How to Hide Ugly Backyard Fence

This is a blog post about how to hide an ugly backyard fence. It assumes that you already have the materials and know which general area of your yard will be hidden by the fence.

The “fence cover up ideas” is a great way to hide an ugly fence. There are many different ways that you can use, including: paint, fabric, wood and more.

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When looking for the ideal home, individuals prefer to concentrate on what is on the inside rather than what is on the exterior. You can’t wait to move in now that you’ve discovered the house of your dreams. There is just one little snag. You must learn how to conceal the unsightly backyard fence!

An unsightly backyard fence is definitely not a deal breaker, and there are several methods to conceal it so that guests and passers-by are unaware of its presence. Take a look at these great suggestions first, and you’ll be on your way to enhancing curb appeal and perhaps even property value!

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  • Paint It
  • Include Landscaping
  • Make Use of What You Have in Your Backyard
  • Decorate
  • Substitute other materials for some of the pieces.
  • Create a Garden


Paint It

You want to know how to conceal an unsightly backyard fence without having to replace it entirely. Depending on the size and materials utilized, it might be rather costly. Even if you intend to handle the job yourself, the materials needed to rebuild even a modest fence rapidly add up.

Examine the rest of your yard’s aesthetics, and then consider which colors might complement the whole design. Repainting an unattractive fence can often be done for a fraction of the cost, and with a little assistance, the full job can be completed in a day. You should strive to choose neutral colors when painting your fence. Here are a few examples:

  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Grey
  • White
  • Black

If your fence is beginning to decay, you’ll want to be cautious and ensure that it has enough structural strength to sustain the painting process. Before applying the selected shade of paint, it’s also a good idea to apply a sturdy, waterproof undercoat.

Some paints aren’t meant to be used outside. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure what you’re buying can survive the elements. Look online for a visual picture of what the finished result should look like.

Include Landscaping

Planting flowers, trees, shrubs, and other flora around your unsightly backyard fence can also assist to hide it. You want the solitude, but without the obtrusiveness of worn-out, shabby wood. The following are some living fence ideas for the greatest foliage for covering fences:


  • Vine with Trumpets
  • Clematis
  • Hydrangea Climbing
  • Pipe of the Dutchman
  • Wisteria

Before settling on your final design, you must first determine which plants flourish best in your environment. Employees educated in this sector can lead you in the proper path at most nurseries and large box retailers.

The only disadvantage of utilizing landscaping to hide your unsightly backyard fence is that you must wait for the vegetation to mature. Some plants grow enormously in only one season, while others take a year or more to attain their full potential. If you want something that grows quickly, there are numerous popular fast-growing plants available online.

Make Use of What You Have in Your Backyard

Why not utilize the items you currently have in your garden to disguise your fence? It’s effectively free since you’ve already paid for what’s there, so why not put it to good use?

Using what you already have may mean anything, and if done well, it does not have to be a tacky alternative. Look around your yard to determine if any of the following things may be relocated to block the unsightly perimeter:

  • Playground for kids
  • Plants in large pots
  • Featured water
  • Features of the hardscape
  • Small storage shed or unit

You may be amazed at how much of a difference reorganizing your backyard and breaking up the sightline can make. If you’re doing any heavy lifting, make sure you have some support.


One of the most immeasurable methods to change the appearance of your unsightly backyard fence is to decorate it. There are a plethora of design alternatives available that may be carefully positioned to conceal any rotten wood or missing fence.

Do you have an established style, such as Americana, farmhouse, or modern, within your home or elsewhere on the property? There’s a good chance you’ll be able to locate something to match with it and contribute to the overall design. Some of the options are as follows:

  • Lights on a string
  • Furniture
  • Flags
  • Decorations for the garden (butterflies, nomes, dragonflies, etc.)
  • Plants that dangle

You may add almost anything, whether it’s something to match the home or the fence as a whole, or a style that appeals to you. Of course, when it comes to outdoor decorations, one factor that many people are concerned about is the cost. Some of the goods provided may be out of your price range, but there are alternatives.

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Look for items at garage sales, flea markets, and even ask friends and family if they have anything outdoors that they no longer want. Consider objects such as wagon wheels from ancient carts, agricultural equipment, watering cans, and other materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Someone else’s garbage might be your new treasure!

Substitute other materials for some of the pieces.

You may not have the financial means to rebuild the whole fence, but you do not have to remove each individual piece. Remove slats at random intervals and replace them with something more appealing to detract from the current design and make it more appealing.

Some materials may be installed directly over existing wood pieces by screwing or pounding them in place. When working with rotting or decaying materials, it’s best to rip them out and start again. That way, when the inevitable collapse comes in the future, you won’t have to worry with damage to the new building.

Examine some of the more classic options and pick which one best suits your budget and your vision of a beautiful fence:

  • Bamboo
  • Panels made of metal
  • Fencing made of vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Link in a chain

Keep in consideration the durability of the current material while adding new material to an existing fence. If you start removing parts, you risk weakening the wall to the point that it can no longer resist wind, hail, or strong winds.

You should also be certain that you have all of the essential tools and equipment, as well as the physical capacity to engage in such demanding exercise. If you have a budget for exterior improvements, inquire around for bids on hiring out a work of this scope before tackling it alone.

Create a Garden

Plant a fruit, vegetable, or flower garden in front of your unsightly backyard fence to disguise it without covering it at all. While the fence is not concealed, your line of gaze will be drawn to the lovely patch of greenery, and you will be unaware that it is there. Of course, there’s the advantage of fresh vegetables as well.

You may use additional fence materials to surround what you’re growing while you’re planting your garden. You’ll probably want to do so to prevent children out and any pests or creatures from destroying it. You can even use your imagination. You may edge your new garden with one of the following materials, depending on how much money you wish to spend:

  • Landscape border made of wood
  • Fencing made of vinyl material
  • Plastic mesh or vinyl coated welded wire on wooden fence posts

After it’s placed, you’ll have plenty of room to add extra garden decorations, flags, or hanging baskets thanks to these new pieces. Before you begin, make a detailed plan with exact dimensions to ensure you purchase the correct supplies for the work.

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One of the best ways to hide ugly backyard fence is by planting fast growing plants. These plants will grow quickly and cover up the fence. If you want a quick solution, use fast growing plants like bamboo or roses. Reference: fast growing plants to hide ugly fence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hide my backyard fence?

A: You cant.

How can I hide my wood fence?

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How do you hide an ugly fence with plants?

A: There is no way to hide an ugly fence with plants.

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