Grizzly G0690 10″ 3HP 220V Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife- A Review

Buying a table saw is one of the most essential investments of a wood worker. But, to decide on the right table saw gets difficult when you have several options made available to you in the market. The type of table saw you need depends on the type of woodworking you do. If you are looking for a table saw that will assist you in working on small cabinetry and craft projects, a low end contractor model will slow you down. If you are also looking for comfort, reliability in performance for hours then Grizzly G0690 10″ 3HP 220V Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife should be the right option for you. Whether you are a serious hobbyist or a professional woodworker this saw will prove suitable for small-scale professional projects. This saw comes with all the features that you will ever want!

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Accurate & powerful performance

This saw has plenty of power and runs smooth with arbor speed of 4300 rpm. The table saw is equipped with motor that works with 3 horsepower and performs at power of 220 volt to deliver an efficient performance. The maximum depth of cut of the saw comes at 90º and at 45º to provide the most accurate cuts. The saw comes with a rip capacity of 291/2″ to ensure that it offers the best service.

Quality design

The table saw comes with a cast iron top that is smooth and shiny like a mirror and is also sturdy enough for carrying out your woodworks. A camlock T-fence is incorporated into the saw for total accuracy in the work you do. A quick release riving knife provided with the saw which cuts work pieces in seconds. You can also bend the knife for convenience. The saw also comes with a T-square type fence system. This system reduces cutting time to a great degree for fast service. The easy glide fence system glides smoothly across the table saw for easy functioning.


The table saw is provided with heavy hand cast hand wheels for heavy duty.
A magnetic switch is provided for safety in operation.
A T-slot miter gauge is incorporated to hold the work pieces firmly.
A 4 inches dust collection port is offered for keeping the work surface clean so that you can work without trouble.
The heavy cast iron trunnions support the table structure.
Triple belt drive ensures a quiet performance.
Knurled knobs are included for adjusting of fence.
Adjustable screws hold the table structure together.

Customer Feedback & Ratings

The new Grizzly G0690 10″ 3HP 220V Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife has garnered an incredibly high 4.8 stars out of 5 at Amazon review section. Except for minor glitches like a little complicated assembling the buyers are very satisfied with their purchase! If you feel that this efficient tool would serve your purpose in your workshop, why not visit Amazon.com to check out the price, shipping offers and the detailed feedback of the buyers who’ve already purchased the item and are using it?

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