How To Hang Outdoor Lights Without Nails

If you have ever tried to put up outdoor lights, then you know that it can be difficult. The only issue is trying to hang them without any nails or screws and having the power lines on either side of your light fixture touch the ground. A simple solution for this problem includes using a drywall anchor instead of a nail or screw at each corner of the light fixture so that one piece slides into another like puzzle pieces in order to hang it from an existing hook.

The “how to hang christmas lights outside without nails” is a quick and easy way to decorate your home for the holidays. You can also use this method for hanging outdoor lights.

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If you want to install some outdoor lights but don’t have any nails, you may believe the whole thing is a waste of time.

Without using nails, outdoor lights may be strung in a variety of ways. Some of these methods are as follows:

  • Hanging plants from the ceiling 
  • Making use of sticky hooks
  • Making use of the deck railing.

You’ll need to know how to make the most of your backyard if you want your outdoor lights to look beautiful. We’ve shown how we hang lights in our backyard without the need of trees. And now, we’ll go over the many methods to light up your garden without using nails, as well as the finest outdoor lights to use.


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  • Making Use of Your Backyard
  • What Are the Best Outdoor Lights?
  • How Often Should Outdoor Lights Be Replaced?
  • Conclusion 


Making Use of Your Backyard


Using the trees and plants in your garden is one of the greatest methods to put outdoor lights. You’ll need to measure the length of the string lights you have and the length of the trees for the trees. 

You’re good to go if the length of your lights is more than the distance between the two trees. Please don’t pierce your trees with holes. The lights are safer to hang if they are lightly wrapped around branches and the trunk. If the tree is still growing, you may need to loosen the lights even further.

Continue hanging lights from tree to tree and/or huge bushes. After there, you may connect the lights in to examine how they appear and make any necessary modifications. Your backyard will soon be lit, allowing you to host an illuminated backyard party.

Place the lights on top of shrubs or bushes and spread them out so they don’t gather together for other plants. With a string of lights strung between the bushes, you’ll have another quick light source that doesn’t need a hammer.


Using Lights to Create a Loop Around a Deck

If you have an outside deck in your backyard, it might be a terrific place to hang lights, particularly if that’s where the party takes place! Make a loop with the lights around and through the deck’s railing balusters.

You may also use a staple gun to secure them beneath the top rail of the railing. Just make sure you don’t shoot the staple through the wire, since this might cause a fire danger. For a more permanent placement, little cable clamps may be screwed in.

After you’ve fastened the lights, add the lightbulbs and double-check that you’ve left enough cable to reach the extension outlet. Then you’ve got an illuminated deck to add to the atmosphere of your backyard.

Light Clips with Adhesive Adhesive Adhesive Adhesive Adhesive Ad

If you can’t reuse your garden to hang the lights, sticky clips are the next best thing. They’re available at any hardware shop and enable you to mount lights without damaging your walls by leaving nail holes. 

The hooks are similar to sticky notes in that you peel off the back and affix it to the wall. For the length of your garden party, you may hang lights from them. When you’re finished, just remove the hooks away from the wall without damaging it. 

The sticky hooks are very long-lasting and may be left up on the wall for as long as you need them. This makes them excellent for outdoor light fixtures that are more permanent or hanging lights that are a little heavier.

What Are the Best Outdoor Lights?

You may utilize many sorts of lightbulbs for your outdoor parties. While it may seem daunting at first, there are a few things you can do to cut down your options. After that, you’ll have the ideal illumination for your next outdoor get-together!

Take a look at the size of the lightbulbs for starters. Size counts for most garden gatherings, particularly those held at night. You don’t want your lightbulbs to change the color of the room, but you also don’t want them to be too dim. For most situations, a nice medium-sized lightbulb will suffice.

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Other factors to consider while choosing lightbulbs include:

  • How many lightbulbs will you require?
  • In your yard, where will they be hung?
  • The atmosphere you’re attempting to create
  • What are the lights for?

A few modest lights placed around the table will assist if you’re enjoying a romantic meal for two. If you’re throwing a large dinner party, you’ll need a lot of bigger bulbs spread out across a lot of space.

Have a look at the color scheme.

A standard white light will enough for most gatherings. However, if you’re planning a holiday, a celebratory event, or a birthday, you may want to invest in some colorful lights. Again, the size and brightness of the lights will influence your decision.

If you’re purchasing colored lights for another purpose, be sure they fit the mood you’re attempting to create. White lights are usually sufficient, but various colored lights may give the backyard a distinct tone.

Make Certain the Lights Are Energy-Saving 

If you have a lot of parties in your backyard or use the lights to brighten the area, you’ll want to make sure the lights are in good operating order. In the long term, using LED lights or other energy-efficient bulbs may save you money and electricity.

Furthermore, most LED lights are tough enough to resist heavy usage and exposure to the outdoors. Furthermore, the brightness level is comparable to that of non-LED lights. Make sure to select LEDs if you want lighting that will last a long period.

How Often Should Outdoor Lights Be Replaced?

Depending on how frequently you use the lights, some of them may ultimately ignite and burn out. The lights may burn out after a few weeks or months, depending on the bulbs you’re using. 

It’s critical to double-check the lights as you hang them. After you’ve connected in the lights, you’ll be able to notice any holes. Replace the bulbs in those lights, and you’ll be back to full brightness in no time. Be aware that you may need to replace an entire string of lights on occasion.

Outdoor Lighting Care and Maintenance

There are a few strategies to maintain your lights in good operating condition without having to change them regularly. If you’re going to be hanging and removing lights on a frequent basis, keep these suggestions in mind.

  • Always ensure that the lights are stored in a dry atmosphere.
  • Wind up the cords and be cautious with the bulbs to avoid breaking them. 
  • Then ensure sure the lights are stored in a location where the bulbs will remain stable. 

Furthermore, anytime you remove the lights, give them a brief clean down to increase their brilliance. 


Hanging outdoor lights without nails requires some creativity, but it isn’t difficult. The way you hang your lights is determined by a number of circumstances, but it may be done regardless of the state of your yard.

You’ll be able to create the right atmosphere for whichever outdoor mood you want to create. You only need the correct lights and to make sure they’re properly hung. After that, you may have your next outdoor get-together in the evening and be certain that everything will be brilliant!

When the holidays arrive, be sure to read our post on the best outdoor Christmas lights, as well as how to make your own outdoor Christmas tree with lights!


“How to hang outdoor lights on brick” is a common question that many people have. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest way is to use screws and nails. Reference: how to hang outdoor lights on brick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach string lights without nails?

A: If you are in a pinch, it can be done by using fishing line. It will take some patience to get them attached and secured properly without damaging the walls of your venue but if you have time for that then go for it!

How do you hang lights on a patio without drilling?

A: For this, you can use an adhesive like Command or Pro Shield.

How do you attach string lights to a house without drilling?

A: There are a few ways to attach string lights without drilling. One is by using zip ties, which can be purchased at most stores with hardware supplies for $5-$10 per roll of 50-100 feet of the material. Another way would be to use wire hangers, but these will not work as well because they might break too easily when bent in your hands and youll need more than just one on each side (unless specifically made for hanging decorations). The third option is finding some kind of clip that attaches securely together and then tie them onto something strong like a nail or screw head buried into the wall so it doesnt move around much once attached there.

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