Funny Outdoor Signs for Your Backyard

You’re sitting on the porch, enjoying a cold one and some company when suddenly your neighbor’s kids sneak out from behind their fence. Before you know it, they’ve pulled up that funny outdoor sign for your yard – now stuck to your front door! The best solution is probably just to leave them there so others can enjoy too.

Outdoor signs are a great way to add some humor to your backyard. These funny signs will have you laughing all year long! Read more in detail here: outdoor signs for backyard.

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Have you ever been driving through your neighborhood and come to a complete stop due to a humorous outdoor sign? Outdoor signs have become household favorites, whether they contain a sardonic greeting to a property, a political punch at a candidate, or a funny barb at solicitors. They’re a unique approach to make your house stand out.


There are many types of humorous outdoor signs that homeowners may display in their yards. It’s crucial to remember that the sign you exhibit tells the world something about you. This isn’t simply a passing remark to a coworker or, even worse, a social media post. These signage inform the public about who you are and what you think.

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  • Funny Outdoor Signs in a Variety of Styles
  • Politics-Inspired Funny Signs
  • Solicitors make for amusing signs based on something no one likes.
  • Music, landscapes, and alcohol are all examples of everyday home signs.
  • Your Family and Residence


Funny Outdoor Signs in a Variety of Styles

Around one-fifth of individuals say they have a sign in their yard, and many of them choose amusing outdoor signage. Signage advertising political candidates or commercials are frequent, but humorous outdoor signs are much more entertaining. There are many types of amusing outdoor signage, including the ones listed below. 

  • Politically amusing outdoor signage
  • Solicitors/no solicitation signs are amusing outdoor signage.
  • Outdoor billboards concerning alcohol that are amusing
  • Music-themed outdoor signage are amusing.
  • Outdoor signage concerning gardens and gardening are amusing.
  • Outside, there are several amusing caution signs.
  • Visitors and/or trespassers are shown in amusing outdoor signage.
  • Neighbors are mocked with amusing exterior signage.
  • Outdoor banners that make fun of yourself and your house

There are just too many amusing outdoor signage to keep track of. They mock current or former politicians, frighten solicitors, and even taunt one’s own neighbors. To help you chuckle, here are three typical types and several instances of each:

Politics-Inspired Funny Signs

Politics isn’t always enjoyable, and it may lead to heated debate. When done well, though, political outdoor signs may be funny. There are amusing political signs for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and everyone in between, regardless of political membership. The following are some hilarious signs that may be seen on the internet:

  • 2020 is the year of the cats. Because people are a pain in the neck.
  • Politicians and diapers should be changed often. They’re both doing it for the same reason.
  • (Insert the name of the party here)… We’re not perfect, but they’re completely insane…
  • If all the politicians were drowning and you only had time to save one, what would you do? What Kind of Sandwich Would You Make if You Had to Make One?
  • Friends Aren’t Allowed to Vote (insert party here).
  • Everyone’s “It’s Not My Fault, Blame It On 2020.”
  • Elle and Bruiser Woods in the year 2020… We’re both vegetarian Geminis. (This is a reference to the 2001 film “Legally Blonde.”)

A humorous yard sign is more than just a fun way to dress up your front or backyard. What’s written on the yard sign is a reflection of you—your personality, ethics, and, yes, political ideas. If you’re concerned about endorsing a political candidate or idea, even in jest, stick to the folks that everyone despises: solicitors.

Solicitors make for amusing signs based on something no one likes.

