow down the process and keep your fire pit looking great for years.

How to Take Care of Your Newly Refinished Fire Pit

Give yourself a slap on the back for a job well done! You transformed the rusted old fire pit into a lovely gleaming work of patio beauty. Let’s look at what it takes to maintain your fire pit looking great for all of the summer birthday celebrations that are still to come.

After each use, clean out your fire pit.

The moisture in the air is absorbed by the ash, which then settles on top of the heat-exposed metal. This will very certainly result in rust. Dump the coals in a safe area after they’re entirely gone, or vacuum up the ash using a shop vac. 

As a bonus, ash is excellent for garden soil. It provides you with a carbon boost to make your plants happy. It may be added to your topsoil or compost.

For Longer Periods of Time, Protect Your Fire Pit

Unless you live in the desert, you will almost certainly have a rainy season. When you’re not using your fire pit, store it in a garage or under a patio to keep it out of the weather. If none of these solutions are available, you may purchase a weatherproof cover from your local hardware shop.

Apply Oil to Metal That Has Been Exposed

After removing the ash, gently coat any exposed metal on the fire pit with vegetable oil (or any cooking oil). The easiest technique to apply the oil is to put a few drops on a cloth and softly rub it over the metal. 

Check to see if any oil is spilling. The oil will fill the metal pores, keeping water from getting into touch with the metal and causing rust.

Minor Damage Repair

This stage is identical to the whole refinishing procedure, except it is only used as a spot treatment. Follow the same step-by-step procedure as outlined above when you see minor rust patches. This will ensure that your fire pit remains in good condition year after year.

Is it Possible to Use a Rusted Fire Pit?

Rust is a natural occurrence that will occur no matter how hard you attempt to avoid it. If the bottom of your fire pit is fully rusted out, flames will escape and do injury. The best thing you can do with it is take it to your local recycling center and dispose of it. 

Other High-Heat Paint Brands

When looking for high heat paint, the most important consideration is the surface you’ll be painting on. These high-heat paint brands aren’t all rated for the same level of heat resistance. Many of the paints listed below are intended for use on engine components that are exposed to extreme heat.

  • Max Krylon
  • POR-15 44000 Series POR-15 44000 Series POR-15 44000 Series P
  • 165-1020 Helix Racing
  • 251591 Rust-Oleum
  • Bright Stove
  • Automotive Rust-Oleum
  • Xtreme KBS
  • Black Rutland
  • Cool It Thermo-Tec

It’s advisable to use the most heat-resistant enamel paint when dealing with direct flame heat, such as a BBQ, fire pit, or wood stove. A fire pit or wood stove may reach temperatures of 800°F to 2000°F, rendering any other paint flammable and worthless. 

Can You Spray Paint a Fire Pit with Regular Spray Paint?

On an indoor or outdoor fire pit, you should only use paint that is rated for extreme heat, often about 1200°F. The high heat enamel spray paints are great for wood stoves, radiators, grills, and fire pits since they are particularly developed to resist very high temperatures and are rust preventive.

Spray Paint Fumes Are Flammable For How Long? 

You definitely don’t want to spray your fire pit in the morning and toast marshmallows the same night, to be on the safe side. Allow time for the paint to dry. Overnight should suffice. 

If you’re working indoors, it may take 2 to 3 days for the paint fumes to dry down sufficiently to no longer be flammable. That’s why, for this job, it’s preferable to work outside rather than within your garage or shed.

Last Thoughts

It might be intimidating to start a new DIY project. Fortunately, Rust-Oleum has come to the rescue with a low-cost, simple-to-apply solution that will have your party attendees wanting to know all your secrets.

Check out our other fire pit articles, such as how to properly put out a fire pit and how to figure out why your fire pit is whistling.


Rust is a programming language that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s used for systems programming and embedded software. Reference: rust language tutorial.

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