Precision plays an important role in several woodworking projects such deck building. Those involved in woodworking count upon the table saw for taking care of the precision factor. Be it for cutting wood to particular dimensions, or making rabbets or dados, there is no way you can do without a quality table saw. If you want to invest in a sturdy table saw that comes at a decent price, there are slim chances of finding any better than the new Factory-Reconditioned Skil 3410-01-RT 15 Amp 10-in Table Saw with Heavy-Duty Stand!

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Portable and easy to assemble

The steel stand with quick mount is easy to set up. The included instruction book is easy to understand. The assembly, in short, is a breeze. This table saw, which comes with a heavy duty stand, can be easily transported from one place to another.

Accuracy is the word !

It is equipped with a self aligning rip fence for making accurate measurements. For the uninitiated, a rip fence is used to enable a table saw to slice or rip materials into narrower dimensions. It is also provided with EZ view measurement system which helps in making accurate settings.


It boasts of a 3-1/2-in cut height capacity. This helps it to cuts through 4x materials.
This 10-inch table saw is powered by a 120 V motor.
It runs at a no-load RPM of 5000.
It features a 20-in x 26-in large die-cast aluminum table.
This power tool is furnished with 2 blade wrenches.
It features a carbide-tooth blade.
It is furnished with a miter gauge. A miter gauge comes handy in guiding work pieces when making cross cuts.
This table saw is a factory refurbished product. This implies that the product has been returned to the manufacturer, who has revived the product to new condition. Some products may feature cosmetic blemishes.

Customers’ opinion

Though the new Factory-Reconditioned Skil 3410-01-RT 15 Amp 10-in Table Saw with Heavy-Duty Stand has not been reviewed by many customers, its effective functionality and reliable performance is sure to generate positive reviews. The one customer who has reviewed the product at cannot get enough of it. He has awarded it a full 5 rating. Those who are still not decided about buying the product, a trip to Amazon can help them make up their minds.

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