How To Clean And Care For A Hot Tub Cover (Step by Step)

Whether you are just getting a new hot tub or already have one then this guide is for you. The steps outlined will help make your cover look more attractive and keep it safe from the elements.

Cleaning your hot tub cover is an important part of keeping it in good condition. It’s also a lot easier than you might think, and can be done with just a few simple steps. Read more in detail here: how to clean inside hot tub cover.

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A hot tub cover aids in the cleanliness of your hot tub. It shields the hot tub from garbage, animals, and inclement weather. How do you keep the cover clean, though? It’s critical to do so so that your hot tub stays clean as well. Cleanliness will help your hot tub cover and hot tub last longer. 

What is the best way to clean and maintain a hot tub cover? Maintaining your cover does not need much work. Make sure you clean it completely on a regular basis. Wipe away any material that has landed on it. Examine the cover for scratches or rips and repair them before they degrade the cover’s quality.  

All hot tub owners should have hot tub coverings. They may also be expensive, especially if you need to purchase many replacements. That is why it is important to keep your cover in good condition so that it may be used for as long as possible.  


Contents Table of Contents

  • Cleaning the Cover of Your Hot Tub
  • Inspecting the Cover of Your Hot Tub
  • Additional Resources 
  • How to Measure Your Hot Tub Cover
  • When Should You Purchase A New Hot Tub Cover?
  • Keeping Your Hot Tub Chemically Balanced 
  • How to Keep Your Hot Tub Cover in Good Condition
  • Thickness of a Hot Tub Cover 
  • The Different The Different Types Of Hot Tub Covers
  • Lifters for Hot Tub Covers
  • Types Of Lifters for Hot Tub Covers
  • To sum it up 


Cleaning the Cover of Your Hot Tub

Clearing your cover of debris such as leaves, branches, or snow is one of the first tasks. This will keep the cover spotless for longer and protect it from harm caused by the debris’s weight. After you’ve removed the cover, wash and rinse the top of the cover as well. 

This prevents dust and debris from adhering to your cover. Nothing complicated is required to rinse it with water from a hose. You should clean your hot tub cover every two weeks or anytime it needs to be cleaned, such as after a storm or snowfall. Cleaning your hot tub cover is equally as vital as cleaning your hot tub itself.

If you’re going to use a cleaner on your cover, be sure it’s designed for hot tub covers. Some common cleansers will damage the vinyl in your cover, which won’t help much. It is less expensive to acquire the appropriate cleaning rather than a new hot tub cover. 

After washing your cover, don’t forget to apply a protectant. Your hot tub cover will be protected from dirt and UV radiation with a protectant. These factors might cause your cover to discolor, necessitating the purchase of a new cover sooner than expected. A protectant, even if it is an additional step, is the way to go unless you’re made of money. If your hot tub is protected by a gazebo, you won’t have to worry as much about this.


Finally, clean both the bottom and top of your cover. While the top of your cover needs to deal with weather and dirt, the bottom has to deal with heat, moisture, and chemicals. To clean and deal with the water treatment chemicals, just wipe the bottom of your cover with a bleach solution. It will also be simpler to clean if you remove the lid. 

You may create a hot tub cleaning plan and clean your hot tub filter at the same time.


Inspecting the Cover of Your Hot Tub

After washing your hot tub cover, be sure to inspect it for any potential damage. 

Tears or rips. Weather may get into your hot tub via rips and tears, which is not a good thing. Debris may also become stuck in the rips and exacerbate them if blown away by a strong wind. These should be fixed as soon as feasible. If the rips are extensive, you may want to consider changing the cover. 

Barrier to vapors. It’s a good idea to inspect the vinyl inside the cover every now and then. Examine it for any holes or breaks, and then patch it using a vinyl repair kit. A plastic moisture barrier surrounds the vinyl, protecting it from the elements. If the plastic has tears, these may be fixed as well. To prevent mildew from developing within the plastic, just wash it clean with a bleach solution. 

Remove the cover from your hot tub. While it may seem counterintuitive, since you purchased your cover to “cover” your hot tub, it helps to vent the vapors inside it. This will prevent the fumes from damaging your hot tub cover. 

