Echo CS-600P Review

When you’re looking for a chainsaw, it’s normal that you want the machine to do the work for you and not you for it. But not only that, you want a machine that withstands the harshest conditions, that withstands the test of time, that has good performance and easily cut any wood. Next we will see if the Echo CS590 chain saw is right for you.

With the Echo CS-590 Wolf Wood Chainsaw with 20″ Bar you will have absolutely no problem when it comes to cutting any type of tree, clear the undergrowth of all fallen trees. This is a chainsaw for you, its engine is turned on with the first pull and it’s not very cumbersome. You’ll have control over the machine and not her over you. You can use it for both large jobs that require hardness up to small cleaning work.

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At the push of a button, the user of this chain saw decreases the compression of the cylinder which makes starting this machine too simple, only with the first pull. If you want to see how much fuel you have left to use your chainsaw, just take a look at the translucent tank that will allow you to clearly see the level it has. The grease system is fully adjustable and automatically greases the chain, all to make your work easier and save you time. Although the air filter does not fill up as fast as, perhaps, other saw filters, the user can check it without the need for tools.

The twenty-inch bar that comes with the Timber Wolf is laminated. It is made of high performance Chrome-moly Pro-Lite steel with Pro-Am,and canbe replaced by 18 or 24 inch bars.Performing this replacement is very simple and will only take a couple of minutes. The tools you need for check-up and maintenance are included in the Echo box. One of the tools is the”scrench”used to tighten the sensor screw, and the clutch cover nuts.

The Timber Wolf chain saw takes user safety first and foremost, and has a number of safety measures, such as the automatic chain brake. If the saw starts to recede, the front hand guard hits the user’s hand and puts the brake on, which stops the chain. The back hand protection underneath protects the wearer’s hand from the chain if it breaks or exits the slot. The user can install the back guard at the end of the bar to make the saw even less prone to rewind.

The other chainsaw we’re going to show you is the CS-600P, which is incredibly even better than the CS-590.

  • Three different warranties: 5 years for residential use, 1 year for professional use and 90 days if used as a rental
  • 59.8 cc, 2-stroke engine with 3.89 hp, lots of power even for old and dry hardwood
  • Digital ignition
  • Spur gear (not as pretty as the rim sprocket on the CS-600P)
  • The carburetor is a butterfly valve diaphragm.
  • Holds 21.8 liquid ounces of fuel
  • Weighs 3.2 pounds without the bar and chain, fuel and oil

In the box you will find the saw, the bar, the chain, the tool and the manual.

The owner’s manual has a lot of useful information and the ECHO website has many instructional videoss

Maybe the CS-600p chainsaw doesn’t have a rude, intimidating name like the Timber Wolf, but don’t be confused by that. This is the best quality machine from the manufacturer. The engines are the same on both saws, but the CS-600P has a clutch drum with a replaceable rim sprocket,which will save you money inthe long run.Instead of a plastic handle, the CS-600P has rubber-coated aluminum,which makes it easier to grab.The bar is made of PowerMatch, a true material ofthe highest quality on the market, rather than alaminated as timber Wolf’s bar. The nose of the bar is even replaceable. All these advantages that this chainsaw gives you ensure that you can use it for a long time without damage, the durability of this product is guaranteed.

Weighs a little more than the Timber Wolf at 13.3 pounds before adding bars, chains, oil and fuel

  • 5-year residential warranty, 1 year for professional use and 90 days if used as a rental
  • 59.8cc, 2-stroke motor with 3.89Hp and digital ignition
  • Accepts bars 16, 18, 20, 24 and 27 inches long.
  • Holds 21.8 ounces of fuel
  • Butterfly Valve Diaphragm Carburetor
  • Comes with saw, bar, chain, tool and manual.

If you constantly need a chainsaw for very hard jobs, which require more resistance, it is much more advisable to purchase the Echo CS-600P for a little more of the money you would pay for the CS-590. As the CS-600P is less likely to suffer some damage due to its better construction and design, you’ll spend less on maintaining it, making it a better investment.

No tree is sturdy enough for the Timber Wolf. It has all the power it takes to make even the hardest work effortless.

Extensive study is not required to know how to use the Timber Wolf, as it is really intuitive and practical. There is not once when this agile machine cannot carry out the work. All users recommend it.

The CS-600P’s chain brake lever is an astonishing one, as it makes an extremely sharp and tapered shift. In addition, the CS-600P also features an engine with a wide torque curve, a convenient on/off switch and useful and efficient decompression valves and air filters. It starts whenever you are required without any problems,almost always within the first four pulls, and gives you great maneuverability at work because of how light this chainsaw is. It can cut even the toughest of woods.

This chainsaw may not have many extras and special features, but to be honest that’s not what a user has in mind when buying a chainsaw. Those who usually do this work what they really ask is that it be hard, sturdy, and that it cuts the wood without squeaking.

If you’re going to be cutting wood all day, it’s no problem for the CS-600P. It will not have even the slightest trace of wear. All you have to do is recharge the fuel, and you’re done, you can keep cutting wood as long as you want. And when we talk about durability, we also mean the years that you will have available this chain saw running without damage from wear.

Maneuvering this chainsaw does not require any serious effort as it is absolutely light. And there is no wood that opposes real resistance against this powerful machine. It will cut the wood evenly and without breaking it as if it were chopping a cheese. The power is provided by its large motor with wide torque curve.

But despite all this, the first thing the customer really sees is the price. It’s certainly not cheap at all. But as we have already mentioned, its great power, maneuverability and endurance make it worthwhile, and it’s really a good investment. When the years pass and you still have your chainsaw as new, you probably won’t regret it.

Like the Timber Wolf, the CS-600P features a 59.8cc engine and a 20-inch bar, but the way it’s designed and looks much better, resulting in better cutting performance.That’s not to say it can’t be used for both, but if you want to clear a lot of trees quickly and worry about firewood later, this might be the best option. This model is also bright orange, with a rear handle and a five-year consumer warranty.

The same users claim, this chainsaw continues to perform amazingly after several years of having purchased it and giving it frequent use.


  • An engine that is both powerful and efficient.
  • Effective for cutting large amounts of medium to large trees
  • Interchangeable bar size
  • 5-Year Warranty


  • A 20-inch bar might not be able to handle exceptionally large trees
  • More suitable for logging than bucking.