Electric vs. Propane Patio Heater: Which One to Choose?

When you’re about to buy a patio heater for your home, what’s on your mind? The type of fuel it runs off of. Propane is the most common choice because it’s cheap and easy to find as well as slightly more efficient than electric heaters in some cases. But if you are looking for an environmentally friendly option that gets better efficiency from propane-powered appliances, then an electric patio heater might be worth considering.

The “electric patio heater” is a type of heating device that uses electricity to heat up the air. The electric patio heater is able to use less fuel than other types of heating devices, such as propane and wood.

Patio heaters are a terrific way to make your outside area seem more inviting. Electric and Patio Heaters Powered by Propane are the two kinds of patio heaters. On frigid evenings, these patio heaters can keep you toasty.




Electric patio heaters are usually the superior option. Electric patio heaters are less expensive in the long run and are better for the environment.

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Patio Heaters Powered by Propane, on the other hand, may be transported to wherever they are required. While electric patio heaters are normally the preferable option, Patio Heaters Powered by Propane may be more appropriate for specific situations and activities.


In this article, you’ll learn why the electric patio heater is superior and why it’s the best choice for your backyard. You’ll also discover when gas patio heaters are the better alternative.

More information about each kind of patio heater is included below, as well as some excellent alternatives for heating your outside area. 



  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • There are three heat settings available: 600, 900, and 1500 watts.
  • The exterior is black.
  • Weather-resistant

Patio Heater by Air Choice


  • 1500 watts maximum
  • It quickly heats up.
  • There is no fan on this model since it is designed to be silent.
  • Warranty is for two years.
  • Usability both inside and out
  • As a heating element, halogen tubing is employed.
  • Waterproof
  • Included is a remote control.

Electric Patio Heaters for Umbrellas

On the pole of an umbrella, an umbrella-mounted heater is attached. The majority of these heaters are foldable. This is possibly the smallest patio heater available. 

Below are top-rated Electric Patio Heaters for Umbrellas that have stellar reviews:

Patio Umbrella Heater with Electric Parasol


  • Heating element using infrared radiation
  • The umbrella shuts the foldable heater.
  • There are three power levels: 500, 1000, and 1500 watts.
  • Heats an area of up to 12 square feet.
  • There are no tools required for installation.

Patio Heater with Electric Parasol/Umbrella


  • Heats an area of up to 15 square feet.
  • It may be utilized both indoors and outdoors.
  • Waterproof
  • Temperature controls on many levels
  • 1500 watts maximum
  • It immediately heats up.
  • Design that can be folded
  • Warranty is for one year.

Electric Patio Heaters Mounted on the Wall

Electric Patio Heaters Mounted on the Wall are a permanent installation. Some have the option of attaching to a tripod or the wall, but most only work when horizontal, which can take up lots of room on a tripod. 

Here are a few terrific wall-mounted patio heaters to think about: 

Patio Heater by TRUSTECH


  • It immediately heats up.
  • 500, 1000, and 1500 watts of heat are available.
  • After 12 hours, it will turn off on its own.
  • Overheating protection
  • Quiet
  • Capabilities both inside and out
  • Functions of the timer
  • Included is a remote control.

1500W Dr. Infrared Patio Heater


  • Display with LEDs
  • Included is a remote control.
  • Timer with a 24-hour setting
  • Option to turn off the light automatically
  • It quickly heats up.
  • It may be utilized both indoors and outdoors.
  • Adjustable angle of 90 degrees
  • Ten power settings 1500 watts maximum
  • Life expectancy is 5000-5500 hours. 
  • Heating element using infrared radiation


Electric Patio Heaters that Stand Alone

Finally, there is a type that is a free-standing electric heater. Because they radiate heat in such a restricted range, they are less frequent in outdoor environments. They also take up a lot of room without producing much heat.

You may use the following free-standing electric patio heater: 

TS17 Compact Electric Fireplace Stove by TURBRO Suburbs


  • When the device is tipped over, it automatically shuts off.
  • Weatherproof
  • Tripod that can be adjusted
  • Mobility is possible thanks to the 13-foot electrical cable.
  • Operation that is completely silent

Electric patio heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes. You may choose from a variety of finishes and four distinct models to choose the electric heater that best fits your needs. Many of them have the ability to seem stylish and sophisticated.

