How to Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower

The lawnmower is your trusted, time-saving device. But what if you could use a simple blade to cut grass? Will this task become the next DIY phenomenon?

The “how to maintain lawn without mowing” is a guide that will show you how to cut your grass without using a lawnmower.

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If you don’t know anything about lawnmowers, they may be costly to buy and difficult to maintain. If you have an overgrown lawn and no mower, there are a few options for cutting your grass without one. It is possible to maintain your lawn without using a mower, albeit it may be difficult.

A string trimmer or hedge trimmer may be used to maintain a lawn without the use of a lawnmower. Yards may be handled in a variety of methods, including using shears, scissors, and even cattle. Lawnmowers are the most convenient solution, but there are other possibilities.

If you’ve been without a lawnmower for a while, don’t be dismayed when your grass starts to grow this summer. Instead, continue reading to discover more about the other alternatives accessible to you. Other backyard landscaping options that do not include grass might also be considered.



Grass Cutting Without a Mower

While mowing your lawn with a push or riding mower is the most convenient alternative, it is not always possible. You have a few major alternatives if your present lawnmower is broken or you just do not want to invest in a mower. Some solutions are more practical than others, but when mowing isn’t an option, you have a few options for trimming your lawn. 

Make use of a string trimmer.


Many households have a lawnmower and a string trimmer, also known as a weedeater or weed wacker in certain places. You may not have enough area for a lawnmower if you have a tiny yard, but a string trimmer is a terrific alternative. These are simple to keep and take up minimal space in your house.


If you have a tiny yard, a string trimmer (electric, gas, or battery) may simply cut the grass for you. Simply put, you fill your trimmer with string and go around your yard. While technique takes a little longer than standard mowing, it is simple to accomplish and highly effective. 

Take a Scythe on a Test Drive


If you don’t have access to a trimmer, a scythe is another reasonably simple technique to properly cut the grass. Of course, this isn’t something that everyone has on hand, but it can be purchased and used for a reasonable price. This is a significantly more time-consuming method that is done entirely by hand. 

A scythe is what comes to mind when you think of the grim reaper, for those who are unfamiliar.


They’re designed with a massive metal blade at the end of a long handle that’s swung back and forth to cut grass or weeds. To utilize a scythe, hold it by the handle and swing it horizontally in a fluid manner.

Even individuals who have a lawnmower may use a scythe to chop down bigger weeds or grass that are difficult to mow with a regular mower.

Of course, if you’re not cautious with it and haven’t used one before, a scythe may be hazardous. You’ll want to handle the scythe with care, operating smoothly and efficiently, which might be physically demanding.

Cut using shears.


Shears are a wonderful alternative for cutting your lawn if you have a small yard and a lot of free time. Shears are huge scissors with a large blade at the end of the handles that you may grasp with both hands. These may be used to cut grass, but they will need a significant amount of effort on your side. 

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One disadvantage of this approach is that you must kneel while doing it, which may be quite taxing on your body. You’ll have to cut the grass with the shears while stooped over, which might be difficult for someone with back problems or who is elderly. Shears are a fantastic technique to obtain a precise cut, but they aren’t the most convenient alternative.

Scissors Can Be Used


If you don’t have shears and need to cut a small area quickly, scissors are a good alternative. You may trim your lawn with any old trustworthy scissors you have lying around. Of course, this isn’t something you’d want to do with a whole acre of land, but it is possible to chop a small piece of your yard this way. 

Scissors, like shears, may be physically demanding to use, but they get the job done. To get a more even look, you may use scissors in addition to any of our other ways. They’re also perfect for tackling a tiny weed or grassy area. 

Grab a Hedge Trimmer and get to work. 


If you don’t have access to a standard string trimmer, a hedge trimmer is an excellent alternative. Many landscaping businesses use hedge trimmers to chop down shrubs and vegetation or to maintain landscape. This is made in the same way as a chainsaw and can clear big amounts of vegetation. 

You should practice a little with this since cutting the region you want to cut might be difficult. When mowing your lawn with the trimmer, you can swing it more readily than when landscaping with it. However, for a more level cutting of the grass, you’ll want to acquire an even swing.

When utilizing this item, be mindful of your surroundings at all times, since they may easily cut through electrical lines and other materials. This is an excellent lawnmower option for individuals who have a smaller yard. At the same time, you may use the trimmer to maintain any landscape. 

Invest on some livestock.


Adding animals to a huge amount of land that you don’t want to keep with standard mowing is definitely not the solution for everyone, but those who have a large amount of land that you don’t want to maintain with traditional mowing may always try it.

Several farm animals will assist in the upkeep of your yard by eating extra grass and bushes. Of course, this entails a great deal of responsibility, and you must be ready to look after the animals. 

The following are some animals that assist maintain yards and are very simple to care for:

  • Goats — Adding a goat or two to your yard will drastically reduce the amount of grass upkeep required. Goats are well-known for consuming a lot of grass and vegetation. Goats are a fantastic option if you have a huge yard that you can’t mow on a regular basis. 
  • Chickens – Another fantastic farm animal that can substantially reduce grass use is chickens. Place your hens in a portable coop that you can simply move around. This will provide your hens with fresh grass to eat while also assisting you in maintaining your yard. 

As previously said, this is not a good option for everyone, but having a pet in your yard may significantly reduce grass and weeds.

Play a Round of Golf

Practice your drive with a few golf club swings if you want a fun strategy to cut down on grass. If you have a golf club on hand, a few swings about your yard might help to keep the grass down. Golf clubs are a terrific technique to slice down some taller grass, despite the fact that it takes a long time. 

The most important thing to remember about this strategy is that you must remain a few inches above the ground. If you strike the ground with your golf club, bits of dirt and earth will be pulled up. Your yard will undoubtedly appear much worse as a result of this. 

You may have a few ideas for what you want to do with your yard now that you’ve chopped your lawn. If you ever need a foundation, one thing you may do is install concrete over grass, which you can read more about here.


The “easiest way to cut grass” is a question that comes up frequently. There are many different ways to accomplish the task, but some of the easiest ways include using a weed whacker or lawnmower.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I mow my lawn without a lawnmower?

A: The easiest way to do this is just by using a push mower, which has one large blade that cuts the grass. You can also use weed-whacking shears or even trimmers if you have any around the house. If none of those are available and you dont mind getting your hands dirty, theres plenty of other options for making lawns look nicer at home with what you already have on hand!

How can I cut my grass without a machine?

A: Using a manual lawnmower, you would need to use your leg power. To start the machine, usually all you have to do is press a button on it and then pull the cord that starts its engine. You will also want something called push mowers or push-type machines, which require pushing against the ground instead of pulling back with effort in order to move forward. These are available quite cheaply at most garden stores.

How do you cut long grass by hand?

A: Hold the bottom of your blade at a 45-degree angle and push it through. If youre cutting grass, make sure to cut in one single motion all the way across the stem.

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