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The humid layer that develops between the hot tub water and the underside of your hot tub cover produces these vapors. These fumes will become toxic to your hot tub cover if left alone. It may cause harm and is the most prevalent source of damage to the underneath cover. 

When you turn on your hot tub and let it run for a while, remove the lid for around an hour to allow the vapors go. You will not need to turn on your hot tub as much if you use it at least once a week if you use it often. 

Additional Resources 

Your hot tub cover isn’t very sturdy by itself. It need assistance to function correctly, so getting a few more components is essential. A cover lock, for example, keeps the cover closed against inclement weather or nosy toddlers. 

A cover cap is a hat that fits over your hot tub cover. It will shield your cover from the sun and reduce the need for vinyl cleaning. If you don’t use your hot tub very frequently, this is an excellent purchase. Even if you don’t like cleaning and use it often, this is the perfect for you. 

If you live someplace with a lot of wind, wind straps are your greatest friends. They’re also known as hurricane straps, and they’re essential for keeping your hot tub cover on your hot tub rather than in your neighbor’s yard. They effortlessly connect to your hot tub cover, making it simple to put on and take off when you’re ready to use it. However, you can rely on them to keep your cover in place in heavy winds or even hurricanes. 

If a storm is approaching, make sure your patio is clean of any furniture. Any of these items may be lifted and dumped upon your cover, shattering or ripping it apart. Your cover will not be protected from a projectile table by your wind straps. Invest in a storage shed to keep all of your belongings safe.

A hot tub umbrella will shield your cover from the sun. If you have additional money or are exceptionally handy, a gazebo will suffice. A gazebo has the advantage of being able to put up insect screens or even completely enclose it to keep pests and animals out. A gazebo or an umbrella would also look lovely in your yard. 

How to Measure Your Hot Tub Cover

If you need a spare hot tub cover, you may also need to measure your hot tub. If your prior cover was a good fit, you may utilize it when purchasing a new house. However, if you don’t recall the size or if you’ve already thrown the cover away, measuring will ensure that you get the proper replacement cover. 

You may use an L-shaped ruler or two rulers joined together at their zero ends, or a printed illustration, to measure the corners of your hot tub. Whichever method you use, make sure you stick to it throughout your measurement so everything is consistent. 

  • Length: The easiest method to determine the length of your hot tub is to take a measurement across the longest area of it. To double-check your numbers, take two measurements. If the numbers aren’t the same, go with the lengthier one. It’s better to overestimate the duration than to underestimate it. 
  • Width: The width will be measured on the shorter side, in the opposite direction as the length. You should also take two measurements to ensure that the width is correct. Take the lengthier measurement as the correct one, just like you did with the length measurements. When it comes to covering your hot tub, a larger cover is preferable than one that is too tiny. 
  • Corner Radius: Corners are difficult to measure and cover properly. To measure the radius using the L-shaped ruler, place it on one of the corners. In contrast to the length and width measurements, you should round down instead of up. Because the edges of your cover will be sharper, a lower radius will help the cover fit better than a bigger one. 
  • Skirt Length: While the skirt may not seem to be necessary, it aids in the cover’s sealing over your hot tub. Its length will either aid in the formation of that seal or generate holes in your cover. As a result, the measurements must be conducted with caution. Take a measurement from the top of your hot tub to the wooden section, which is often half-way down. 
  • Make sure your cover doesn’t block access to your hot tub controls by folding it in the wrong direction. Because each cover has its own folding pattern, be sure the one you choose folds away from your controls. When you open the cover to use your hot tub, you can still get to them. 

When Should You Purchase A New Hot Tub Cover?

All hot tub coverings were just 2-inches thick when they were initially manufactured. Indoors or in warmer areas, hot tubs were the norm. As a result, factors like insulation and load capacity were left out of the calculation. Hot tub coverings have had to evolve to suit the changing needs since hot tubs may now be used in all climates. 

So, one way to make coverings last longer is to avoid having objects rest on top of them for lengthy periods of time. We’re talking about removing snow and rain off the cover and preventing them from collecting.