Which Electric Patio Heater Is the Best?

It might be difficult to choose the right electric patio heater from the four models and two kinds of heating components. Here are some electric heater recommendations to help you choose the best solution for you:

The Most Popular Option: Wall-Mounted Electric Patio Heater: Electric Patio Heaters Mounted on the Wall can provide the perfect amount of heat, especially if your patio is enclosed. 

  • For big patios, this is a fantastic option.
  • Allows you to adjust the heating element’s angle up or down.
  • It immediately heats up.
  • You may use a tripod or a wall mount.

The Most Ingenious Design: Umbrella-Mounted Electric Patio Heater: The umbrella-mounted electric patio heater is the most space-efficient.

  • Excellent for uncovered patios that need an umbrella.
  • It warms up your outside eating area.
  • Folds up like an umbrella and may be stored.
  • It has the ability to heat a big area (12-15 square feet)

Free-standing electric patio heater is the most portable option.

  • Longer cables are usually included.
  • You may rotate and relocate it as desired.
  • It quickly heats up.

Hanging Electric Patio Heater is the most permanent installation.

  • Can be used to heat a sitting or dining space.
  • It emits a warm glow.
  • The majority of installations are permanent, particularly when employing a hard-wired connection rather than an outlet.
  • Controls may be done via a remote or a pull string.

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Patio Heaters Powered by Propane



  • Design with wheels for convenient transportation
  • 87-inch height with a 33-inch heat shield
  • A 20-pound propane tank is used.
  • BTUs: 48,000
  • A table that may be adjusted is supplied.

Propane BELLEZE Heater for the Patio


  • BTUs: 48,000
  • 87 inches in height
  • Finished in copper
  • Aluminum shield, 32″
  • Table that can be adjusted
  • Wheels are included for convenient transportation.

Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheels from Amazon Basics


  • BTU: 46,000
  • Shutdown of the automatic safety valve
  • Start with a simple push of a button.
  • With built-in wheels, it’s quite portable.

Tabletop Patio Heaters Powered by Propane

The propane desktop heater is significantly less prevalent. These are less practical since you can spend a little more money and get a free-standing heater that produces greater heat. When making your purchase, remember to evaluate the BTU output of each model. 

Below are two excellent tabletop patio heater options:

Electric Patio Heater by Fire Sense


  • Auto-shutdown in the event of a tip-over
  • 35″ in height
  • BTUs: 10,000
  • Usability both outside and inside

Hiland Patio Heater on a Table


  • 38″ in height
  • With a simple push of a button, you can start your car.
  • Heats up to a radius of 26.5 feet
  • BTUs: 11,000
  • Umbrella, 21in

Which Propane Patio Heater Is the Best?

You may now be thinking which propane patio heating solution is ideal for you. When picking between a standing propane patio heater and a tabletop propane patio heater, there are a few factors to consider.

A tabletop propane patio heater is better appropriate in the following situations:

  • You’d want a smaller area to be warmed up.
  • For use on a dining table or end table outside.
  • You want something that is simple to transport.

A standing propane patio heater is better appropriate in the following situations:

  • You’d want a greater room to be warmed up.
  • Due to the higher size and weight of the propane tank, mobility is a bit more difficult.
  • You want people to be able to congregate around the heater on all sides.

Final Thoughts

An electric patio warmer is, in general, the preferable choice. Your outside area will be well heated with an electric or propane patio heater. However, depending on your backyard and patio settings, the gas heater option may be preferable. Don’t forget to read our article on how to keep your outdoor heater correctly.

Electric patio heaters are preferable as lower-cost permanent installations but do have limited portability. Patio Heaters Powered by Propane heat a considerable amount of space and offer continuous heat as long as there is propane in their tanks. 


An electric patio heater is a device that heats up the air around it and you can control the temperature with a thermostat. A propane patio heater, on the other hand, uses gas to heat up the air. Reference: home depot patio heater.

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