Can Tiki Torches Be Left Out in the Rain?

These lights have a long history and were once used in various cultures to ward off evil spirits. Nowadays, tiki torches are more often used as decoration for homes during the holidays or weddings.

Tiki torches are made out of a flammable material, so they should not be left outside in the rain. The tiki torch fuel is meant to be used indoors.

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Tiki torches are a wonderful way to add some color to any beach or backyard get-together. They give light, warmth, and a unique focal point for outdoor décor. Citronella tiki torches are also effective in repelling mosquitoes and other pests. Tiki torches have become one of the most popular outdoor decorations in recent years. You must evaluate the weather, as with any outside event, and if Tiki torches are a viable choice. 

In moderate rainstorms, Tiki torches may be left outside, but they should be taken inside during downpours. The weather reliability of your tiki torch is determined on the model you’re using. Some are designed to withstand rain, while others are not.


If you wish to leave a torch in the rain, choose which kind to use is simple. While determining the sort of Tiki torch to use when it’s raining, the most important factor to consider is the torch’s substance. There are various types to pick from, but making a decision does not have to be difficult. Continue reading to learn more about the alternatives. 



Materials and Types of Tiki Torches

Tiki torches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Consider the torch’s structure if you wish to set up an all-weather torch. The following are examples of common materials or types: 

  • Bamboo and wood
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Solar-Powered

When putting up tiki torches during the wet season, keep this in mind. You want your lamps to be waterproof and weatherproof. Some of them may be pretty costly, and you don’t want to have to replace your torches every season. You should also think about the safety of your pets and family. 

Bamboo and wood


Bamboo and wood torches are the most traditional style, and while they look good, they should not be left out in the rain because the material will hold on to the water causing them to crack and fall apart. These torches are the least expensive, but will not last when left in the rain for more than a season. 

Because tiki torches are top-heavy, rain makes them exceedingly heavy to transport. When not in use, you’ll want to bring them inside. 

Furthermore, when the torches wear out and crack, gasoline from the storage tank may leak out. This might result in a fire or other disaster in the future. When it comes to dogs and children, this may also be dangerous. You’ll want to be cautious here and carry the light inside if it’s raining. 




There are also rust-free glass torches available. If it’s only raining, they’ll last a long time. These torches, however, may shatter if it is a windy rainfall. When it’s windy, you’ll want to bring them inside so you don’t have to clean up shattered glass from the ground. You should also consider the possibility of harm to pets and children. 

Rain will just slide off these lamps like water off a window. Another incentive to leave these torches out in the rain is that raindrops may produce rainbows in the glass, which is a lovely sight to see. It’s also simple to maintain. Allowing them to soak in the rain cleans them naturally, saving you time. 



Metal torches are designed to withstand the elements, and since they are built of rust-resistant materials and have a durable finish, they will survive for many seasons. Furthermore, unlike glass and Solar-Powered torches, they may be left outdoors all year unless there is a strong breeze. This makes storing and gardening a breeze.

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When left out in the rain for an extended period of time, the metal will corrode and the polish will flake off. If you have to purchase new ones every few years, this may become pricey. The tiki torch will become a blight on your landscape due to the rust and flaking. 



Solar-powered torches are designed to be used outdoors all year. They have a nice appearance and are simple to care, however you may want to bring them in during the off-season to protect them from winter storms. 

While it comes to solar-powered tiki torches, rain has no effect on the torch when it is not in use. It’s acceptable to leave them out since they don’t have a fuel source other than the sun, so they’re safe in that regard. This makes it simple to maintain and store solar-powered tiki torches in any conditions. 

However, since there is no sunshine during violent storms, leaving these tiki torches in the rain will not charge the light. In this instance, you could wish to store them in an inside light so they’re ready to use when you need them. This will also keep them out of the elements, protecting the batteries from any system leakage. 

What Happens if Tiki Torches Get Wet?

Several things may happen if tiki torches are left out in the rain. Examples include:

  • Flames have been extinguished.
  • Fluid that is leaking
  • Solution that has been diluted
  • shattered glass
  • Deterioration

The flame may be extinguished if the torch is ignited; but, if there is a strong, blowing wind, the flame may spread towards combustible items. This is why there should be some distance between the torches and other items. 

Another possibility is that fuel could leak from the torch. This is particularly true of Bamboo and wood torches. As they are left in the rain for longer amounts of time, these torches will start to fall apart, exposing the fuel reservoir and possibly causing a leak. 

Glass torches are no exception. Because of the substance, the torches will survive rain. However, if the wind blows strongly for a long period, they may break or shatter. Fuel leaks will be a problem for you as well. During a severe storm, you’ll want to bring all of these torches indoors. Pets and children may be harmed by shattered glass. 

Solar tiki torches, on the other hand, were designed to withstand the elements. The torch uses solar energy to charge the battery, so there are no fuel worries. That is also a disadvantage: when left out in the rain, the sun does not shine as brightly, and so the battery does not charge as quickly. The next time you use the tiki torch, the light will be dimmer. 

Finally, if your tiki flame includes citronella to keep bugs away, the rain will dilute the chemical. This is especially true if there is a severe downpour. If you do decide to leave your torches out, make sure the fuel is removed for safety and to preserve your citronella. 


Tiki torches are a simple way to add fun and frolic to any garden. There are a variety of styles to pick from, including glass, metal, and bamboo. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. You’ll want to choose for a long-lasting and sturdy substance. 

Tiki torches may be costly, so take that in mind when determining what material to use while it’s raining. 

Keeping tiki torches out in the rain can easily be done when using the right kind. Bamboo and wood are the least likely to survive a driving rainstorm. Metal and Solar-Powered torches are made for the weather, and will last nicely in all kinds of weather for many seasons. Glass torches, like wood and metal when unlit, can look beautiful when in the rain. They also will last a long time. 

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