Current hot tubs, on the other hand, are not chemically resistant. Your cover will be harmed by chemical deterioration caused by the mingling of vapors from inside your hot tub. This is why it’s critical that you open your cover in order to let these cover destroyers loose. Unless you want to keep replacing your hot tub coverings. 

To accuse you of not keeping your hot tub in excellent working order is a ridiculous charge that you would vigorously refute. That is, in most circumstances, the case. The majority of individuals take great care of their hot tubs.

Keeping Your Hot Tub Chemically Balanced 

The chemicals in your hot tub generate a gas cloud that gets trapped behind your cover. Condensation and hot tub chemicals like chlorine become confined in a tiny space, resulting in these clouds. Unless you clean your cover on a regular basis and keep it open for at least an hour, there is no way to avoid this from causing damage to your cover. 

This gas cloud will eat away at the material in your cover if left untreated. It will not go away with time, and keeping it trapped would only make your hot tub cover more unsafe. The poly wrap that keeps moisture out is the most heavily trafficked and pressured section of the cover. 

The material around the foam insulation will disintegrate if you want to conduct an expensive experiment to see what happens to your hot tub cover. The foam will begin to absorb the gas and moisture if nothing is protecting it. This will make it heavier, and it will draw the remainder of your cover down with it. The weight will eventually become too much for your cover, and it will shatter. 

If you use your hot tub often, you won’t have to worry about this. To utilize the hot tub, you must first remove the lid, which will release any gas clouds that have formed underneath it. If you don’t already, force yourself to go for a brief bath on a regular basis, or ask some neighbors over for a swim. Tell them they’re assisting you in saving money! 

How to Keep Your Hot Tub Cover in Good Condition

Purchase a hot tub cover lifter if removing your hot tub cover is too difficult. The cover lifter will help extend the life of your cover by keeping it clean and free of tears. Plus, unlike when you take it off by yourself, it won’t become folded or twisted. 

What additional options do you have for keeping your hot tub cover in good shape?

  • Spend as much time as possible in the hot tub! 
  • Remove your hot tub cover on a regular basis to allow gas clouds to escape.
  • To remove your cover, enlist the assistance of a hot tub cover lifter.
  • You should empty the hot tub of water if you’re going on vacation or will be gone for more than a few days. You won’t have to worry about the hot tub cover this way. 
  • During the winter, use a cover cap to preserve your hot tub cover. 
  • Maintain proper chemical balance in your hot tub and keep track of its performance. 
  • Find mild sanitizers that will clean your hot tub while avoiding harsh chemicals that might harm your cover.  

Thickness of a Hot Tub Cover 

Hot tub covers protect your hot tub while also retaining heat. The cover will keep leaves, debris, dust, and snow out of your hot tub. The cover’s insulation helps to keep the heat in, keeping the water in your hot tub nice and warm for your dip. 

A poorly constructed hot tub cover will allow heat to escape instead of keeping it in. Reheating the water each time you attempt to heat your hot tub is a waste of electricity and money. The insurance may be less expensive up front, but it may cost you in the long run in terms of electricity costs. 

Insulation is included in a well-made hot tub cover. The more insulation you have, the better it will keep the heat in. You should choose a cover with more insulation if you live in a colder region or want to use it during the winter months. 

Your hot tub cover should also keep your hot tub safe, and there are a few things you should think about while doing so. 

  • Make that the kid safety locks are in working order. Whether or whether you have children, you should have them. There’s always the potential that youngsters may visit or come back in the future. It’s preferable to have these locks installed in order to keep them secure. That way, you’ll be prepared rather than making a mistake.
  • The quality of your hot tub cover, as well as how it is constructed, is well worth the money. With superior materials and workmanship, your hot tub cover will last longer. Even the best-built hot tub cover can only last so long if the components are of low quality. Spending more money on a better cover is preferable than spending more money on many cheaper ones. 

The Different The Different Types Of Hot Tub Covers

The thickness of the cover is the most important component in coverings built for various climates. All of the coverings are designed to be used outside. They are waterproof, so water will slip right off instead of sticking and interfering with how the heat is held below. 

