How to Keep Birds Off Outdoor Lights

Bright lights, color and people are all attractive to birds. Birds will be drawn to these features which can lead to a number of problems including: bird-eating spiders, collisions with windows and buildings that kill the bird or break its wings. To keep your outdoor lighting from drawing in unwanted visitors follow these two easy steps:
Step 1) Turn off the light at dusk until dawn every night for about one hour or until it gets dark enough for you not want any more light on.;
Step 2) Install motion detector lights that turn completely off when no movement is detected; this keeps humans safe while reducing views of their property by up to 80%.

The “bird proof outdoor lights” is a great way to keep birds from landing on your outdoor lights. You can use bird spikes, netting, or even tree branches.

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Have your outdoor lights been taken over by neighboring birds? Perhaps a bird is trying to build a nest on them, and you need to keep them away. Is there anything you can do to deter them from turning on the lights in your house?

You may use the following methods to keep birds from landing on your outdoor lights:

  • Hang wind chimes or other sparkling things near the light to deter birds.
  • Install a bird deterrent, such as fake owls, sound repellers, or Spikes of Birds, to keep birds away.

Continue reading to find out how to keep birds away from your lights, as well as useful goods and what draws them to your light fixtures in the first place.




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How to Keep Birds Away from Outdoor Lights

It’s normal to see birds in your yard, but when they start invading your territory, it may become a problem. A bird’s nest in your porch light might result in an overabundance of feathers and droppings all over your deck. Birds perching on beautiful landscape lights may splatter their droppings on them, making them ugly. 

What can you do to get rid of birds on your outdoor lighting if you have a problem with them?

Feeding the Birds Isn’t a Good Idea

To begin, take down your bird feeder. If you feed the local birds, you may expect to see more and more of them over time. The more birds that visit your yard, the more probable some of them may opt to remain. 


Wind Chimes Should Be Placed Near the Light

Wind chimes may deter birds in a variety of ways. The bird won’t be able to construct a nest if you hang them just above the light. The wind chimes’ loudness will act as a deterrent, and if the wind chimes are made of metal or other bright materials, the birds will avoid them.

Get a Cat

Having a cat on your doorstep will certainly deter birds from approaching too closely. If you don’t already have a cat, try buying one or leaving a bowl of cat food out on your doorstep to encourage the friendly neighborhood cat to come by more regularly. But be cautious; you don’t want to eliminate your bird issue just to be replaced with a stray cat problem. To avert an influx of feral cats, get your cats fixed on a regular basis.

Capture the Birds

If you have a live bird trap and are willing to do a bit of extra work, you can Capture the Birds and relocate them somewhere far from your house. This isn’t an ideal method, as there are several possible risks involved. The birds could become injured in the trap, and relocating them may take them away from any nests or baby birds they may have. 

Objects with a lot of glint should be hung near the light.

Hanging shiny things is one of the greatest and simplest methods to keep birds away. Foil, mirrors, and outdated CDs are all objects that birds dislike because they reflect light. While you can purchase reflective bird deterrents, making your own out of any old reflective materials around your home is just as simple (and probably cheaper). Birds will keep away if you hang them around your lights.

Repellents for Birds

If your DIY attempts to keep the birds away aren’t working, there are a variety of tools that may help make your job simpler and even more successful than DIY approaches.

Netting for Birds

Netting for Birds like this one is often used to keep birds out of gardens and fruit trees, but it may also work for your outdoor lights. Wrapping a net around your porch light will create a rough surface on top that will discourage birds from making nests there. It will also keep them from crawling inside the light. 

Side Note

Because this material is so delicate while hanging, you’ll need a few hands to assist you in erecting it in your garden. We used it for a friend’s chicken coop area, and once it became knotted, it was quite difficult to unravel.

Repeller of Sonics

A sonic/ultraRepeller of Sonics is a device that emits high-pitch frequencies. They are usually silent to humans, but the frequencies are irritating to birds’ ears. The sound waves won’t hurt them but will send them flying away from your yard. This Repeller of Sonics is a great choice.

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Spikes of Birds

Spikes of Birds can keep birds from landing on a surface. It may take some creativity to figure out how to use them with outdoor lights, but if you can effectively attach them to the tops of your lights, they will provide a pokey surface that birds will want to avoid landing on.

Fake Owl

A false owl, such as this one, may be used to frighten away birds in the same way as a scarecrow can keep birds out of a field. Place it near your outside lighting and move it around often. The birds will keep away as long as you can deceive them into believing it’s a genuine owl. 

Repellent Gel

Repellent Gels are a safe and effective way to keep birds off your lights. Simply squirt the clear, long-lasting gel on top of your lights, whether they be porch lights or decorative lights. Birds don’t like the sticky feel of the gel; if they land on it once, they won’t be back for a second try.

What Attracts Birds to Outdoor Lights?

With all of your efforts to keep birds away from your outdoor lights, you may be wondering why they are so drawn to them in the first place. What is it about your yard lighting that attracts birds so much?

There are a variety of reasons why birds are drawn to your lights, but here are a few of the more popular ones.

Bug Catching

Light attracts moths, flies, and other insects. Birds may perceive your porch light as a perfect nesting place if you leave it on at night since there will be lots of bugs to eat. For the same reason, birds may perch on ornamental lights.

Creating Nests

To certain birds, some porch light designs may seem to be the ideal location for a nest. Common targets are porch lights with flat tops or wide open lights that birds may get inside. Because of the steady supply of bugs and warmth provided by the light, birds may choose your porch light as a nesting location. 

Staying Warm

Birds may be drawn to your yard lights because of the warmth they give, whether or not they make their nest on the light. This is particularly true during the winter or when it is raining. Naturally, not all lights generate heat. If you put LED bulbs in your porch lights, they won’t become hot, and birds will be less likely to use them to warm up. 

In order to Perch

Perches may be made out of decorative landscape lights, such as those used around paths and gardens. Whether it’s a bright day or late at night, birds can’t resist a beautiful, low-to-the-ground area to rest. 

Birds Shouldn’t Be Around Your Outdoor Lights

Birds seem to be naturally drawn to outdoor lights because of the insects they attract, the warmth they provide, and the nesting and perching chances that certain lights provide. If your porch or yard becomes overrun with birds and their ugly droppings, you may want to consider finding a solution to keep the birds away from your lights. 

If you follow the advice in this article, you should be able to get rid of the pesky birds and keep them away from your outdoor lighting. Check out our other posts on how to get rid of other creatures like skunks and armadillos.

Check out our guide on how to install outdoor floodlights if your lights are outdated and in need of replacement.


The “how to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places” is a guide that will teach you how to deter birds from building nests on your outdoor lights. It also includes information about the most common types of birds, and what you can do if you find an abandoned nest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep birds off my string lights?

A: To keep birds from landing on your string lights, simply wrap a length of fishing line around the light. This will act as a physical barrier for them and deter them from coming too close to it in their eagerness to eat all the sugary goodness that you are providing.

What home remedy keeps birds away?

A: Bounce a ball. Birds are scared of the sound and movement of bouncing balls, as they are unfamiliar with this kind of noise and motion.

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