Can You Paint Outdoor Cushions?

If you’re looking to add some color and texture to your outdoor decor, this DIY project is a great way to get the job done.
This guide will teach you how to paint outdoor cushions using acrylic paints and stencils with step-by-step instructions from start to finish │

The “best paint for outdoor cushions” is a question that has been asked before. The best option would be to use a primer and then paint the cushion with your desired color.

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One thing is certain: throughout the spring and summer months, no house is complete without lovely cushions to complement the patio and outdoor furniture.

Painting them in distinctive styles and colors to complement the garden’s lovely blossoms is even better.


Many cushion enthusiasts choose to paint their own cushions, but “can you paint outdoor cushions?” is a topic that many home decorators continue to ask.


Yes, you can paint your outdoor cushions, and it’s a fun DIY project to do so. Regular paint will make the cushions rigid, so check for fabric paint at your local craft or hardware shop if you want softer pillows.

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  • Bringing Old Cushions Back to Life 
  • What Colors Should You Use On Your Outdoor Cushions?
  • How to Paint an Outdoor Cushion with Spray Paint
  • Conclusion


Bringing Old Cushions Back to Life 

Don’t be discouraged if you pull the cushions out of the attic or whatever storage space they’re in and discover that they’re a little worn.  

Outdoors furniture, particularly cushions, may become very worn out from being exposed to the weather outside and being carried back and forth from storage. 

Fashion trends change, regardless of whether your cushions are in pristine condition. Several years ago, rustic-style pillows with palm palms or certain flower designs were trendy; however, they are clearly out of style today!


Replacing your pillows might be pricey. The patterns offered at big box retailers aren’t really original, contemporary, or trendy, which is sad. It is always possible to stitch own pillows, but few individuals have the time or patience to do it. 

Don’t worry, fellow do-it-yourself cushion designers; we’ve come up with a solution. They should be painted! Painting your patio cushions is a great way to save money and have fun, as I indicated before. You’ll be blown away by how comfy, long-lasting, and attractive they are. It’s also a quick procedure.

What Colors Should You Use On Your Outdoor Cushions?

Clean any dirt or grime from your cushions using soap, a spray nozzle on your hose, and a brush for any stubborn dirt. Allow for complete drying.

If the paint has been sitting for a long period, make sure you mix it well. Make careful to scrape the bottom of the paint with a long paint stick for an uniform hue.

Many people dilute the paint to ensure smoother coverage on the cushion and avoid huge paint clumps that might occur when using thick paint. For ordinary paint, 1/2 cup water per gallon of paint is a decent starting point. Using a high quality paintbrush, apply the first layer of paint to the surface. Many of the Purdy brand paintbrushes have helped me achieve outstanding painting results.

If you use a low-grade paint brush, you will get brushstrokes. Make sure you’re using a decent brush at all times! Purchase a paintbrush that is appropriate for the sort of paint you want to use.

For (oil-based paints, stains, clear coat) and (chalk, milk, or clay) paints, natural bristle is preferable. Water-based paints and stains, as well as acrylic paints, benefit from good synthetic brushes.

You may start applying your paint evenly around the cushion with the diluted paint. When applying, be sure to use uniform, smooth strokes. Before applying a second coat, let the first one dry fully.

It’s important to bear in mind that cloth takes far longer to dry than furniture. The first coating may take several hours to dry fully. To ensure equal covering all around the cushions, you may need many coatings, maybe as many as 6-8.

If there are any remaining paint lumps, sand your cushion using 400 grit sandpaper to smooth them out. We’re talking about a quick, extremely light sanding approach to loosen up the paint just a little bit when it comes to the surface. Don’t go out and get all hot and bothered. Only a few strokes all over the surface are necessary to make the cushion somewhat softer. They’re now ready to add some flare to your backyard!

If you want to give your cushions a more weather-resistant surface, you may buy a variety of materials online or at your local hardware shop. 

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How to Paint an Outdoor Cushion with Spray Paint

Okay, this may seem strange, but trust me when I say that it exists. If you go to a horticulture shop or even a fabric store, you’ll find that they support the notion.

As previously said, make certain that the cushions are well cleaned. Dishwashing liquid, a spray nozzle on your hose, and a brush or towel may be used to do this. 

After you’ve cleaned all of the dirt from the cushion, let it dry in the sun for several hours or overnight.

It’s crucial to understand that the quantity of spray paint you’ll need depends on whether you want to entirely alter the color of your cushion. Even though you’ll be working with fabric paint, it’s still a good idea to wear gloves.

The job may be finished fast, and the paint dries in a matter of hours rather than days, as with other forms of paint. If you’re on a budget, we recommend choosing a hue that’s similar to your present one. If you don’t, you can wind up with two full cans on each cushion.

If you’re going from one extreme to the other, don’t be disheartened if it appears bad at first, even after a second layer. The third time is a charm, and you’ll begin to feel accomplished.

I should have mentioned previously that spray painting your cushion is only useful on extensively used cushions. If you have a modern UV-resistant cushion, it will not absorb the paint as fast and will be a waste of paint.

As long as you stick to fabric spray paint, the cushion doesn’t have to be firm. It will look lovely in the end, but not flawless. Purchasing new cushions is the best alternative if you want amazing cushions. 


Finally, after you’ve tried these tried-and-true techniques for painting outdoor cushions, you may never want to purchase new ones again. If you’re going to toss out some old pillows, consider painting them first. It just only a few dollars to paint and is a great first-time DIY project.


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