Can You Roast Marshmallows Over a Propane Fire Pit?

The best way to roast marshmallows on a propane fire pit is by using the indirect method, but when you have just one stick and four mugs, it’s not feasible. Instead of trying to rotate the cups around while they are also holding onto their respective sticks, try this alternative:
Turn your mug upside down into the cup holder in front of you (dangling off the side) and place a long-handled spatula inside of it. Then use your hands to hold onto both ends of that utensil so that its handles point away from each other like two forked tongues.

The “can you make s’mores on a gas fire pit” is a question that has been asked before. It’s not possible to roast marshmallows over a propane fire pit, but you can still enjoy the traditional campfire treat.

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Owning a propane fire pit has a lot of benefits, but before you use it for all of your outdoor cooking dreams, check sure it’s safe for the activities you plan to conduct with it.

Roasting marshmallows over a gas fire pit is completely safe. When propane is burnt, it creates no hazardous compounds, thus anything cooked with it is safe to consume. While using propane for marshmallow roasting is safe, various things might alter the flavor and quality of your marshmallows. 


The flavor and healthiness of food cooked over your fire pit may be affected by how clean the fire pit is, what you burn in it, and where it’s located.


You and your family may have the ideal fireside experience by following correct maintenance and cooking techniques. Here are the most important things to remember while roasting marshmallows over a gas fire pit.

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Using a Propane Fire Pit to Roast Marshmallows

Marshmallows may be safely roasted over a propane flame without affecting their flavor or scent. The propane has no odor of its own. It includes ethanethiol, an additive that permits it to be smelled in the event of a leak. 

Ethanethiol is burned together with the propane and does not contaminate food. The only threat to your marshmallow is the fire itself, as well as any debris in the fire pit.

Over time, debris accumulates in fire pits. Materials that fall into the pit burn, releasing particles that may come into touch with the meal you’re cooking. Here’s everything you need to know about marshmallows with bad flavors and odors.


Always roast in a sanitized fire pit.

A well-kept fire pit is the first step toward safe and tasty marshmallows. 

  • Clean your fire pit on a regular basis to remove soot, grime, and burnt food fragments.
  • Many propane fire pits feature fire glass, which is simple to clean.
  • If you use your fire pit to burn wood, be sure to wipe away the ashes and replace the burnt wood with new wood.

When roasting marshmallows, use caution when doing so.

Keep in consideration how your pit will be utilized to prepare meals. The safety of everyone who uses a lighted pit depends on establishing guidelines and keeping a watch on it.

  • Always keep an eye on the kids. When small children are roasting their sweets, an adult should always be present. Teach children how to roast marshmallows without setting them ablaze, since burnt food is harmful.
  • Allowing huge bits of food to fall into the pit is not a good idea. Have you ever attempted to remove a burned lump of marshmallow from a fire pit’s side? It’s difficult to get rid of those material. 
  • Use two-pronged skewers to roast your meal. This will give you a better hold on your meal. Plus, when you attempt to flip your marshmallow, it won’t fall off the skewer.
  • Never cook food over a fire that has been started by the burning of plastic or other items. Only use your pit for food, and find alternative methods to get rid of waste and plastic.

Preventative Actions

A competent defense is the greatest attack. Take precautions to keep undesired things out of outdoor fire pits, which are often found alongside trees and other vegetation.

  • When the pit isn’t in use, cover it to keep leaves and debris out.
  • Invest in a fire pit that has a lid or cover. A simple tarp can keep debris out of a pit that doesn’t have a cover.
  • Consider placing the pit beneath a patio cover or away from trees, where debris is less likely to fall in.

Wood Fire vs. Propane

Perhaps you’re thinking of replacing your wood fire with a gas fire pit. If that’s the case, you’ll be relieved to learn that cooking with propane is really safer than cooking with wood for many reasons.

  • A propane fire pit may be turned off right away.
  • Propane may be adjusted to alter the degree of heat.
  • Unlike propane, wood smoke contains particles that may adhere to food.

Keep in mind that the enhanced control and safety of a propane fire pit comes at a greater cost than a wood-burning fire pit. A propane fire pit takes longer to set up and costs more than a regular fire pit. When you include in the expense of replenishing propane tanks on a regular basis, propane becomes the more expensive option.

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Although gas fire pits might be costly, many individuals see the additional money as an investment in their family’s and property’s safety. Spending extra money now to lessen the danger of fire damage might save you money later.

Top Propane Fire Pits for Marshmallow Roasting

Want to go with a safer propane fire pit but aren’t sure where to start? These are a handful of the most marshmallow-worthy alternatives for you to investigate, according to the people at Backyard Boss.

Propane Fire Bowl Endless Summper


Pros Cons
The ideal combination of quality and price Ideal for patios with limited area Included are natural lava rocks. It includes a protective cover. Propane controls are easily accessible to children. When exposed to rain, it is susceptible to rust.

With its attractive space-saving design and excellent Amazon ratings, this well-known propane pit takes the top spot on the list. It not only gives a stylish appearance to any outside location, but it also offers a heat source for roasting s’mores.

THE COMFORTABLE Propane Fire Pit Table


This magnificent propane fire table, which comes in second on the list, takes outdoor enjoyment to the next level with its appealing contemporary design and massive size. If you have the room and funds, this fire table offers an attractive center point for any patio setup.

Pros Cons
Modern and sleek design The long fire pit ensures that marshmallows are not roasted in a crowded environment. Food and drink may be served at the table. Included are natural lava rocks. prohibitive in terms of cost It takes up a lot of patio area and does not come with blue fire glass. To move, at least two persons are required.

Fire Bowl by Camplux


Perhaps you’re looking for a fire pit that you can take with you. If that’s the case, the Outland Fire Bowl is a fantastic choice. It is not just the most cost-effective choice on our list, but its small size and simple setup make it excellent for camping and other activities away from home.

Pros Cons
Design that is both compact and portable Setup requires no tools, and it’s CSA-approved for usage during most campfire bans. For all types of homes and lifestyles, this is the ideal beginner pit. You can’t toast as many marshmallows at once. Produces less heat than conventional fire pits and wood fires.

Last Thoughts

Finally, cooking marshmallows over your gas fire pit is a safe, easy, and enjoyable activity. It even outperforms typical wood fires in terms of health and safety.

You’ll have many wonderful nights nibbling on warm golden marshmallows while basking in the light of your gas fire if you pick the right fire pit for you, maintain it correctly, and follow safe cooking procedures. In this post, you’ll learn when fire pits are most likely to be on sale, as well as our selection of the best fire pits we could discover.


The “best propane fire pit for ‘s mores” is an outdoor cooking device that can be used to roast marshmallows. It’s a great way to get the family together and enjoy some time outside.

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