Can You Put a Solo Stove On A Wood Deck?

This question has been asked of AI-powered customer service chat bots, but is it even possible? The answer might surprise you.

The “solo stove deck mat” is a product that can be used to protect the wood deck from the heat of a solo stove. The product is made out of polypropylene, which will not burn or melt.

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A single stove makes an excellent backyard fire pit. All of the enjoyment of a fire pit, but without the mess of smoke. You may be asking whether you can use the solitary stove on your deck if you have one.

If you use the solo stove stand, you may safely operate a solo stove on a wood deck. An additional layer of security might be added by using a fire-resistant mat.

The heat from the solo stove should not be used directly on a wood deck without using the solo stove stand.


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  • Should I Use a Fire Pit Mat or a Stand? 
  • How far away from my house should the stove be?
  • Is it Possible to Use a Solo Stove on Other Decks? 
  • Last Thoughts 


Should I Use a Fire Pit Mat or a Stand? 

A single stove should not be put directly on a wood deck, since this might cause long-term damage. Instead, a solitary stove should be supported by a stand and, ideally, a fireproof carpet. There are advantages to utilizing both, but the single stand is a must-have.

A single stove comes with a stand on which you may place the firepit. The solitary stove stand is constructed of 304 stainless steel and has holes that allow leftover heat from the fire pit to escape. This implies that the heat from the single burner will be directed toward the stand rather than the hardwood deck. It will prevent any harm from occurring, such as burn marks or paint or stain damage. 

With the single stove and stand, you may also utilize a heat-resistant fireproof mat. If you’re really careful, you could also lay down four 12″ concrete pavers on your deck and use the solo stove while standing on top. However, utilizing the stove stand is important since it is the safest and most efficient approach to avoid damaging your deck. 

How far away from my house should the stove be?

Six feet is the recommended space between the single stove and your dwelling. This is a sufficient distance to prevent the flames from catching on anything and starting a home fire. 


To heat up, solo stoves utilize open flames, which may easily create mishaps if not handled carefully. Strong winds may take up the flames, which can subsequently ignite on anything combustible like a lawn chair or an outside umbrella. As a result, it’s suggested that you keep the stove at least six feet away from your residence, as well as anything combustible. 

Although a hardwood deck is combustible, the stand and a fireproof mat will keep the flames from sticking on it. You’ll be OK as long as the burner isn’t too close to anything combustible. 

Is it Possible to Use a Solo Stove on Other Decks? 

Other kinds of decks, such as hardwood and composite decks, may be used with a single stove. You’ll need to take the same care as you would with a hardwood deck, but the stoves are perfectly safe to use if you follow the safety requirements. 

Although hardwood decks are the most frequent, trex and composite decks are also popular. While a single burner may be used on such decks as well, the same safety considerations must be followed. You may also need to take additional steps to guarantee your own and others’ safety, as well as the safety of your outside things. 

On a Composite Deck, Using a Solo Stove

A composite deck is comprised of a wood fiber and plastic film composite material. If you utilize a stand and a fireproof mat, you may safely operate a solo stove on a composite deck. 

A solo stove stand and a fireproof mat are the two major items needed to operate a solo stove safely on a composite deck. The solo stand will provide enough clearance between the deck and the solo stove to avoid any potential harm.

A fireproof mat put underneath the stand will boost the level of protection and shield the deck from any heat radiated from the stove’s bottom. Here are the top composite decking options if you want to update your deck to composite.

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On a Hardwood Deck, Using a Solo Stove

Ipe, cumaru, garapa, and other hardwoods are used to construct a hardwood deck. A single stove may also be used on a wooden deck. Hardwood decks have a greater fire rating than most other woods due to their inherent density. Ipe is the most heat resistant decking on the market, with a Class A Fire Rating.

A hardwood deck can withstand more heat than a composite deck or even a typical wood deck. Only the single stove stand is required with an Ipe deck.

Last Thoughts 

The solo stove is a terrific smoke-free fire pit, but it should only be used on a wood deck with the solo stand. We have the Yukon model and have had no problems using it on our pressure-treated stained deck. On Black Friday, we purchased the Yukon package, which included the stand and shield, to prevent heat and sparks on our deck.

I can’t say enough positive things about Solo stove fire pits, and I hope we’ve addressed your question regarding whether or not you should use one on your wood deck.


The “solo stove stand alternative” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is yes, you can put a solo stove on a wood deck.

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