Rain, snow, wind, and dust have no effect on them. Some are designed for harsher weather than others, and it all boils down to the thickness of the cover. The thicker the cover, the more weather resistant it will be. 

A standard cover is the thinnest choice for a hot tub cover. If you reside in a warmer region, it’s ideal for an indoor hot tub. Without requiring anything further, this cover will offer basic protection and heat retention. If you live somewhere with all four seasons, this may not be the best solution. This cover is unlikely to withstand a severe snowfall. 

The Deluxe cover is thicker and more weather resistant than the ordinary. If your outdoor hot tub is used in all four seasons, this cover is an alternative. It can tolerate snowfall as well as rain. If you need to climb up to collect rubbish or shovel snow off of it, this cover may support a person. This cover is also ideal for keeping children and animals safe near your hot tub. This cover can endure tiny feet running over it or nails digging into it. 

The Extreme cover is the thickest choice for a hot tub cover. This is ideal for snowy locations or exposure to harsh cold on a regular basis. In these areas, you are permitted to have a hot tub. On a very cold day, soaking in a hot tub is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities. 

More information about cover thickness may be found in this article from The Cover Guy. 

Lifters for Hot Tub Covers

Lifters for Hot Tub Covers can help you move your cover with little effort. It will protect you from injury while lifting the cover, or needing more than one person to lift the cover. It will also protect the cover from being strained or ripped when moving it. You can adjust where your lifter is around your hot tub that will work best for you. 

There are three different kinds of hot tub cover lifts available:

  • Manual
  • Hydraulic
  • Shelf

The price, the amount of space they need, and how simple they are to use are the differences between these lifters. 

Types Of Lifters for Hot Tub Covers

First, manual lifters are a less expensive choice that will still allow you to simply adjust your hot tub cover. It is a one-person lifter that may be operated manually with ease. The hot tub cover is held in place by a metal bar that wraps around it and may be removed to remove the cover. It may be put on any side of your hot tub, or even on top of it, for simple access or to make up for a lack of room. 

The hydraulic lifter is the most costly choice, but it is also the best. You raise the lid the same way you would with a manual lifter, but it performs all the work for you. You don’t have to use any force to raise it up, which is useful for heavy covers or if you’re scared you won’t be able to lift it by yourself. 

Finally, the shelf lifter is the most affordable of the three, although it doesn’t perform any heavy lifting. While in the hot tub, a shelf is built up to the side or rear of your hot tub where you may drop the cover into. The only lifter that requires you to be in the tub to use is this one. When moving the cover, you also contribute all of the man (or woman) strength, rather than receiving assistance as with the other lifters. 

You may also add wheels to the underside of the cover to assist it slide into the shelf. This might be the lifter for you if the cover doesn’t seem too heavy to you or is a lightweight cover. However, this lifter might take up a lot of room. So, before you install the shelf lifter, make sure you know how much room there is around your hot tub. 

To sum it up 

There are many aspects to consider while caring for your hot tub cover. To ensure that your cover lasts as long as possible, keep it clean. This might range from as basic as wiping away trash to as involved as washing the whole cover with a variety of chemicals. In any case, consistency is crucial when it comes to cleaning your hot tub cover. It will also assist in keeping your hot tub clean. 

It is also important to take care of your hot tub cover into account. We covered the various Additional Resources you can buy to further protect your hot tub cover. Equipment such as cover lifts or umbrellas to protect your hot tub cover. From simply cleaning off the top of it with cleaners to taking the cover off to prevent chemical damage. 

What to do if you need a new cover was also discussed. Maybe your previous one was too damaged to salvage and you’ll have to get a new one. Consider factors like cover thickness and hot tub dimensions to determine how effective your hot tub cover will be for your hot tub. 

So, keep these tips in mind the next time you go to clean and care for your hot tub cover! It will assist to extend the life of both your cover and your hot tub.  


Vinyl cleaner for hot tub cover is a must have for anyone who owns a hot tub. This article will show you how to clean your vinyl cover and keep it in good condition. Reference: vinyl cleaner for hot tub cover.

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