The door-to-door sales sector is nevertheless a successful one, selling anything from windows to solar panels to restaurant menus. Many homeowners, on the other hand, dislike being approached at home on their front porch. Fortunately, there are several amusing outdoor signs that may be used in both residential and commercial settings to deter solicitors:


  • We’re too poor to purchase anything from you; we don’t want “free” solar panels; we already have a security system; and we already know who we’ll vote for; only knock if you have Thin Mints.
  • Please, unless you are Amazon or have tacos, refrain from soliciting.
  • Please don’t ring the doorbell since our baby is asleep, the dog is barking, and we are exhausted. We discovered religion, we adore our vacuum cleaner, we have an excellent security system, and our children sell the same garbage as yours.
  • Have a pleasant day and go on unless you are here to babysit or clean the home for free.
  • Lawyers will be devoured by zombies.
  • GO AWAY 

When the notice “no solicitation” does not work, funny outdoor signage might help frighten salespeople away. They may deter solicitors from wasting your time by attempting to sell you anything. Making fun of oneself, on the other hand, is the finest sort of comedy. There are many different sorts of ordinary exterior house signage that make people giggle.

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Music, landscapes, and alcohol are all examples of everyday home signs.

There are a variety of hilarious outdoor signs to let your neighbors know you’re having fun or need some space. Funny outdoor signs may be wonderful icebreakers, whether they’re about your yard, your favorite music, or simply drinking a cocktail. They may also be used to keep nosy neighbors at bay.


Some people are not ashamed of their alcoholism or their desire to consume it.

  • Because no great narrative has ever begun with someone eating a salad.

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Everyone realizes how much music means to them. Some individuals desire to express their love with an outside sign.

  • Whether they like it or not, our neighbors listen to beautiful music.

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  • Loud music is a danger.

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Signs for the Garden

Do not stop at your garden if you like gardening and are proud of it! Make a public announcement using an outdoor sign.

  • Pull your own weeds for free. 

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  • Cast iron – This weather-resistant sign is constructed of cast iron and has a beautiful bronze patina.
  • Eco-friendly lawn care – Instead of spraying your grass with harmful chemicals, remove a few weeds. Perhaps other tourists will chip in as well.


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  • When you speak trash to me, I enjoy it.

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  • One component dirt, two parts water, and three parts positive thought, according to the gardener’s formula!

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Stupid Warnings

These aren’t actual cautions; rather, they’re amusing warnings designed to draw attention and make people laugh.

  • Warning! This sign is just a gimmick.

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  • This property is being guarded by a well-trained snake.

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  • No matter what the hens say, keep the gate shut.


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  • Please do not attempt to feed the Sasquatch.


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Neighbors and Visitors

These funny outdoor signs poke fun at Neighbors and Visitors. If you choose to put these signs in your yard, hopefully, you have light-hearted people with a sense of humor in your neighborhood. 

  • Please go off my property, hippity hoppity. 

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  • It makes no difference to me whether you see me in my yard. If I say I’m not at home, I mean it.

Your Family and Residence

Even if you’re making amusing outdoor posters about oneself, keep in mind that comedy is subjective. What you find amusing might be insulting to the couple that lives just across the street. A hilarious outdoor sign, on the other hand, may be the spark that leads to a new friendship. Take a look at some of the greatest welcome porch signs for your backyard, as well as tiki bar signs!

A humorous exterior sign about your family or property might help you build connection with a new neighbor. Someone will like being with you if you make them laugh. Finally, everyone enjoys a good chuckle. As a result, here are some honorable mentions:

  • Hello and welcome to our OOL… It’s worth noting that there’s no “P” in it. Let’s keep it like this.
  • If we’re caught, keep in mind that you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.
  • Please be aware that my sense of humour may offend you.
  • On the premises, there is a retired individual. Has all the answers and plenty of time to explain them.
  • Our trash might be your trash at a yard sale!
  • I’m sorry, but I’m no longer receiving deposits from your dog.
  • I’m not running for anything because I’m a jerk. I only wanted a sign.

You can hang more than just signs in your backyard. Make sure to read our post to learn more about Koshi chimes and how to hang them in your garden!


Large outdoor patio signs are a great way to add a little humor to your backyard. These signs can be used for anything from messages about your pets, to letting people know how many beers you’ve had or which pizza toppings you like. Reference: large outdoor patio signs.

  • sarcastic welcome signs
  • unique patio signs
  • outdoor signs for home
  • funny patio sayings
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