How Much Does A Yard Of Topsoil Weigh?

A yard of topsoil can weigh up to approximately one ton. This is because a cubic foot of soil weighs between 15 and 25 pounds, while a cubic meter (35.3 feet by 35.3 feet) weighs 1,000 kilograms or about 2,200 pounds

A yard of topsoil weighs approximately 5,000 pounds and is typically purchased by the cubic foot. Read more in detail here: how much does a yard of topsoil cost.

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Do you want to know how much a yard of topsoil weighs? Topsoil weights between 1,800 and 2,700 pounds on average. This fluctuates depending on the density of the soil and the amount of moisture given to it.

Adding topsoil or dirt to any garden or planting effort typically necessitates the addition of topsoil or dirt. Knowing how much it weighs also helps in determining the most efficient method of transporting dirt to your home. We’ll look at how much a yard of topsoil weighs and how to calculate how much you’ll need for your project in this post.

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  • What is the weight of a yard of topsoil?
  • What Exactly Is Topsoil?
  • What Is the Best Way to Estimate How Much Topsoil You’ll Need?
  • Using a Topsoil Calculator Online
  • What Is the Definition of a Cubic Yard?
  • How Many Yards of Topsoil Can a Pickup Truck Carry?
  • In a dump truck, how many yards are there?
  • 1 yard of topsoil equals how many wheelbarrows?
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What is the weight of a yard of topsoil?

The density and moisture content of topsoil influence its weight. Moisture content defines how wet or dry the soil is, whereas density relates to how much space one cubic foot takes up.

Using the typical soil density of 100 lbs/ft3, you may figure out that a cubic yard of topsoil weighs around 2,700 lbs. Depending on the amount of moisture and other components in the soil, this might be less or more.


What Exactly Is Topsoil?

Different components of soil include sand, silt, clay, organic materials, air pockets, water, roots, and so on. The “topsoil” is made up of these components. These materials combine to form “Topsoil,” which is divided into three types depending on their sizes: coarse-loamy, fine-loam, and sandy soils. Large particles range in size from 0.25 to 3 inches in diameter in coarse-loamy soils. Fine loam soils are made up of microscopic particles with diameters ranging from.01 to.25 inches. There are extremely few particles bigger than.5 inches in diameter in sandy soils.

You may look at the soil pyramid to discover what makes up yours.


What Is the Best Way to Estimate How Much Topsoil You’ll Need?

To figure out how much dirt you’ll need for your garden, start by measuring the space you’ll be planting. Decide how deep you want your dirt to be by measuring the length and breadth. The depth varies depending on the kind of plant and how deep its roots penetrate. Most plantings may be done with a 3-8 inch layer of dirt.

Using a Topsoil Calculator Online

In Support of Your Project If you’re not sure how many yards of topsoil you’ll need, use an online calculator to determine how much you’ll need. Here’s a wonderful soil calculator that you can use online.

What Is the Definition of a Cubic Yard?

It might be difficult to imagine what weight, length, breadth, and depth will look like while discussing them. Here’s a photo and video of us acquiring one cubic yard of dirt for our raised vegetable bed. They normally utilize the smaller loader bucket to fill up a trailer since it’s the appropriate size for it.


How Many Yards of Topsoil Can a Pickup Truck Carry?

It all depends on the bed’s size. Most trucks have beds that are around 6 feet long and 4 feet broad. You should also consider your truck’s cargo capacity. The level is approximately.65 cubic yards, with dimensions of 6ft x 4ft and an 8-inch depth. That dirt would weigh between 1500 and 1800 pounds, so be sure your vehicle can carry it.

We utilize a trailer that is about the same size as a typical truck bed and is ideal for transporting this quantity of dirt. By making a mound, we were able to fill it with a complete cubic yard, and our Ford Expedition can pull more than 2,700 pounds.

In a dump truck, how many yards are there?

If you want more dirt than can be found in bags or in the bed of a truck or trailer, a full dump truck is the preferable option. When the river rock was delivered, we performed this. A dump truck can typically transport 18 cubic yards of dirt. If you’re fully re-sodding your yard or doing a lot of planting, this is ideal.

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1 yard of topsoil equals how many wheelbarrows?


A standard wheelbarrow can contain around 3 cubic feet of material. Wheelbarrows with a shallower capacity of 2 cubic feet are also available. So the 3 cubic foot wheelbarrow will hold 9 loads and the 2 foot wheelbarrow will hold 14. Check out which of our top wheelbarrows we like.

This is really beneficial information to have. If you have topsoil delivered, you’ll need to calculate how many wheelbarrow trips you’ll need to transport the mound of dirt.


When purchasing dirt, knowing how much topsoil weighs and estimating how much you need for a certain job makes things simpler. You won’t wind up overpaying or underpaying for dirt if you consider these two things.

Determine if you should grow microgreens in soil or in hydroponics. If you prefer a yard with a more level surface, don’t forget to look at grass-free yard designs.


A “yard of dirt” is about 3.3 cubic feet. The average person can carry about a yard of soil on their back, and it weighs around 50 pounds. Reference: how much does a yard of dirt weigh.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does 1 cubic yard of dirt weigh?

A: 1 cubic yard of dirt weighs approximately 175 pounds.

How many 40lb bags of topsoil are in a yard?

A: There is no standard measurement for weight of topsoil.

What does 5 yards of top soil weigh?

A: 5 yards of top soil weighs about 7.5 pounds, or 3 kg., or 1.4 stone

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