Can You Drain a Hot Tub into the Pool? (And 3 Other Uses)

One of the most common questions asked by homeowners is whether or not they can drain a hot tub into their pool. Here are three other uses for that water you’re wondering about.

The “how to drain a commercial hot tub” is a question that many people have asked. The answer is yes, you can, but it’s not recommended. People have also found 3 other uses for this process.

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Do you want to know whether you can empty a hot tub and put it in a pool? If you’re like me, you’ve already located the perfect hot tub for your backyard. Perhaps you’ve even discovered the ideal gazebo for your hot tub. We began to ponder how to properly drain it when we found the perfect one. And when you should empty it, of course.

Did you know that hot tub water has to be emptied and replenished every 40 days in certain cases? 

What should happen to all that water? What will it cost you, and how much will it cost you? It seems to be a complete waste of time. The following is a frequently asked question concerning method:


Is it possible to discharge a hot tub into a pool?

The straightforward response is:

Yes, a hot tub can be drained into a pool. 


Because most in-ground pools only need to be drained every 5 to 7 years, dumping your hot tub into the pool may save you money on sewage fees. The chemicals and filters in pools are much more powerful and aggressive than those in hot tub spas. Dumping a tiny quantity of water from a hot tub into a pool would have little effect on the pool’s water quality.

But let’s go a bit further into this.


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  • Draining Your Hot Tub: A Step-by-Step Guide 
  • Cleaning
  • Some Interesting Facts About Hot Tubs


What to do with the water from a drained hot tub

Aside from dumping your hot tub into the pool, there are a few more options for getting rid of the water that don’t include sewage! Let’s take a look at each one individually.

Just wanted to let you know…

It should be mentioned that before draining your water, you should verify your local rules for hot tub water drainage standards. Some of the techniques we provide may not be legal in your area. 

Your Plants Should Be Watered


You may recycle your hot tub system in a variety of ways as long as it is not a saltwater system. Watering your garden might be one of them. Gray water is water that has been processed or used several times and is no longer in its natural state. 

The gray water from your hot tub should be safe for plants if you’ve done the required maintenance and treatments, so the next step is to check the chemicals in the water.

You’re going to want to dilute the chlorine over a course of a week prior to draining. Once the chlorine is below 1.5ppm you can proceed to Your Plants Should Be Watered with the drained water from your hot tub. 

If your hot tub utilizes bromine, you’ll need a concentration of 2.0–4.0 ppm for your plants to be safe. The pH of the overall balance should be between 7.2 and 7.4. So, if all of these numbers are excellent, water those plants!

Cars and recreational vehicles should be washed. 


Many people utilize their old hot tub water to wash their automobiles and recreational vehicles with the use of a submersible pump. Because you can’t use a nozzle on the hose emptying your hot tub, this may be a bit hard. 

Many individuals state that they just water the grass in between cleaning and hosing their autos. That’s two recycling options in one! Just make sure your chemical and pH levels are within the appropriate ranges, as described earlier in the text, so your grass is not harmed! 

Make sure your pet has access to a swimming pool.


During the summer, my dogs love to play in kiddie pools, and a terrific method to fill up the kiddie pool without using any more water than necessary is to empty the hot tub water right into it! As long as the hot tub water has been properly treated, there should be no hazard or risk to your dogs!

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Draining Your Hot Tub: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Depending on whether you’re utilizing the hot tub’s spigot or a submersible pump, there are a few different methods to empty your hot tub. 

You’ll need to perform the following to install a submersible pump:

  1. Make sure your spa is turned off and unplugged from any power sources. It’s possible that leaving your spa running when there’s no water in it can cause harm. 
  2. Make sure your hose can reach the required drainage area with the pump submerged; if it can’t, you may consider obtaining an extension garden hose. 
  3. Allow the pump to continue running until the hot tub is completely empty.
  4. Turn off your pump and remove it from your hot tub when it has been completely emptied.

If you want to empty your hot tub using the spigot, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your hot tub is totally turned off and unplugged, just like the submersible pump.
  2. A main and auxiliary spigot are common in spas. Water is removed from the internal bleed lines using the auxiliary. Connect a garden hose to the main spigot.
  3. Drain the water by running the hose to the designated drainage place. 
  4. Move your hose to the auxiliary spigot and repeat the process to empty your bleed lines. 
  5. For thorough drainage, remember to open the ball valve on the spigot.

Watch this video to learn three simple ways to empty a hot tub.


This is the stage when many people start the cleaning procedure of their hot tub after it has been entirely emptied. To remove any residue, start by washing the hot tub with a hose. Did you know that vinegar can be used to clean a hot tub? It’s worth noting that any extra water supplied throughout the procedure may need to be drained again. 

Prior to refilling your spa, make sure all of your filters, plugs, and drain caps are in good working order. 


Some Interesting Facts About Hot Tubs

Now that you’ve refilled your hot tub and are ready to use it again, here are some intriguing things to consider while relaxing in the warm water.

  • Relaxing in your hot tub is a great way to get a good cardiovascular exercise. Hot baths raise heart volume in the same way that a cardio workout does. What a great idea!
  • Because your heart is attempting to regulate your body temperatures while you’re in the spa, your blood flow rises, allowing more oxygen to reach your cells. This truly aids in the reduction of blood pressure. If you have variable blood pressure, talk to your doctor before contemplating using a hot tube. 
  • If you’re worried about maintenance, a recent Caldera Spas poll found that 90 percent of hot tub owners claimed they didn’t find it difficult.
  • Perhaps you’re concerned about rising energy expenses, but 86 percent stated they haven’t seen an increase.
  • Did you know that the Jacuzzi brothers, who used to work in aviation manufacture, created the jets in hot tubs? 
  • Hot baths have existed since the dawn of time. Natural hot springs were utilized by some of the earliest civilizations, and public bathhouses were easily accessible in Rome for everybody to enjoy.
  • According to the New England Journal of Medicine, patients with Type 2 Diabetes who spent 10 days resting in a hot tub for 30 minutes each day lost weight, had lower insulin levels, and felt better. 
  • In November of 2012, the Guinness World Record for the most countries in one hot tub was established. In the hot tub, 26 guests from 26 different countries unwinded. More people from other countries begged to join in, but they were turned away since the tub was already full! 


The “pentair how to drain spa” is a question that has been asked before. The answer is yes, you can drain a hot tub into the pool. There are 3 other uses for this as well.

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