Can You Block a Neighbor’s Window for More Privacy?

The window you are considering blocking is in the living room of your neighbor. You want to block it because there is some privacy concerns with that window, but if you do this too many times things might get out of hand and they will have no choice but to go through legal channels or end up suing you.

The “cheap ways to block neighbors view” is a question that has been asked many times before. There are several options for blocking the view of your neighbor, but they aren’t cheap.

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When it comes to living next door to your neighbor, privacy may be a precious commodity. Blocking the windows might help alleviate the fishbowl sense that comes with being exposed to your neighbors. If you’re considering how to block a neighbor’s window, you could be considering a variety of options.

It is feasible to obstruct a window in a neighbor’s house. When it comes to covering a neighbor’s window, landscaping choices such as trees or tall bushes, installing a fence between residences, or adding window treatments to the interior of a property are all possible possibilities. 


There are several approaches to resolving a window blocking problem from both the interior and exterior of your home. Although the choices might be daunting, it is important to spend time researching the best solutions for you and your family. Examine some of the most efficient methods for blocking a neighbor’s window.


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  • Yard Work and Landscaping: Blocking Outdoor Windows
  • Block a neighbor’s window with a fenced-in yard.
  • Window Blocking Options for Indoors
  • Window Treatments at a Low Cost
  • Partially Indoor, Partially Outdoor
  • Lighting and Lamps
  • Conclusion


Yard Work and Landscaping: Blocking Outdoor Windows

If you’re ready to put in the time and effort to redecorate a broad area, blocking a neighbor’s window with landscaping components in your yard is an option to explore. If you’re prepared to put money into this, landscaping elements such as should be considered. 

  • Trees
  • bushes or shrubs that are tall
  • Fencing

Doing comprehensive study on each of these possibilities will help you determine which option is the most cost effective and feasible for your family in order to obtain the greatest appearance and feel for your yard. 


The trees planted would have to be higher and more mature in order for this window blocking solution to be successful. When a tree is planted, it is usually in its early stages of development and not particularly tall.

You may discover trees for sale that are near to completely grown to plant in your yard to construct a live privacy fence without having to wait for a new one to develop to full size in a matter of years by visiting a local nursery. 


If you want to start small, take in mind that it may only obstruct first-story window views at initially, but will eventually grow to full size and only block second- and higher-story windows. Trees, once fully grown, may also offer shade for outdoor activities. 

bushes or shrubs that are tall

Include taller shrubs and specific bushes to block away window views without having to wait for the landscaping to mature or flourish. Tall shrubs grow higher than they grow broad, making them simple to incorporate into a front, rear, or side yard without taking up a lot of room while still providing seclusion. 

If you simply need to conceal a first-floor window and don’t need to bother about windows on the second level, large bushes may be used instead of tall shrubs. Some bushes may expand to bigger regions than anticipated, so if you just have a limited amount of room to deal with, do your study on the kind you want to add to your yard.

Block a neighbor’s window with a fenced-in yard.

Fencing in your yard or adding a partial barrier to one portion of your yard, such huge shrubs that may offer seclusion from first-floor windows, can be beneficial, but only if you need to cover a neighbor’s window that is on the first floor of a house or structure. Climbing plants may also be used to provide extra seclusion to the barrier.

Fencing may be costly depending on the material, height, and length, so planning ahead and understanding the cost before beginning this job is critical. If you need to create seclusion for a two-story house, you may use both tall plants and a fence to hide first and second-story windows.

Window Blocking Options for Indoors

Due to a variety of variables, some or all of the outside alternatives may not be feasible or feasible. Indoor solutions would need to be addressed if this is the case. If a lack of money or space prevents you from taking advantage of outside possibilities, consider incorporating these décor ideas inside your own home:

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  • Curtains
  • Shutters
  • Lamps

These are quick-fix choices that will take less time to include into your house design than the outside ones. If you want a faster solution to the window blocking problem, a simple trip to a home goods shop to acquire these inside solutions is more handy than gardening.

Window Treatments at a Low Cost

Adding curtains is one of the simplest methods to obscure a neighbor’s window from the interior of your house. They not only brighten and give character to a space, but they also serve a secondary role of concealing outside views.

The selections are infinite, ranging from heavy drapes that keep away wandering eyes and outside light to sheer or lighter ones that let natural light in while preventing neighbors from looking inside. Some are floor length, while others merely cover the window halfway. This option is also the simplest to handle since you may open and shut them whenever you want.

This is your best bet if you’re searching for a low-cost solution. Curtains and accessories do not have to cost hundreds of dollars. It’s a simple enough DIY that will save you money in the long term. You don’t need to engage a designer or pay someone to do it for you when you can pick your own fabric, purchase the hardware, and hang them yourself. 

Partially Indoor, Partially Outdoor

Shutters are certainly not something that comes to mind all that frequently, but they might answer the privacy problem if you’re searching for something different. To block the full window, they would usually have to be erected on the exterior of the house. You can close the shutters and block off any view of the outside by opening the window from the inside.

Indoor wooden shutters may also be used as a substitute for curtains. You may open them as wide as you like by sliding them up and down to let in as much or as little natural light as you choose.

Lighting and Lamps

If you don’t want to entirely block out a window from the outside, you may still create a feeling of solitude by putting a floor light or a table with a lamp in front of it. It may not completely obscure a neighbor’s window view, but it will prevent them from seeing inside your house.

If your light is switched on at night, all you will see from the outside is the illumination of the bulb and no farther inside the house. Even if the light is turned off during the day, all you can see from the outside is the lamp taking up the window area and nothing beyond it on the inside.


There are a variety of ways to block a neighbor’s window, and if one isn’t viable, there are alternative ways to achieve the same result. If you have enough yard space, landscaping with trees, shrubs, and fences may add a lot of depth to your yard while also being useful. Indoor window coverings are a less costly option that may bring character and vitality to the inside of your house. 

Obtaining a blocked neighbor’s window is pragmatic and feasible when you examine each choice and narrow down which will work best for you. By seeking advice from friends and family, visiting a local nursery for guidance, and doing thorough research, you can make this process go smoothly and quickly.   

It’s fantastic to have neighbors, but it may be difficult to know where to draw the line when it comes to your property. Here’s how to find out whether your neighbor is forcing you to pay for a fence.


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