How Much Concrete Per Fence Post

An estimated 50 million tons of concrete is used in the construction industry each year. This can be a costly and wasteful practice if not done properly, leading to water pollution from runoff and wasted material. Innovative companies are working on inventing new ways of using this waste product more efficiently — one company has found success with recycling concrete into fence posts that save 60 percent or more material while still being structurally sound.

The “how much concrete per 4×4 fence post” is a question that can be answered by looking at the fence posts. It’s important to note that the height of each fence post will vary depending on how far apart they are.

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Do you want to know how much concrete you’ll need per fence post for your fence project? You don’t want to run out of concrete in the middle of the project, but you also don’t want to have to store many big bags of excess concrete that you didn’t need to acquire in the first place.  

In general, you’ll need enough cement to fill a hole a third to half the depth of the post’s above-ground height and three times the width (in diameter) of the actual post for each fence post. 

That leaves you with the task of measuring the fence posts to determine the size of each post hole. After that, there are a few things to consider, such as the sort of cement to use, how many bags to purchase, and how to install them. Continue reading to learn more about your individual fence project’s requirements and how to do it correctly the first time. 


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  • How Much Cement Will Your Project Require?
  • What kind of concrete gives me the most bang for my buck?
  • In this tutorial, we’ll show you In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install fence posts in concrete..
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How Much Cement Will Your Project Require?

So, you’ve acquired your fence posts and have determined the borders of your land. Perhaps you’ve measured the distance between each post and have your shovel ready. It’s possible that the answer to the issue of how much concrete to purchase for your fence construction is still a mystery.

The bag size may not be indicated directly when investigating how much cement to buy, but in most cases, the quantity being referred is that of a 50lb cement bag.  

As previously indicated, the hole for your post should be three times the diameter and nearly a third of the height of the fence posts. The amount of cement required to fill that hole is determined by the hole’s volume, which you can now calculate using those measurements. HGTV also has a helpful chart that can help you figure just how much you’ll need for your fence post installation.  

You may also figure it out with the help of this calculator. Simply input the appropriate parameters, and it will estimate what you should purchase to ensure your success. 


Concrete Calculator for Post Holes

How-Much-Concrete-Per-Fence-PostCalculator in Inches

After that, you may start digging, filling, propping, and drying your posts all throughout your land.

What kind of concrete gives me the most bang for my buck?

With upwards of 19 distinct cement varieties to choose from, you may be unsure what sort of cement to buy and pour into the fence post holes. However, each variety of cement has a certain function, and some are more essential to this project than others.

While most specialists believe that any concrete mix would do the job, it is strongly advised that fence post holes be filled with a fast-setting concrete.

Because of its capacity to dry rapidly and set within a few hours after pouring, fast-setting concrete is the ideal alternative. It speeds up the process and allows the end product to be realized sooner. 

Is Cement Required for My Fence?

Perhaps you’re debating whether or not cement is required for your fence post holes. After all, skipping that step might save you hours of labor and a lot of hard-earned cash. The integrity of the fence, on the other hand, may not be as good as your pocketbook if this was the option.

Cement has the following advantages:

  • The fence posts are kept erect and provide stability.
  • It makes them significantly more resistant to injury and pressure.
  • Significantly improves weight-bearing capacities  
  • Repairs are less likely to be required. 
  • It’s considerably less probable that you’ll need to reinstall later.

In other words, if the fence posts are set in a cement foundation, they will be able to resist much more wear and strain and keep their strength and stability for far longer than if they were set in gravel or dirt.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install fence posts in concrete..

After you’ve bought the correct quantity of concrete, the steps below will walk you through the installation procedure. It’s critical to learn these methods so you don’t squander any of those concrete bags!

Gravel should be added last.

The following stage, once you’ve excavated your hole as instructed above, is to add gravel. Gravel is an important aspect of any concrete laying process because it allows water to drain away from the cement and keeps it dry. For the greatest effects, you should use crushed stone or pea gravel.  

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After you’ve prepared your gravel, you’ll need to fill the hole with at least 6 inches of stone to place under the concrete, packing it in and leveling the top with a fence post or other suitable tool.  

Fence Posts Should Be Leveled and Braced

After the gravel has been filled in, place the fence post within the hole and reinforce it with rope or 2x4s to keep it upright. To prevent future complications, use a level to ensure that the post is perfectly level.  

To protect the fence post’s integrity as the concrete sets, keep these bracing in place throughout the cement pouring procedure.

Concrete is poured

If you use fast-setting concrete, pour the dry mix straight into the hole, filling it to a depth of roughly a few inches from the top. For a smooth look, make sure the pour is uniform and the top is leveled.  

If you don’t use fast-setting concrete, you’ll have to mix it first and then pour it in, keeping the pole level and stable while it cures. 

Pour water on the concrete surface.

You must add the correct quantity of water to the fast-setting concrete in order for it to transition from a powder to a solid block. For each 50lb bag of concrete, add around a gallon of water. Pour the water straight on the concrete and let it soak in completely.

Tip: To prevent rainfall from filling in the area between the post and the dry concrete, taper the top of the concrete away from the fence post. To keep the gap between the post and the cement sealed, caulk it.

Allow the cement to cure completely.

You shouldn’t do anything else until the concrete has fully set, and you shouldn’t put any weight or pressure on the posts until then. It has the potential to jeopardize the post’s stability. Because it can be poured and ready in 2 to 4 hours, fast-acting concrete is ideal for this job. It might take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for traditional concrete to harden.

After that time has gone, provided you followed the processes properly and were patient enough to wait for the cement to completely set, the fence post should be ready to be constructed or bear weight within four hours after finishing the set period.

Start posting now.

After you’ve done your research and measured the fence posts, you can use the tools and rule of thumb above to figure out how much concrete you’ll need. Then take it to your job site and follow the instructions described above to guarantee that your fence is solid, stable, and constructed correctly. If you do it the proper way and measure out the hole carefully, pouring concrete and installing fence posts doesn’t have to take a long time. Knowing which style of fence will survive the longest is also useful information. Isn’t it true that you should work smarter, not harder?


The “how much concrete per fence post reddit” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is how much concrete is needed for one fence post, which can vary depending on the size of the fence and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much concrete do I need for a 4×4 post?

A: You will need 44 pounds of concrete for a 4×4 post.

How many 50lb bags of concrete do I need for a fence post?

A: It depends on the height and size of your fence post. Please contact a concrete contractor for an estimate based on those two factors.

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