How Do You Cover a Fence Cheaply?

Fences can be expensive to install, especially when you’re building a large fence. Here are some tips on how to make your fencing project cheaper and more affordable.

The “fence covering ideas” is a question that has many answers. One of the most common ways to cover a fence cheaply, is to use wood planks or boards.

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A well-designed fence may be an excellent addition to any yard. After years of exposure to the weather, the fence may begin to rust, break down, or just become an eyesore. You could even discover that you want more seclusion than your existing fence provides. So, what’s the cheapest way to cover a fence?

There are various inexpensive methods to cover a fence to give it a new appearance or to provide privacy. Here are a few ideas on how to cover a fence on the cheap:

  • Use paint to “camouflage” the fence.
  • Replace any boards that are damaged or rotting.
  • Plants may be used to cover the fence.
  • Landscape textiles are used to cover the area.

Giving your yard a new appearance may be done quickly and inexpensively. Throughout this post, we’ll go through the many possibilities for covering your fence, regardless of the sort of fence you have. 


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  • How Can You Cover a Fence for a Low Cost?
  • Covering Wood Fences for a Low Cost
  • Budget-Friendly Chain-Link Fence Coverage
  • Other Fence Types and How to Cover Them on a Budget
  • Conclusion


How Can You Cover a Fence for a Low Cost?

A fence may be a great addition to your yard. A fence may offer a stunning look and the ideal finishing touch to your landscape, in addition to protecting pets and children from escaping. 

Your fence may begin to seem old, filthy, and on the verge of coming apart after years of exposure to the elements, and it will no longer be appealing to the eye. 

Covering your fence rather than replacing it is a simple effort that will save you a lot of money. Now we’ll go through the many sorts of fences that are most prevalent, as well as the finest, most affordable methods to cover them to improve their aesthetic or provide additional seclusion.

Covering Wood Fences for a Low Cost

The most prevalent form of fence is a wood fence. In the weather, a wood fence may quickly grow dusty, lose its paint, or decay. If you have a wooden fence, there are a few simple things you may do to solve these issues.



How to Make a Privacy Fence Out of Your Wooden Fence

Fortunately, most individuals don’t have to worry about privacy when they buy wooden fences. Some boards may deteriorate after years of being placed in the earth and resting in the rain, leaving you with one or more exposed sections in your fence.

It’s a relatively straightforward repair if this occurs. Simply replace the rotten boards with new ones where they were removed. It’s also conceivable that your fence has gaps where a knot in the wood fell out after being exposed to the weather for a long time.

For greater seclusion, here’s how to patch those knot holes in your fence:

  • Sand the outside and inside of the knot holes with sandpaper.
  • Use a ready-to-use wood putty like Plastic Wood Ready To Use Wood Filler to fill in the gaps.
  • Allow 12 hours for the putty to dry.
  • More putty should be used to form a layer that is level with the fence’s wood on both sides.
  • Allow at least 24 hours for drying.
  • Smooth any rough patches or lumps in the putty using coarse sandpaper.

You will have perfect seclusion in your yard after this is done.

How to Improve the Appearance of Your Wooden Fence

When it comes to wooden fences, as soon as the paint begins to peel off, the fence will become an eyesore in your nicely groomed yard. 

A fresh coat of paint is the finest method to improve the appearance of a wooden fence. You may even choose a paint color like green or brown to nearly blend the fence in with its surroundings. 

You might also invest in a privacy screen, such as the ColorTree Black Fence Privacy Screen, to totally conceal the fence. It’s vital to keep in mind, though, that privacy screens fade fast in the sun and are susceptible to damage during storms. 

In order to keep your yard looking immaculate, you’ll probably need to update privacy screens every couple of years. 

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Chain-link fences are another prevalent kind of fence that is also quite affordable. Unfortunately, rain and morning dew may cause the fence to rust, and they aren’t the greatest for privacy, but there are a few things you can do to improve its appearance and provide seclusion.

Slats put vertically through the chain links are one of the most frequent methods people cover their chain-link fences for seclusion. These slats are composed of strong materials and will provide you with more seclusion than a typical chain link fence. Hedge slats are another thing I discovered for giving your chain link fence extra privacy. They’re attached similarly to normal chain slats, but they have a hedge-like appearance.

Some of the more inventive minds have discovered that you can make your chain-link fence look fantastic while still providing a great deal of seclusion. Here’s how to go about it:


  • To disguise the fence, put vines or climbing plants along it.
  • Hedges, shrubs, or small trees may be planted along the fence to hide it.
  • Cover it with tall, low-maintenance grasses like San Diego sedge.

The majority of hedges and shrubs are low-maintenance, needing little effort to maintain them in good shape.

If your chain-link fence has grown rusted and you don’t care about privacy, a coat of paint will be exactly the thing to improve its appearance. It might also be painted green, brown, or black to make it less noticeable. 

Other Fence Types and How to Cover Them on a Budget

While wooden and chain-link fences are the most prevalent, you will also come across PVC, vinyl, and wrought iron fences in people’s yards from time to time. 

The techniques discussed above may be used to cover various sorts of fences. It should be noted, however, that paint will not stick well to vinyl or PVC fences, so this solution will not work for them. Fortunately, a short scrape with soap and water will do the trick.

Planting vines or bushes in front of wrought iron fences is a simple method to provide seclusion, while a fresh coat of paint will make them seem brand new. 



Finally, a fence is an essential component of every yard. It may bring the entire yard together while also keeping “wandering eyes” out of your personal area. If your fence has started to rot, has lost some of its beauty, or does not provide the level of seclusion you need, you may simply repair it without having to spend the money on a new fence. 

There are various inexpensive methods to cover a fence to give it a new appearance or offer extra privacy:

  • Apply a new layer of paint to the fence to dress it up or “camouflage” it.
  • Replace any boards that are damaged or rotting. with new ones
  • In front of the fence, plant vines, hedges, or shrubs to grow.
  • Landscape textiles are used to cover the area. for privacy

Covering your fence is a terrific method to save money while also allowing you to express your creativity while completing your landscaping project.


The “seven very cheap garden fence ideas” is a list of 7 inexpensive fencing options that can be used to cover a garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to cover my fence?

A: You can use a privacy fence blanket.

How do you cover a fence quickly?

A: You are able to cover a fence quickly by using a ladder, and placing it in front of the fence. This will make your goal easier as it allows you to climb up the ladder when necessary.

How do you cover an old wood fence?

A: There are a few ways you can go about this, but the easiest is to simply use paint or stain and quickly apply it in large strokes over your old fence. If you want something more decorative, however, buy some wood grain vinyl and adhere that onto the fence with clear contact cement.

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