How to Get Rid of Armadillos

Armadillos are a problem for homeowners in North America. They dig, destroy plants, and carry diseases that can be deadly to your pets. The best way to get rid of them is by trapping or shooting them from afar. For more detailed information on how you should go about eliminating armadillos in the area, read this article!

Armadillos are a type of mammal that is commonly found in the United States. They have been known to cause damage to homes and yards. To get rid of armadillos, you can use vinegar.

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Few organisms in the animal realm have the peculiar appearance of armadillos, which makes them intriguing creatures. Most people, on the other hand, prefer to view them in their natural environment, on an animal reserve, or at a zoo, rather than on their own land.

These obnoxious insects have been known to dig up yards, devour plants, and even burrow into homes, as well as bring illnesses such as leprosy, TB, and salmonella. Many individuals wish to know how to get rid of them as a consequence. 

Fortunately, there are a number of compassionate and safe techniques to get rid of armadillos that do not injure the animal or ruin its natural environment. We’ll offer you our best recommendations for eliminating and discouraging these creatures in this post so they don’t become a frequent and perhaps hazardous annoyance in your life. 


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  • Observe the Armadillo and find out where it likes to hang out.
  • Use a Live Armadillo Trap that is both humane and effective.
  • A professional armadillo trapping and removal service should be contacted.
  • Install a Metal Fence Barrier in the Ground
  • Reduce or eliminate its food supply and any hiding places.
  • Conclusion

Observe the Armadillo and find out where it likes to hang out.

You’ll need to undertake some reconnaissance first to acquire information in order to properly remove your armadillo in a timely way. 

When you’ve established that you have an armadillo issue, the first step is to study the animal to see how it enters your property, if it comes and departs, and where it prefers to remain. You may achieve this by installing cameras or just monitoring the armadillo from afar when you realize it’s moving.

You want to do this for a variety of reasons. The first is that it will tell you where to set subsequent traps in order to rapidly capture the armadillo rather than putting one in a random location and hope it would walk inside. 

Another reason to keep an eye on the armadillo’s activities is to make sure it doesn’t make a home on your land. This might be an issue if it attracts other armadillos to your property or if it becomes the breeding ground for the present invader’s children. You’ll also want to get rid of the armadillo’s former habitat so that subsequent visitors aren’t enticed. 


Use a Live Armadillo Trap that is both humane and effective.

You may put up a trap to securely confine your armadillo for removal after you know where it loves to hang out or how it got into your property. 

Armadillo-specific traps are unquestionably one of the safest methods to swiftly and humanely remove an armadillo. Make sure the trap is 12″ x 10″ x 30″ in size and is built of a strong material like steel. 

Make sure your armadillo trap is designated as a “live” or “catch-and-release” trap when you buy it so that it just confines the animal when the door shuts rather than killing it. 

Find the finest location for your armadillo-friendly trap in your yard with your armadillo-friendly trap in hand. It’s a good idea to put it in a more enclosed spot they frequent because they’ll deliberately avoid wide places. 

You should also avoid putting any bait in the trap since most armadillos get their food through digging, and this artificial food offering will not interest them. In actuality, scavenging animals like raccoons are considerably more likely to be attracted to it.  

A professional armadillo trapping and removal service should be contacted.

If the armadillo eludes your traps, you have too many armadillos to deal with, or a trap isn’t an option, the next best choice is to engage a professional service to remove the creatures. 

In most areas with a large armadillo population, there are multiple professional armadillo trapping and removal firms to choose from. While this is usually the safest, most compassionate, and fastest choice, it is also the most expensive.

In general, professional animal removal services range in price from $200 to $1,000 or more, depending on the species. The cost of trapping and removing armadillos is typically around $500, however it varies substantially per firm and is mostly dependent on how many armadillos must be captured and removed.

The more armadillos infest your house, company, or yard, the more money it will take to securely evacuate them all. This is why, if you find an armadillo on your property, or worse, appears to have built its home there, you should always be proactive. 

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Install a Metal Fence Barrier in the Ground

Now that we’ve covered our two most suggested armadillo removal techniques, we’d like to go over two strategies to keep them off and out of your land. Installing an in-ground fence is the first measure we recommend. 

An armadillo will be less likely to abandon its native environment and seek shelter on your property if you use the Dig DeFence animal barrier. This is a sturdy galvanized metal fence that is simple to erect and will keep any burrowing animals out of your yard. 

Armadillos aren’t very adept jumpers or climbers, but they excel in digging. Burrowers are creatures that need to dig deep burrows in order to find food and protect themselves from predators.

Armadillos are used to burrowing underground, therefore it’s not unusual for them to dig under fences that are just a few inches in the ground. 

Reduce or eliminate its food supply and any hiding places.

While a fence is usually a good method to keep armadillos away as long as it is properly erected, not everyone can afford to buy a new fence. In this situation, the best course of action is to reduce the appeal of your property to armadillos, beginning with food and shelter. 

The majority of armadillos are attracted to a single region because they have learned that there is a surplus of food there that they can eat without having to scavenge for it in the wild. Because the location has nothing to offer armadillos, reducing the amount of insects on your land and removing possible shelters may deter them from visiting. 

When it comes to food, armadillos will often dig in yards for earthworms, grubs, and other insects to eat. If you don’t have a strong attachment to your lawn or garden, you might apply harmless insecticides to guarantee that armadillos don’t discover too many of these food sources.

Unfortunately, there is a catch to this strategy. Many of these insects may obstruct soil aeration and water penetration, which are essential for grass and garden plants to thrive. It might also have an impact on the ecology around you, including birds and other creatures that eat your soil. So, if any of these are important to you, you may want to leave the insects alone. 

Shelters, on the other hand, may be simply eliminated by ensuring that no locations with protective covering are available for the armadillos to shelter. Removing bushes, rock heaps, and long grass from your land will make it harder for an armadillo to feel comfortable, thereby preventing them from visiting.


Hopefully, we’ve shown you a few different methods to get rid of armadillos that have infested your yard, as well as a few strategies to keep them away. Good luck, and please keep us updated on your progress.


Armadillos are a type of ground dwelling, armored mammal in the family Dasypodidae. They are often found near water and feed on worms and other small invertebrates. The vinegar will kill them instantly. Reference: does vinegar get rid of armadillos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What keeps armadillos away?

What smells keep armadillos away?

A: The smell of their own urine. Armadillos will not go near the area if they detect this odor, and it can be a deterrent to other animals in the surrounding area as well.

What home remedy kills armadillos?

A: A shovel is the one of the best home remedy for killing armadillos. With a little bit of effort, you can easily kill an armadillo with this simple tool.

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