Deck Railing Ideas: 23 Types and Styles for Your Deck

When it comes to deck railing ideas, there are many styles and types that homeowners can choose from. With so much variety in designs, you might feel overwhelmed when trying to decide what style of railing will work best for your home’s exterior design. What follows is a list of 23 popular railings that have stood the test of time and provide unique decorative texture to any outdoor living space:
1) Railings with balusters-
2) Beaded Railings-
3) Craftsman Style Rails-
4) Curved Railing Ideas -5) Fluted Railing Ideas -6). Goose neck railings

Deck railing ideas are an important part of deck building. Inexpensive deck railing ideas will not only save you money, but they can also make your deck look better. Read more in detail here: inexpensive deck railing ideas.

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Are you seeking for deck railing designs that will inspire you? You don’t understand how vital the rails are for the right aesthetic until you start constructing your deck. You have the option of going horizontal, vertical, or a mix of both. We’ll show you some of our favorite deck railings that we’ve came across in this post.

Deck railings may range from simple and practical to stunning designs that make the deck stand out. We had ground level decks in two of the three properties we’ve lived in, so we didn’t need deck railings.

We redid a piece of the deck on our two-story home and used wooden vertical deck rails for the remainder of the job. It was the quickest and cheapest option to get the deck. Sometimes you want to be sophisticated, but the simplest solution is the best.




Styles of Deck Railings

It’s fascinating to see all of the many deck railing types available. Here are a few of our favorites that we’ve either used or would consider using if they matched our home’s aesthetic.

Branch panels are more rustic in nature, and they may be fashioned from real tree branches in various forms as well as man-made panels scrolled to seem like tree branches. Both are lovely, yet they are extremely different.


Wooden railing that runs vertically

This was an older home, and we had to replace the decking. There was a pool on the original deck, which had to be removed. We redid the deck and repaired some of the wood railings surrounding it after we removed the pool. Of course, we used rope lighting since it was the simplest way to illuminate the deck on this one.


Here’s another set of vertical wood deck rails we made for a friend’s mother in a similar manner. The bedroom door leads to a deck with similar railings, which lead to a pool that is not visible in the shot.

These are fantastic. 1 x 4 pressure treated wood with 4 x 4 supports and 1 x 6 railing top, which may be used to hold candles or solar lights.


The wonderful thing about the railing tops is that we utilized leftover decking planks since they were already rounded over from the deck installation.


Deck Railing Bench

This is a fantastic way to increase the amount of sitting on your deck. Extra chairs are a great way to keep your deck clutter-free, but they’re also great if you’re having a backyard party and need more sitting options.


Bench railing provides a dual role by providing both railing and seating. If you hold a lot of parties on your deck, bench railing is ideal for accommodating a large number of people.

Railings made of cable


When you have a view like the pic above, you don’t want to have bulky railing disturbing the scenery. Railings made of cable is a beautiful, modern style that is lowest for view obstruction, besides the glass railing style.

You can either go horizontal Railings made of cable, vertical, or grid layout too.

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Deck Railings Made of Wrought Iron

If you’ve ever been in an older city like New Orleans, you’ve probably seen Deck Railings Made of Wrought Iron everywhere. As Victorian style, the wrought iron railing will likely outlast most any other structure.


You might alternatively hire a local wrought iron business to create something more akin to a rural setting, such as this:

Deck Railing with Ropes

You can get as simple or as ornate as you want to with Deck Railing with Ropes. Most nautical themed decks will showcase this look.


Chippendale Staircase

This is a unique craftsman style railing with an X-shaped wood design made of wood blocks.

Horizontal Rustic Wood Railing

Something really primitive like this may be done around your deck. You’ll notice a lot of this type around natural water features, such as a lake or river, if you live near one.

It’s normally rough wood sliced into odd shapes and fastened to notches in the wood posts, making it a bit more difficult to change out the railing since it’s all made together.


Metal Railing in the Vertical Position

Metal Railing in the Vertical Positions gives a more upper scale feel and can be painted if wanted. A big movement has been copper railing, but that can be difficult to maintain since copper has a tendency to tarnish green in the elements.


Metal Horizontal Railing

This is a lovely way to display your deck if you want the horizontal metal rail style. Everything but the posts is traveling in the same direction, which I find more attractive to the eye. All of the rails and railcaps are horizontal. One of my favorite horizontal fence types is this one.

Deck Railing with Privacy Fence

This is more of an aesthetic distinction, but instead of railings, you might build a privacy fence for your deck.


Railing with Turned Spindles in the Traditional Style

This is what comes to mind when you think of southern charm and sipping sweet tea on your porch. You can also use these spindles to add to your deck railings.

These will be more difficult to install and cost more than a plain 2 x 2 wood spindle, but they will give your deck railings more depth and detail.

1647336613_708_Deck-Railing-Ideas-23-Types-and-Styles-for-Your-DeckWith a view of the ocean, a red rocking chair and table with iced tea

Vertical Rustic Deck Railing

The vertical railing provides just the appropriate amount of rustic feel to your deck railing, similar to the horizontal railing in design.

You have the option of covering your deck in a circular or square pattern.


Deck Railings Made of Glass


How beautiful is Deck Railings Made of Glass? Absolutely no view obstruction, which is great for areas likes the mountains or anywhere with a beachview.

Material for Deck Railings


Most wood railings are perceived as being vertical between the posts, and this is the traditional railing. This prevents anyone from climbing up the horizontal balusters and attempting to jump over the deck railing.

Pexiglass and glass

Some people like tempered glass since it allows them to see everything beyond their deck without being obstructed by spindles. Because you want to keep them clean, the upkeep might be a little pricey. If birds can see through the glass, they may fly into them by mistake.


Cable lines are fantastic for confining, but they don’t hinder your view of your yard too much. They’ll most likely be horizontal designs with a more modern or contemporary vibe to them.


Metal railings are perhaps the second most common after wood, and for simplicity of usage and maintenance, many business and residential buildings will utilize metal. They should also endure longer since there is less risk of wood decay.


You can find rope as the main material for some deck rails. This gives the deck area a ship or boat feel. Although most cruise ships’ rails are horizontal metal or Railings made of cables.


Adding a railing system to your deck can offer even more design and depth, and there are many possibilities for how you can make your deck appear amazing.

To ensure that the style you desire complies with local requirements, check with your local legislation to learn what is necessary for deck railings.


The “minimal deck railing ideas” is a type of deck railing that has been used for centuries. It is a simple, yet elegant design that can be found all over the world. The minimal deck railing is often paired with other styles to create a beautiful, cohesive look.

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