How to Build a Small Deck for Grill

A small deck for your grill not only adds a new level of convenience, but it also helps to ensure you have ample space on the grills surface without sacrificing quality.

The “how to build a grill platform” is the process of building a small deck for your grill. It is important to make sure that you are using the correct materials, and that your deck is built correctly.

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Now that you’ve purchased your new barbecue, where do you place it?

You’ll need enough space to grill, and if you have a smoker, you’ll need a spot where the smoke won’t annoy your visitors.


You’ll discover how to construct a tiny deck for your barbecue in one weekend in this post.


And it’s ideal for a smoker or a grill.

We’re utilizing it for our smoker in our situation, but the ultimate effect is the same:

To have a little area in which to place your grill and enough room to operate comfortably around it.

Items required:

  • 2x material for wood framing
  • Boards for decking
  • Level
  • saw (circular)
  • Drill
  • Screws for Structural Support
  • Screws for Decking
  • Concrete or pea gravel
  • a high-pressure washer (optional)


For this project, you’ll need the materials showing above. A saw (circular) works well for this small project but you could us a miter saw as well if that’s what you have.


You also need a drill, Screws for Structural Support, deck screws, and concrete if you’re going to concrete in your posts. You can also use pea gravel or crushed concrete like what we use.

You’ll also need a power washer if you need to clean up your old deck planks (as we did).

You’re ready to begin after you’ve gathered all of your stuff on site. The first step is to measure the space where the grill deck will be installed.

Contents Table of Contents

  • How Close Can You Place Your Grill To Your House?
  • Make room for the deck by clearing the space.
  • Build the framework
  • Deck post installation
  • Is Grilling on a Deck Allowed?
  • What do you cook on the deck grill?
  • Deck on the Grill’s Final Look


How Close Can You Place Your Grill To Your House?

You want to clear the house, and a reasonable rule of thumb is 3 feet, but if you really want to be safe, 10-12 feet is a good notion. This, I believe, is determined by the sort of home siding you have. If your house has wood siding, you should absolutely relocate the barbecue away from it. It’s acceptable to have your grill closer if you have cement block or other non-flammable materials.

Because we had a smoker, we wanted to relocate it away from our main deck, where our visitors would be seated, because the smoke may be overbearing.

We wanted the smoker to be on the side of the house, away from the main deck, with the smoke stack pointing away from it.

We’ll create a tiny deck for our smoker in this wonderful little nook off the side of our home. To make it appear more unified, we may match the width to our main deck.

My smoker is around 3-4 wide, so I built the deck 5-6 feet out to provide for 2-3 feet of working space on both sides of the grill. If you’re searching for a smoker, check out our post where we review the top four offset smokers we could locate!

Make room for the deck by clearing the space.


The next step is to just empty out the space. If you have weeds or grass, you should get rid of it altogether.

We had crushed concrete in our instance, so we removed portion of it to match the height of our present deck.

Once you have your final dimensions, cut your framing wood, in our case 2×6, and use the Screws for Structural Support to assemble them together. I used two screws per corner and for each side of the two middle joists.

Build the framework


After you’ve squared up your frame, you may go ahead and put the joists in the centre.


Deck post installation

Now that the frame is assemble, you’re ready to dig your post holes next. Because this grill deck is adjoining the main deck, we’re using the main deck joist as our ledger board. We’re attaching the small frame to the main deck joists with Screws for Structural Support.

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You’ll need to dig four holes if you don’t have a deck from which to expand.

Before you screw anything in, make sure everything is level with your level.

We’re ready to drill holes after the tiny frame is firmly fastened to the main deck. You may also indicate where holes should be dug before fastening your frame, then relocate the frame and dig, which is simpler than digging around the frame, but because this is a tiny deck with just two holes, I elected to keep the frame connected.

Since this is a low small deck, the posts can go into each corner on the far side for support. For the main deck, I actually dug out an addition 8-10″ of dirt to install beams and posts running underneath the joists for maximum support. Wood over wood is always be stronger than wood supported solely with screws, even if they are Screws for Structural Support.

Because of the house’s foundation, the hole on the left was somewhat off. The concrete below the concrete block wall protrudes roughly four inches.

You’ll want to dig down at least two and a half feet so that you can place your posts in at least two feet and still have space for the 3-4′′ of gravel and then the concrete. For drainage, always use gravel at the bottom of your hole.

We put 3-4′′ of gravel below our main deck posts before pouring concrete around them, but since this one is so much smaller, we simply used crushed concrete under and all around and packed it in pretty carefully.

Next thing you want to do is screw those posts in to the frame, again using Screws for Structural Support.

Verify that everything is still nice and level, then you’re ready to add the Boards for decking.

You should measure it to ensure that it is the correct length.

If you have a bigger deck, you can run the boards long, use a chalk like to mark the cuts and then cut long the line with a saw (circular).

We measured the first board and utilized that size for the remainder since there were fewer than ten boards and everything was square.


If your final board hangs too far over the frame’s edge, you may have to tear it. A maximum of 1.5′′ should dangle over the edge.

We were quite fortunate not to have to tear the last one.

All of the deck planks have been installed, and the next step is to screw them all together. Using deck screws into the frame

On the other hand, we employed the Camo concealed deck fastening system shown below on our main deck.

  • 1647337984_780_How-to-Build-a-Small-Deck-for-Grill
  • 1647337985_139_How-to-Build-a-Small-Deck-for-Grill

It’s simply a fancy way of stating the screws go in the side, and I enjoy the appearance since the board doesn’t have any deck screws on the face.

We conducted a last pressure washing to clean everything up before painting it to match the main deck since our boards were older and we had them hanging around.


Is Grilling on a Deck Allowed?

Yes. The majority of grills are mounted on legs, which are tall enough to prevent any heat from reaching the wood. And you normally keep the lid on while cooking, or if it’s up, you’re tending to the food, so you’ll be prepared if anything does come out.

It’s usually a good idea to have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of a grease fire or if anything goes wrong. Whether you’re grilling outdoors or cooking in your house, this is true.

What do you cook on the deck grill?

If you’re concerned about spilling oil or other liquids on your deck, a grill mat may be placed under the grill to protect it.

These often feature a barrier that prevents grease and liquids from penetrating. When you’re not cooking, you’ll probably want to lift it up since leaving it down will collect water and stain your deck space beneath.

Deck on the Grill’s Final Look

What are your thoughts? We were able to complete the job in one afternoon since we had all of the necessary materials on hand, and we are very pleased with the results.

Please keep us updated on the progress of your project.


We hope this guide was helpful in constructing a barbeque deck. If you’re looking for lighting inspiration, consider deck lighting ideas for your backyard.

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The “grill platform home depot” is a type of deck that can be built on the grill. It will allow you to cook food and have a place to set your drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you grill on a small deck?

A: I cant answer that question.

How do I build a small deck platform?

A: You can use wood 2x4s and nail them to a wooden board. Then lay the platform on top of that, secure it with screws or nails so it doesnt slide and add your railing supports last.

How do you make a grill base?

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  • stone grill platform
  • grill platform for grass
  • how to build a small corner deck
  • outdoor kitchen on deck ideas
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