How to Clean Fire Pit Glass in Your Backyard

If you have a fire pit in your backyard, the glass surrounding the flames is likely coated with soot and dirt. These grime particles can make it difficult to see and clean them properly. Here’s how to get rid of these contaminants on an outdoor fire pit or chiminea:
1) Clean off any large pieces of debris from around the base by using a broom. Be careful not to knock over other objects that could cause injury if they fall onto someone else’s property.2) Fill up at least three buckets with water (it has been reported that tap-water works best), mix in some dish soap, and soak a small sponge into this mixture3) Soak one side of each bucket for five minutes before switching sides4) Rinse both sponges under cool water5) Thoroughly dry each cleaned surface

The “should fire glass cover the burner” is a question that has been asked before. The answer to this question is no, because it would cause too much heat to escape.

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Because it burns more effectively than wood-burning devices, a natural gas fire pit is an excellent choice for a homeowner. The pits are commonly filled with tempered glass pebbles or beads, which when burned offer ample of heat and an ember-like atmosphere without producing any soot or ashes. The glass pebbles that cover the foundation, however, might collect dust as they lie inactive over the winter months, no matter how beautiful they are.

If you have a glass rock-filled fire pit that is heated with natural gas or propane, you know how beautiful it can be. You’ll probably want to learn how to maintain a fire pit’s glass shining like new. Continue reading to learn about frequent cleaning and other simple maintenance practices that will help you keep your pit in good shape. 


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  • Create a Cleaning Area
  • Choose a cleaner, a small shovel, and other supplies.
  • Remove the glass and clean it
  • For an inspection, use the time it takes for the paint to dry.
  • Bringing the Glass Back to the Pit
  • Beads Should Be Stored Correctly
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Cleaning Fire Pit Glass


Create a Cleaning Area

One of the first things you’ll need to do is set up a location where you can clean the rocks without creating a big mess. If your deck includes a sink prep area for preparing meals or cleaning up after a night out with friends, take use of it. If that isn’t possible, choose a spot in your yard and spray it with a garden hose.

It is essential to have access to a basic water supply for washing and rinsing the pebbles. If the job will be done in the yard, choose a clean spot with good drainage, such as along a fence or a flowerbed. You won’t have to clean up a bigger mess later if you do it this way.

Choose a cleaner, a small shovel, and other supplies.

There is no need to buy a particular cleaner for this task. As a solvent, you may use any home detergent or dishwashing liquid. Unlike typical glass or surface cleaners that you spray on and then wipe away, you’ll want a cleanser that offers an appropriate soapy solution. 

A little shovel, a medium-sized sieve, and a couple of different buckets will also come in handy. These things will enable you to take the glass from the fire pit and carry the beads to a staging area where they may be washed. 

Once the glass has been cleaned clean, the buckets may be used to store it until it is ready to be returned to the unit. This procedure will also enable you to clean the fire pit’s base and remove any dust that has gathered there. 


  • Establish a staging area with access to water.
  • Cleanser for the Home (Dish Soap is fine) 
  • If necessary, a small shovel, a strainer, and buckets

Having the aforementioned materials on hand will assist you in preparing for the chore of cleaning the glass and will make the work much simpler.

Remove the glass and clean it

Scoop a little amount of the rocks out and drop them in the sink or strainer. Add enough dishwashing liquid to coat the pebbles, then swirl or shake them to ensure that they are all coated. Rinse the glass completely with water until there is no soapy residue left on it and the water flows clear into the ground. Working in batches with lesser quantities of glass is the most efficient way.  

The following are the processes for removing and cleaning the glass: 

  • Transport the glass beads to the place where they will be washed.
  • Fill the strainer with a piece of the glass that has been scooped out.
  • Cleanse the rocks using a cleaner.
  • To coat the beads with solvent, shake or agitate them.
  • Rinse well with water.
  • Return the beads to the bucket and set them aside to dry.

The glass should be spotless and need no more cleaning after you’ve finished and the beads have dried. 

For an inspection, use the time it takes for the paint to dry.

While cleaning the glass in the fire pit, keep an eye out for any faults or leaks. After the glass beads have been removed, cleansed, and dried, a thorough check of the lighting system will assist avoid any tragedy occurring during a family gathering. 

To verify sure the flames are working properly, turn the device on and ignite the fire pit. If any loose connections are discovered during your check, or if the unit fails to light correctly, have a repairman come out to address the problem. Of course, if you smell gas, switch off the machine and alert someone immediately.

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Bringing the Glass Back to the Pit

Return the pebbles to the fire pit after the glass has been fully cleaned, washed, and is free of dirt and excess water. Pour them evenly into the holding area and scrape or level the surface. You’ll want to be cautious not to get any of the pebbles trapped in any exposed lighting rails while doing this. Repeat this procedure as needed until all of the glass has been cleaned and returned to the pit.

  • Check to see whether the glass beads have dried. 
  • Return the rocks to the pit.
  • Pour the glass into the receptacle.
  • Arrange the rocks in a single layer.

You’ll want to make sure the rocks are uniformly distributed. When it comes to lighting, this will provide the optimum look.

Beads Should Be Stored Correctly

Glass pebbles in a fire pit may provide a beautiful mood for any outdoor event. The glass radiates heat and sparkles beautifully. Furthermore, the glass is available in a number of hues. Some owners want to alter the color of their home’s exterior every season. If you decide to do this, be sure to store the beads correctly while they’re not in use to ensure the least amount of bother when it’s time to switch them out.

The simplest technique is to store the reserve beads in an airtight container that is free of dust and dirt. Before moving the beads to the bag, make sure the glass is absolutely dry so that no mold or mildew forms while they lay for months. Then, whenever the moment is perfect, you can just take the bag and replace the color with the pebbles you’re cleaning.

Make sure to keep the glass in small enough containers so that transporting it to the pit is simple when it’s time to replace it. Even though tempered glass is light, moving it might be a difficult task if the container is too big. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cleaning Fire Pit Glass

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure about how the preceding stages fit together. Here’s a rundown of everything you’ll need to do to thoroughly clean a fire pit glass: 

  • Establish a staging area with access to water.
  • Pick a cleaner, a shovel, and a strainer. 
  • Prepare two sinks or buckets.
  • Place the rock beads in the bucket after removing them from the pit.
  • Cleanse the glass by scooping it into a strainer and coating it with cleaner (soap)
  • To get an appropriate coating, stir well.
  • Rinse well with water. thoroughly to remove residue
  • Clean the fire pit’s foundation completely.
  • Check for leaks in the lighting system.
  • Glass beads should be returned to the pit.
  • Pour the glass into a layer and spread it evenly.

A glass rock-filled natural gas fire pit is an excellent addition to any house or deck. These tempered glass beads provide a lovely mood while also warming the environment around them. Furthermore, since the fire pit is fueled by natural gas, it is a much safer option than other types of pits, burning more effectively and emitting less pollutants into the air. 

However, much like everything else in a house, periodic upkeep is required. The gas fire pit will be a terrific gathering area for as long as you own your property with only a little work and a few basic tools.  

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Cleaning fire pit glass in your backyard is one of the most important things you can do for your family. The “fireglass cleaner” is a product that will help you to clean and maintain your fire pit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can fire glass be cleaned?

A: Yes, you can clean fire glass with a dry cloth.

Why is my fire pit glass turning black?

A: Your fire pit glass may have been exposed to a high heat for an extended period of time, which caused the surface coloration.

Do I need to wash fire glass?

A: No, fire glass is a naturally occurring product. It does not need to be washed at all.

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